walkthrough of the horror Dawn of Fear

Walkthrough Dawn of Fear


Take it all, exit the door and open the door on the right. Go up. A staircase leads to a door that requires a fingerprint. Go past the stairs and kill some zombies. Look for an exit through balconies to doors that are protected by chains. Use Shears on them, go inside and get to the corpse. Use Shears on it to get a finger with the desired fingerprint. There are a first-aid kit and pistol cartridges to the right and to the left of the corpse.

Take a finger, go back a little and go up the steps to the door with the sensor. Use the finger on it and you will find yourself in a room where you can save. Do this, take the first-aid kit, shotgun cartridges and remove the heart from the skeleton. You will open the hatch. Go down to fight the second boss – Abi.

The room has a round grate. After two shotgun hits or four to five pistol shots, Abi will stop for a few seconds. You need to lure Abi onto the grate and stop. As soon as this happens, run to the wall next to the grate and find the valve behind it. Turn it so that a fire appears that damages Abi. This valve is now inactive until you activate the valve in the opposite far corner. That is, you need to neutralize Abi again (since it can hit you even if you rotate the valve) and turn it so that fire appears. Then wait until the fire disappears, lure Abi on the grate and stun. Activate the fire with the nearest valve. Repeat the action. We need to set Aby on fire three times.

After the victory, pick up the valve, first-aid kit and cartridges for the gun. Go to the door and go out in the yard and quickly pick up Key 5 from the corpse. Do not kill anyone. Just go back to the house. Previously, you can run under the window on the right to find the note.

Go to the elevator and go to the second floor (select the number “1”). Here you are attacked by a fast monster. Previously, it is advisable to survive if somewhere there are free candles (for example, in prison). Shoot the enemy a couple of times with a pistol, switch to a shotgun and finish off with two more shots. Do not let him get close; otherwise you will die with one blow!

Run through the corridor with the statues to the right, to the door through which you first got here. Opposite her there is a locked door. Open it with key 5. Run to the bed and take Key 6 from the nightstand. Follow the stairs in the house, go down and open the door under the stairs using the found key. Kill the four-legged monster that you have encountered before.

Look around in the basement, find shotgun cartridges, go through the open passage to the kitchen and pick up the note (behind bars). Return to the beginning of the basement and open the dark door on the left. Kill the zombies near the hole, find the first-aid kit on the side and apply the valve from the inventory to the steam pipe (the one that you can inspect).

Return to the first floor. Charge the weapon and go through the door to which bloody traces lead (from the other door where the corpse hung). This door is next to the stairs. Exit the corridor into the courtyard and finish off another fast monster: 1 shot from a pistol and 2 from a shotgun. Run to where he ran from. Turn right and find a clip for the gun under the wall. Another clip is on the table. Go down to the empty pool and pick up the feather. Return to the house, kill the appeared zombie and open the nearest door. There will be shotgun cartridges and a typewriter in the room (explicit reference to Resident Evil).

Take the elevator to the very bottom, to the “-1” floor, where you fought with the boss. A quick two-legged monster will appear here. Finish him and enter the nearest door from above. You will find yourself in front of an altar and a wall with the image of the ancient Egyptian Gods. Apply a pen and a heart here.

A secret passage will open. Follow through it, pick up the first-aid kit and go through the door. In the dark corridor, be ready to kill the biped monster. Unlock the double door to create a short way back to the house. Go back and run left along the hospital-like corridor. Open the door at the very end to enter the morgue. Call the elevator and wait. Fight off zombies. One of them will arrive by elevator. In the corner, you can find a clip for the gun. Enter the elevator and go to the upper floor (number “1”).

Upstairs, immediately kill the four-legged monster. There will be a few things covered with sheets. One of them has a candle for saving. A little further find the clip for the gun and the picture. Open the door to the elevator to create a short way to the second floor. Go down the stairs and go into the corridor with the blue door. Go past it to the back room, where they saw the first zombie. There is a chest. Use the painting on the wall on the right, where four more pieces hang. Examine the pictures and arrange them in the correct order:

  • Castle on a high cliff / House in the forest with a river below / Field with a lonely tree
  • Road in the city / River with a church on the right

If everything is done correctly, a chest will open. Inside, you find Magnum. Return to the top floor and go into the room with the furniture laid over. Go to the hole near which you found the picture, and go down. The door on the left is locked on the other side. Open another door nearby, kill zombies in the kitchen, and find a first-aid kit and a clip for a pistol on the toilet bowl.

Return to the corridor and run to the back. On the bar, inside you can find cartridges for the gun. There is a note on the barrel to the right. Inspect the diagram hanging on the wall. You can use candles to save. Examine the inventory note, and then interact with the piano. You need to press the following keys:

  • Plain triangle.
  • Inverted triangle with a stick from the bottom right (fifth white key from right to left).
  • The sign “male” (a circle with an arrow above), under the first letter O.
  • O with a stick in the middle, just to the left of the letter R.
  • An ordinary triangle with a cross below (to the right of the word Redwood).
  • Inverted triangle (third white key from left to right).
  • Letter f.
  • Two “loops” located parallel to each other, but directed in different directions (to the right of the word Redwood and the usual cross on the key).

If everything is done correctly, a secret passage will open in the wall on the right. Go down the stairs and go deep into the cave. Get to the door. There are cartridges for Magnum to the left. You are waiting for the final battle with the demon. Kill ordinary zombies using a simple gun. Between the waves, shoot from Magnum at the boss himself. Also avoid the fiery spheres flying through you.

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