Walkthrough Elex

Walkthrough Elex

Ulbricht’s Big Offensive

Head to Hort and chat with Ulbricht, who is preparing to attack the Albs. It is located in the same cathedral as the head of the faction, but on the second tier. The first task is to find a person who can lead the offensive.

You can offer anyone, but the only candidate for this position is Angry Girl (Nasty), whom you will meet in Fort. Go there and chat with the girl to convince her of this. You will have to complete the side mission after which Nasty will become your companion. Kill several opponents, and fight with the Giant in the second part. When you convince Nasty to help, then go to the Fort and join her.

It is advisable to complete the rest of the quest with Jax at least level 20.

Walkthrough Elex
Full Walkthrough Game Elex

Go to Hort and chat with Ulbricht. If you ask Ulbricht to go with you, the first battle will be simple, but he may die.

If you go without Ulbricht, the battle will be difficult, but in this case he will not die. Finally, if you tell Ulbricht to support Reinhold, then only partially simplify the battle.

Whatever you choose, three battles await you – the first time is two Fighting Colossus mechs and robots, the second time – three Fighting Colossus mechs and robots, and the third – three Fighting Colossus mechs, robots, Albins and their leader Jurek.

In all battles, first attack the robots using EMP charges or electric weapons. Be sure to save, and then communicate with Bestia to continue moving forward. Defeat all enemies, you will earn a lot of experience.

Search Jurek’s corpse, take the access card and open the entrance to the Ignadon Converter. Go upstairs and, as usual, activate the Converter.

Walkthrough Elex
Full Walkthrough Game Elex

Free as a Bird

Talk with Ragnar in Goliet and complete the tasks of several other characters (there are really a lot of them!) You will need to complete one or two tasks, but the most important thing is to name the real smuggler.

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