How to Get All Endings in Lust from Beyond

How to Get All Endings in Lust from Beyond


After completing 15 story chapters of the recently released horror Lust from Beyond, you will be able to make an important decision that will affect the outcome of the game. And there are only two such outcomes.

Good and Bad Endings in Lust from Beyond

So, at the very end of the game, after talking with Amanda, you must decide what to do. Firstly, you can kill her, and secondly, make a deal and open the gates. If you kill Amanda, the game will end immediately, and if you decide to open the gates, you will play in an additional epilogue and learn about the fate of Victor.

What happens to different characters

In addition to the main finals throughout the game, Victor makes some decisions and performs or ignores a number of side quests. All of them are associated with the characters whom the main character meets according to the plot of the game. Let’s figure out what will happen to this or that hero:

  • Dr. Austerlitz. He can be shot or spared. At the same time, the ending is also influenced by the fact whether you agreed with Amanda or killed her. If you shoot Austerlitz and agree with Amanda, you will find out that the members of the Scarlet Lodge arranged a gorgeous funeral for him, honoring Karl’s memory with an orgy in the theater. Stephen Hubbard became the leader of the order. If you shoot him and kill Amanda, Stephen will still take over the leadership of the order, but now the Scarlet Lodge will collect real garbage, the atrocities of which the whole world will soon hear about. If you spare Austerlitz and kill Amanda, Karl will take the remaining members of the Scarlet Lodge and leave Bleakemoor. In the end, he will create a society in which he will help people suffering from sex addiction, and after several complaints from his members, he will be arrested.
  • Mabel and Theodore. If you don’t save the girl and kill Amanda, Theodore will bury the girl, and then he will be sad that Victor never opened the gate. If you save the girl and open the gate, then Mabel will get scared and try to escape. Theodore will try to stop her, but the girl will push him down the stairs, and the old man will die in agony. She will then flee Bleakemoor and visit Victor’s antique shop. But he won’t be there.
  • Jonathan. If you don’t kill Jonathan and open the gates, you will learn that Amanda sent Jonathan to live as a hermit in Bleakemoor’s hotel. Soon the priestess will change her mind, then Jonathan will already leave the city. If you spare and kill Amanda without saving Mabel, Jonathan will try to kill Amanda. Going to the mansion, he learns from Theodore about the history of Amanda’s murder at the hands of Victor. Desperate Jonathan decides to kill the old man. Finally, if you kill both Jonathan and Amanda, the priestess will be grieved by the death of her loved one, and then reject Lusst’ghaa and everything connected with this world.

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