Walkthrough ATOM RPG - Trudograd
Walkthrough 1

Walkthrough ATOM RPG – Trudograd


Read the Walkthrough of ATOM RPG: Trudograd. The events of the plot expansion will take you to the working town of Trudograd. We will talk about how to complete the story and side quests of the game.

Trudograd Outskirts

All side quests begin and sometimes are carried out in the outskirts of Trudograd.

Smoke and Mirrors

This task can be taken in front of the hotel where you stayed at the beginning of the game. There is a magician and several spectators. There is another wizard to the left. Talk to the magician at the table, and then Arthur Penkin will ask you to find out the secret. He will give 100 rubles. Pay the magician and ask him to show his method. If you have 100 points of excitement, then you will understand the method. Tell him Arthur, for which you will receive 795 experience points and 200 rubles. If you don’t understand the secret, you will receive only 368 experience points. In the second case, you can stay and see how Arthur talks with magician, and he then dissolves in smoke.


At the bazaar of the Outskirts, the hatsman will tell that someone torments his wife at night. He suspects her of treason. Go to the lower right corner of the location (on the map, key M) and look for the dugout, above the entrance of which there is a “dove”. Go down there, talk to the woman. Then rewind the time to night (starting at 21:00) and go inside. You will see a healer with whom the trait mask will fall. You have several options:

  • Tell the truth to Demiyan in order to get 315 experience points, 300 rubles, a cap, earflaps, skullcap and 2 cans of condensed milk. He will beat the healer.
  • Lie to Demiyan. Get the same reward, but he will beat his wife.
  • Say you don’t know anything. There will be no reward.

The healer will sell you something only if you do not tell Demiyan about her.

Broken Radio

Leave the hotel, go left and among the tents you will find a man and grandfather. Grandfather is trying to repair the radio. You can fix it by buying the necessary parts on the market, or rely on luck (7 units are required) or technology skill (80). He will give pickle, moonshine, fly agaric. You will also receive experience points.

The Dog Whisperer

A trailer stands behind the outskirt market, and a soldier with a dog is nearby. Talk to him. He will ask you to train his dog. To complete the training, you will need to pass three tests with different skills. For example, good luck with level 7 or survival of 90 is enough for everyone. As a reward you will receive 210 experience points and 300 rubles.


Near the exit from the location, there is a woman in a lilac coat holding a child in her arms. Chat with her. You will be able to activate the task if your charisma level is not lower than 6. By choosing a phrase related to attention, you will fail the mission. Go to the Scrap Quarter and find the chimney sweep by the barrel to the left of the entrance to the Inverter factory. Find out the truth. With the help of force or communication, convince him to help the woman, or return and tell her that you did not succeed. In addition, in the second case there will be an opportunity to convince a woman to stop chasing a chimney sweep (by force or communication). You will receive 945 experience points. For convincing someone there will be additional experience.

Sins Of  The Past

Inside the hotel, there is a pimp and 2 prostitutes in one of the rooms. Chat with the pimp. He will talk about a certain Valerian Tulipoff, who owed him 700 rubles. When you find yourself on Kolotushkin Street, then enter the apartment building number 9 and talk with his wife Valerian (she is alone in the apartment, the second entrance). She will talk about two of his friends. Go to the Scrap Quarter and talk to the apple seller (by the car). He will talk about the prostitute Daisy. Go to the outskirt and talk with Daisy, which stands at the crossroads between the hotel and the market. Only after that visit Stefan, who lives in a house opposite Mikhalych Tavern. Inside, you will find that Stefan and Valerian are related, and they will be threatened by other people.

Four Grandmasters

There is a player in the hotel in the Outskirt. Chat with him. He will teach you Bombagan. Then he will talk about the Four Grandmasters that you must defeat in order to become the champion of Trudograd.

A Harmless Request

On the streets of the Outskirt, leave the hotel and go right, you will find a trader. He will talk about a meeting with a young reporter who forgot his notebook. Say that you deliver the notebook to the recipient. Next, you will need to get to the Mikhalych Tavern and talk with the guy sitting at the table. Offer him your help. This task will be completed. At the same time, the quest “From Sonlntsegrad with Love” will begin.


Near the parking lot of the Outskirt, you will see how a man quarrels with a watchman. Chat with this man, and then talk to him at the same hotel. He will say that the merchant knocked out his son from the parking lot. Also, a man will ask for help. Go to the parking lot and talk with the merchant to find out how things really were. After this, you will need to talk to the merchant again at night, and then decide who to stand up for (or not to stand up for). The task will end.

A Strange Request

You can take this quest from a mechanic at the exit from the Outskirt, but only after you study other locations (that is, after returning). Talk to the mechanic at the snowmobile. He will ask for soap and a rope. Do not worry, no one will be hung. Therefore, buy these things (or find) and pass on to the mechanic. Then come there the next day or every other day maximum. You will see that the mechanic exchanged these things for a motor, fixed the snowmobile and, having said goodbye to everyone, set off.

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