Walkthrough Romance Club - Dracula A Love Story

Walkthrough Romance Club – Dracula A Love Story


Read a detailed Walkthrough Dracula A Love Story – Romance Club. A whirlwind of palace secrets of the Ottoman Empire, love and hatred of the crown princes, and also friends and enemies who’ve been living for an eternity…

Season 1, Episode 1 – News From a Past Life

As always, at the beginning of the game, choose the appearance of the main character.

The main character is called Laya. We decided to leave the default name. The girl was in a gloomy corridor, behind the steps of the pursuer, and in front – a stone wall. Nowhere to go. The monster slashes the girl with the claws of his hand, after which she wakes up.

Romania. Bucharest. Vampire Den Hotel

The girl will take a shower, and upon returning to the room you will see a mysterious figure in the hood. Need to make a decision:

  • Shout.
  • Hit.

After a blow from the head of a stranger, a hood will fly off. He is Leo. Leo lives in the next room, and he has a missing cat. Apparently, it was he who scratched Laya’s hand. Soon the girl’s towel will begin to fly off her body, but Leo, like a real gentleman, will run up and caught the towel. Then he will say that his cat is called Nosferatu. Then Leo will help Laya to anoint the abrasion on her hand, at the same time, the girl will apply the ointment for bruises (if you hit Leo).

Next, Leo will ask for help in finding the cat:

  • Help you (for diamonds). Your relationship with Leo is improved.
  • Give you a hint. Laya will say where she heard the sounds of the cat.
  • Pass. Leo will find him on his own.

Laya will say that she heard a rustle in the corner. Your relationship with Leo will improve (if you helped). Soon, a Nosferatu will run out from under the table, which Leo will pick up. Hero’s sister Millie will come out of the next bedroom. She will say that Leo is the brother of Cathy’s, her classmate.

After that, all three will have breakfast on the balcony of the room. Then Leo will say that Nosferatu comes from a noble Romanian family. Hero will ask if the cat is from the Dracula family. Leo will wonder why she thinks so. Because he:

  • So noble! Leo will remember that you like his cat.
  • The devil in disguise! Leo will remember that you do not like his cat.

Next will be a minute of history. You will learn that young Dracula actually lived in Valahia – the medieval principality that occupied the territory of modern Romania. And he became a vampire after being captured by the Ottoman sultan. Hero will say that she is going to go to the Cold Forest to find the real burial place of Vlad Dracula. Leo will begin to flirt, and you can choose a solution:

  • Nice. Leo will like your reaction.
  • Too early. Hero will decide it’s too early for such flirting.
  • Not for me. Relations with Leo will worsen.

Leo will say that he does not want to let them alone into the Cold Forest. He rented a car and has a free day. Soon your boss Vincent will call you. He will say that she must pick up some paintings painted in 1448. Then, when something turned Vlad into a vampire. Leo will go with Millie to the forest, and the girl to the gallery.

A taxi will drive up outside. It came for a certain Alexandra, but you can cheat:

  • Stealing it! +1 to Bravery. Later in the story, Alexandra will remember you as a thief.
  • Waiting for mine to arrive. +1 to Luck.

In the second case, Alexandra will get into the car and ask where hero needs. It turns out they are going to the same place, Brasov.

Then the girls will disperse. Soon you will see a gallery keeper. When he leaves, Hero will begin to pick lime from the canvas, on which he will see a handsome young man with glowing gray eyes.

1444, Ottoman Empire, Sultan’s Palace in Edirne

You will be transported into the past and will control a certain Lale. Shahi-Khatun will ask Lale to stop rushing like crazy with a friend Aslan. You will learn later that along with Lale, shehzade Hassan, the Crown Prince, son of the Sultan, is studying. Shahi will start to persuade Lale to choose Hassan instead of the captured Aslan.

The girl will go through the garden, where she will hear quiet voices. Choose an action:

  • I’ll just look quickly – Hero sees Saphie, the daughter of the grand visier Khalil Pasha, kissing a boy. Due to this stop, she will be late for her lesson and will be given a bad horse.
  • I’ll hurry to the lesson – Lale was on time! Picked the most beautiful mare

Soon the girl will get to school, where Hojam Mustafa is waiting for her. Lale will get a horse named Bardush. Then you will see Aslan on a black horse. Aslan will begin to flirt with Lale. Soon, Hassan will drive up to Lala. You saw him in the picture. Soon, Hassan and Lale will go to the forest, where they will arrive first. He admits that he is about to become a sultan, and his father asks to find a wife for himself. And he chose Lale. Then he asks to kiss her:

  • You may… Hero MC wanted the kiss as well.
  • It’s unnecessary… Hero politely refuses.
  • It’s up to you… Hasan didn’t want status to be involved (No kiss).

Aslan will speak with the Lale at the racetrack. He will ask who she would choose if there were no obligations:

  • With you – Hasan is very upset by your attitude!
  • With Hasan – Your choice influenced the story in a major way.

Lale runs up to Hassan and asks where his hound is. Soon it will rain, everyone will hide in the forest. Lale will not see Hassan and decide that he has gone to look for his hound. Choose an action:

  • Come get him!
  • I’m going to get him! Aslan will leave with Lale.

The soldiers will go with them. You will return to the hippodrome, where you will see the dead Hassan, who died from a lightning strike.

Our time, Romania, the city of Brasov

Hero will be awakened by a caretaker who will say that it is evening. Ask the caretaker for the pictures:

  • How did you get them? 5 Diamond – The custodian says that a young man donated them to the museum from his private collection.The museum was being forced out of its venue due to the government repossessing the building, but thanks to this generous benefactor now they won’t have to move. The anonymous benefactor had suggested two galleries that would pay the right price for the paintings, these being Vincent and Blum galleries. He also says that the author of the paintings must have been quite brave since painting people at the Ottoman court was forbidden.
  • Who’s the creator? – unknown.
  • Why are they for sale? – The Government decided to claim the building, Museum have to sell the paintings for the necessary funds to buy it back

You will learn that a mysterious stranger conveyed these paintings. Then the caretaker says goodbye to you, hinting that the paintings can work real miracles. Then you will return to the hotel. Leo and Millie will appear, and the girl will say that a vampire tried to kill her in the forest.

The end of the series.

Continuation of the season on the next page.

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