Walkthrough ATOM RPG - Trudograd
Walkthrough 1

Walkthrough ATOM RPG – Trudograd


 Kolotushkin Street

Romantic Hero

In one of the houses you will find a couple. A female writer will sit at the table. Talk to her, and then to her husband. He will ask you to find out on whose image the character of her books was based. You must apply charisma or other skills to find out the truth. Otherwise, the quest will end to no avail.


In one of the houses – there is a whole family. Talk to your father and find out that he is afraid of mannequins from the neighboring apartment, which move at night. Rewind time for the night and you will see a man in that apartment. Chat with him. He will be threatening. Deal with a man or say goodbye to him. The next day, tell the quest giver the truth or lie.

Combs, Feathers, Three Smoking Barrels

In one of the houses there is a Mikha. Talk to him, if desired, take to your squad and go outside. At the exit there will be a stranger who introduces himself as a Pencil and says that he has information about Goryachev. But he will share with you only if you help him with the robbery of bookmakers. Agree. Go to the Scrap Quarter or Trudograd Outskirts to hire a safecracker (located in the far house on the left) or a driver (standing by the yellow car near the market). To convince them will turn out without skills.

Meet everyone, then from the Scrap Quarter, head towards the Mikhalych Tavern. Here you will meet with accomplices. Go to the robbery, choose any options and soon get to the basement. There will be a guard nearby. If you can’t distract him, the safecracker will shoot the bandit. Go down and see opponents. Use skills to simplify the battle. Then go to the safe in the far corner and take the money from there. Return to the Pencil. Pack all things and go outside. You will return to the Outskirts. Divide the money and disperse. Pencil will say that Goryachev may be in the prison.

Police Station


Take a look around the room, pick up various things and break into the cabinet (hold LMB on it and select the desired action). Put the key in your hand and leave the room. You can search the entire hotel and the Outskirts. Go to the Scrap Quarter and find people to the left of the Inverter plant to complete the Unwelcome Guests mission (described above). Then at the quest giver you will learn about the Railgun. You need to go to Seventh Heaven, but to get there you need documents from a policeman.

There is no one in the Police Station now, so go to the Mikhalych Tavern. Talk with the owner about fake documents, go outside and chat with a man who has caught up with you. Agree to help him and take some quests from the girl in uniform inside the tavern. Read the descriptions of these quests above (The Villainous Brothers, Gone Northerners, and Revolutionary Mercenaries).

Professor Goryachev

Go to Kolotushkin Street and talk in the house number 9 with man. Take him to the team. Go outside to meet the Pencil. He overheard your conversation with man and knows the information about Goryachev. But he will have to fulfill his request. That is, the quest “Combs, Feathers, Three Smoking Barrel” (read above). After its completion, this mission will also end, but the mission “The Elusive Goryachev” will begin.

To be continued…

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