Paradise Lost Walkthrough (2021) – The Complete Guide

Walkthrough Paradise Lost (2021) — Full Guide

Check out our detailed guide to the post-apocalyptic adventure Paradise Lost

1. Denial

After passing into the bunker, go downstairs and use the opportunity of a lighter. Watch the cut-scene and then move through the dark tunnel. Enter the room to the left and read the note from the Oberleutenant. Click on the RMB to put it back. In the room to the right, there is the report of the patrolman on the table. Continue down the steps, make your way under the rubble of shelving and watch another video. Choose any phrase in the conversation with the mother.

Move to the wheelhouse, follow to the far right and look for a switch on the wall for the room. Pull it down to incorporate power into the complex. Return to the main hall and click on the red button to turn off the alarm. Walk back and press the button on the right to trigger the elevator. Climb down on it.

Stand near the wall with the coat of arms and numbers 00. Press LMB to compare this place with the photo. There was floor 04. Go downstairs for the elevator and jump off the bridge. Go through the train carriage. There is a newspaper on one of the far tables to the left. After getting out of the car, look into the suitcase on the left and read Adela’s note to her grandmother.

Go to the next carriage. On the right, you can find a note for all settlers, which says that there can be only one suitcase with things per person. There is a cup a little further, but studying it will not give anything. Go to the carriages on the left and open the suitcase lying on the floor to see another memory. A little further there is another note on the table, and nearby you find a bottle from some kind of remedy called Spiritus.

Go up to the control room and use the far lever. There is also a note nearby. Go to the platform and activate it with the lever located in the far right corner. You will go down to the settlement.

Move under the car on the right, climb into the next one and turn on the device on the wall in front to listen to the audio recording with prayer. At the very end, on the right, you can see a teddy bear toy. Open the carriage gate nearby, just walk forward and come back. Move between the cars, go up to the platform and see coat of arms 01.

Go to the entrance and take the carriage on the left. Search these carriages. In one there will be a note, in the other – a dressing table with a drawer where the syringe is. And a little further, there is a medallion with the singer’s children on the table on the right.


There is a note with the poem Edelweiss on the suitcases on the right. Proceed further. On the left, you can find a suitcase with an invitation letter and Ausweis. Taking the last document, go to the wheelhouse on the right and apply it to the device with the lever at the window. This will seal Ausweis. Go to the checkpoint and use Ausweis with the seal to open the grate. Look around, and then go to the elevator in front and press the button “4”.

2. Anger

You will find yourself on floor 02. Go forward along the corridor, enter the room on the left and look for a button between the windows on the lintel. Click to open the door, go through the office and go to the large screen in the meeting room. The camera will turn on and the door behind you will open. Go through it to some museum and look for roller blinds on the right, which themselves will open (when you approach them). After them go downstairs and talk through microphones with some girl. Agree to help and go through the door on the left to the warehouse.

Go down and try to pull the lever. It’s stuck. Go downstairs to the control panels on the left. Talk to the girl through the communication device. Go back a little and lower the lever on the right (in the same hole). You will lower the rocket hanging from the crane. Re-interact with the communication device. As a result, your assistant will send a rocket to the locked gate.

Proceed further. Click on the upper button to turn the platform with the carriage towards you. If you pressed the lower one, then the upper one will have to be pressed twice. Follow through the carriage, go up the steps and stairs to the right and listen to an audio recording about some computer. Go further into the control room and use the computer. The girl is not here, and you need to find the memory pipe.

Turn around and search the filing cabinet on the right. There will be a pipe in one of the boxes. Insert it into your computer and view the records. You can then use the elevator to the right of the computer. Use the communication device and then jump into the pipe.

3. Bargaining

Get to the building the only way and get inside through the window in the right corner. Head to the room on the right to find a note and audio recording. I think you have long understood the essence of what is happening and with whom the main character of the game communicates. Go to the library and try using the communication device behind the counter. Nothing will come of it.

Go up to the second floor. On the left, there are doors with magnetic locks (and red lights). Go right and examine each room. This is optional, but fun. In the back room, behind a double door, you can find a magnetic card lying in a drawer on the desk. There is a device in the cabinet on the left. Click on the red button, which will open a passage to another room. There is a stage, and a dossier on the singer Greta Müller is in the dressing table on the left.

Now go back to the beginning of the floor and open the doors in front and on the right using the magnetic card. By doing this, you will find the control center. Start your computer to view the event recording. Talk to the girl. Go through the door below, which opens with a magnetic card. There will be a gorgeous street behind it.

Enter the restaurant on the left. Eva will say that she would like to see how the German elite lived. Look for a bottle of water in the restaurant on one of the tables on the right. A little further, you can find a rag to the left of the microphone. Go upstairs and wipe the camera with a cloth filled with water so that Eve can see everything. Exit to the main street. You can go around the blockage through the rooms to the left and right of it. How exactly to move is up to you. You can open both moves to find all the notes.

Go to the right behind the rubble, enter the building on the left and read the note. There is a communication device behind the counter. You can talk to Eva. Go through the side door, go upstairs, pick up the pipe from the table and insert it into the computer behind the curtain in front. Review the tape if you wish, although Eva will mind.

Go outside and cross the bridge. Go up. Chat with Eva and press all three red buttons on the remote. Walk forward and jump down. Ask Eva to stop the car. Go a little further and use the communication device. Go through the greenhouse and open the iron door.

4. Depression

You will find yourself on level 04. Walk forward and find a portable communication device on the shelves to the right. Now you will always be in touch with Eva. Examine the grate in front and then examine the electrical shield located to the left of it. Go outside and squeeze between the fence and the log on the left. Move to the prison block, all cells will be locked. Go around the central control room, read the note and open the door. Unlock all cameras with the lever on the left. Walk through them, examine the passes and notes. One of the passes will be unused. Apply it to the device at the elevator opposite the wheelhouse.

Next, you will find the place where people lived. It will be behind the hospital wing, where there is nothing special. Go to the central platform with the long dining table and altar where the ceremony was to take place. Eva will say that it was never completed. You can offer help. It doesn’t matter what you choose at the beginning.

Walk to the left of the altar, forward and look into the room that Eva will point to. Examine the glasses on the left and then open the cabinet. There will be no hairpins. Take the ring from the dresser. Exit here and go right, left and find a workshop. Exactly behind a seat with a long dining table. Remove the animal figurine from the bucket and take both items to the altar. Complete the ceremony and move on, along the path to the left of the altar.

Browse the album, read messages and listen to the audio recording. Go outside, inspect the graves, including Eva, climb the dam and jump into the elevator shaft. Get out through the elevator to the floor and look at the last entry in the control center. Return to the elevator and head downstairs. Look at the rooms on the left and in the center (the door on the right is locked), and then go downstairs against the wall between the right and middle room. Go through the tunnel in the room below.

5. Acceptance

Move forward, swim across the river and make a decision that will affect the ending of the game. There are four different endings in total, but there is also an option with an achievement, when the hero chooses one for the second time, and changes his decision the third time (he says he will leave, but after that he stays, or vice versa). But there are only four cut-scenes – more details in a separate guide.

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