Walkthrough Paradise Lost

Walkthrough Paradise Lost


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Walk forward and open the turnstile on the right. On the right hand, there is a note next to the stuffed bunny that you can study. Go a little further, into the spacious hall of the station, and turn to the ruins on the left. Open the suitcase, read the note and take some forms. Enter the small booth on the right wall and stamp the formfrom the suitcase. Also examine the note lying nearby.

Exit the booth. There is a suitcase on the bench that you can open. It’s empty there. To the right, on another suitcase, there is a hat and a note. Go to the closed grate. There is another note in the suitcase on the right. Apply a stamped formto the reader to open the door. There is another note on the table to the right. On the right you can find another, and on the left is a fashion magazine. Enter the elevator and watch the cut-scene.

To be continued…

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