Walkthrough Elex

Walkthrough Elex

The Chapter 1. The Hunt begins


Take the elevator, go to the berserker Duras and talk to him. This is a representative of one of the three game fractions. You can go with him to Goliet, or you can refuse. If you agree, go and inspect the ruins of the building, which contains monsters and Cleric Weapon (it is necessary for an additional quest). Make a decision. If you agree, then collect the weapons, and then again talk with Duras.

Inside Goliet at the entrance, chat with Drog. Go higher and higher until you see Ragnar. Talk to him.

Note. You can begin to fulfill the tasks of other representatives of the faction in order to earn the right to become a berserker and take advantage of their benefits. The game has three factions – in joining one of them, you will not be able to go to the other.

Stolen equipment

This quest is activated after an unknown character robs you at the beginning of the game, and you talk to Duras for the first time.

You find out about stolen things. Duras will report that this robber could be Ray, who stole Jax’s equipment. Before you go to him, do some simple quests to increase your level of Jax and make your trip easier. If you can’t win, then run away from the enemies. Go to the marker pointing to the Sandy Pines Motel. There is a teleport of the same name. To do this, go north from the capital of the berserkers.

Walkthrough Elex
Full walkthrough Game Elex

Talk to Ray near the motel to complete the quest and continue game. You will receive several other side quests from him, and one of them will make it possible to make him of your companion.

Refuge of the Separatist

This task will appear in your journal automatically after the first meeting and communication with Duras at the beginning of the game.

Talk to berserker or stumble upon the Alb-separatists, go to the shelter indicated by the marker. Inside talk to Sestak, who will issue the tasks. First you need to climb to the top of this converter and activate it. There is an elevator near Sestak – get up and it will automatically rise higher. Go even further up the stairs and other lifts until you see a red remote on the penultimate floor. Activate it to turn off the Converter in South Abessa. Go down and report the task to Sestak.

All other converters in the game are disabled in the same way.

The next task is “Contact”. It is desirable to increase the level of Jax to the tenth. Go to the Converter in Edan, follow the marker and you will see the albums that need to be destroyed. Do this, return to the converter with the Albanian separatists and chat with Sestak to receive a reward.

IMPORTANT. To continue the plot, you must join one of the factions!!! After this, go to Sestak in the Converter in South Abessa and report about it.

The Power of the Center

This camp is in the center of the map, closer to the upper right corner. Go inside the village and talk with Lloyd. He will say that you need to complete the tasks of three characters.

Talk to Eckard, who needs three people. To do this, find three companions and give their names. The companions will not disappear – you can still choose them for travel, they will simply be based in the Small Camp.

The next task will be given by mechanic Harley. He needs a part from the Fighting Colossus Series 7300 – destroy the mashine. It will take a strong character!

Jonesy wants you to kill 10 Roaming Rotboar monsters. Go to the monsters, lure them to Jonesy or kill them. As soon as everyone is dead, then report to the hunter about the task.

As soon as you find help to all three heroes, then return to Lloyd and talk about it. He will say that now you are the leader of the Origin Village. Also, Lloyd will give a Tower Key, which you can equip – this is your home.

The Big Bang

To start the current quest, find the Fort where the Outlaws base, and then talk to Conrad or the Duke.

After talking with the Duke, go to Conrad and say that you will help with the construction of the bomb. If you can intimidate Konrad or give him shards, then he will indicate where and what components to look for. Go in search of them.

Follow Inverse Phase Conductor that is in the factory west of Fort. It is best to go there from the side of Goliet, move east from the city. Study the territory of the plant, you will have to kill several mutants, as well as jump over the abyss. Next you will find a camera with increased radiation – as soon as possible take the part and leave this place.

Concentric Cross-Armature Coil can be found on the territory of the military base, which is located to the west of the Sandy Pines motel, where you first met Ray. Go northwest of the Fort. There are mines around the base, be careful. At the same time, there are several powerful mutants at the base itself. Go inside the desired building, jump to the second tier on the satchel and pick up the part.

Next, you need to find Proprietary Edwards Condenser. From the Fort, head north and find the place where the ruined dome with monsters is located. If you do not want to kill them, then jump down, take the Condenser and get out.

Go back to Konrad and give all the details. Talk to Logan, and then go back to Konrad.

Get out of the Fort and head north, where the greenhouse is under a large dome. There will be strong monsters there – kill them all, but before you go to the arena, be sure to save and grab your ranged weapons.

When you get under the dome, you will see a cut scene. Konrad created a huge robot that you have to destroy.

Having started the battle, hide behind shelters and do not rush to run to the robot to attack. You can hide from energy shells. Sometimes the robot will stomp on the ground. You can use a Laser Blaster LSR-T – it is not far from you.

Wait for the little one to fly out of the big robot. You need to attack it, so that machine was not able to be repaired. When you destroy a small robot and then you need to destruct of a large machine. If you have fireproof armor, then be sure to use them. Destroy the robot; you will complete the current stage of the mission.

Go to the Fort and talk with the Duke. Report that Konrad created the robot. The quest will end, but Logan will ask you to deal with Konrad. You can meet him in Hort, the capital of the Clerics.

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