Walkthrough Lightmatter

Walkthrough Lightmatter

Read full walkthrough & guide for Lightmatter (first-person puzzle adventure game).

Level 1

Take the only route, go down the ventilation. Press the button, jump over the barrier and climb the ledges marked with white lines. In the end, you will meet the director of the laboratory – Virgil. Follow his instructions and go through the door to the right.

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Level 2

He will close the next door, and to open it, you will have to turn right and get to the security room. There will be a button. Go into the elevator and wait.

Level 3

In the future, you have to go through several rooms. In the first one, you need to jump over the illuminated areas. The second light will come on when you stand on the edge of the first area.

Walkthrough Lightmatter
Walkthrough Lightmatter

Level 4

In the second room, use the first remote control, go to the other side on top and activate the second remote control. The upper bridge will be where you need it. Return to the first console, go upstairs and go to the exit.

Level 5

There are two more remotes in the third room. Activate them like this: first, second, first, second (to return the platform to its original position and provide access to the rays of light).

Level 6

Activate the remote control and get to the spotlight, for which you will get the story achievement. Turn the spotlight the other way and place it on the floor. Jump on, get to the console and activate it to deploy the platform with a spotlight and light up the way further. Jump forward when there is no wagon.

Level 7

Use multiple spotlights to illuminate a further path. In this case, take the penultimate, point the last spotlight in his direction. You will need both. Soon you will see a huge core of light matter, for which you will get the story achievement.

Level 8

Follow up, and then go left, despite the fact that it is dark there. In this short section, the shadow will not swallow you. There are two spotlights in front and on the right. Jump to the right and direct it to the first. Go back and pick up the first spotlight. Carry it back and left. Stop in front of the shadow. Go back to the second spotlight. You can direct it forward into the passage with the control panel. But this is not enough! Instead of this spotlight, the path forward must be illuminated second.

Therefore, direct the light in the opposite direction so as to create an illuminated path and move another spotlight there. He should light the way forward, to the console. Go to the first spotlight, pick it up and move it to the console. Open the passage; use the spotlight to illuminate the path to the console on the left. Click on it, which will open a new passage. It remains to return the spotlights to their places and illuminate the left corridor, which now leads to the exit.

Level 9

The next room is easier. Turn the nearest spotlight to the right, into the corridor where the black block moves. When it goes to the right, you run to the second spotlight. Direct it straight down the hall from where you came. Now you can return to the first spotlight, pick it up and go forward along the corridor. And then light the way to the right, to the exit.

Level 10

Here is the control panel. Click on it, you will move the platform with a flashlight. Having done this, take a flashlight and shine on the second flashlight behind the ravine. Jump to it and direct the second lamp to the first – to where you came from. Return to the first flashlight and place it on a mobile platform. Jump to the second lantern, to the left of it. So you get to the second console. Click to call the platform. Take the first lantern arrived and light them corridor behind the second. Jump to the second and carry it deep into the corridor to illuminate the bridge to the right. Click on the button. You will receive the achievement. Wait for another door will open.

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