Spelunky 2: Walkthrough, Secrets, Tips and Tricks

Spelunky 2: Walkthrough, Secrets, Tips and Tricks


Spelunky 2 is a full-fledged sequel to one of the most popular roguelikes of the last decade.

As expected, the game retained the basic formula of the successful original, but added many new surprises, secrets and challenges.

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Research Tips

  1. Watch out for ledges. It’s always best to go to the edge and press a special key.
  2. Don’t underestimate regular walking. So you can analyze the further path and avoid falling into traps.
  3. Check the location for arrow traps before making any jumps.
  4. Beware of the enemies hiding inside the vases. Shoot them from a distance or throw a vase into the wall, picking it up (sit down and press the grab button).
  5. If you hold onto the ledge and press the hit button, you will be thrown back a few steps. This can be a useful technique.
  6. If you press “down” while standing on the ground, the camera will move down. The same thing happens when you move up.
  7. You can attack with a whip and drop bombs even while holding on to the rope.
  8. The whip can destroy skulls and piles of bones.
  9. This is time-sensitive. But each time before entering a new area, stop, think and look around. Sometimes it will save you from unexpected death.
  10. Walking through the web twice will rip it apart. Move back and forth if necessary.
  11. If you see a turkey, don’t worry, it’s harmless. Just jump on it, as a result of which the bird will start to move erratically, but if you can move sideways for a while, hearts will appear on its head. After a while, you will be able to control the turkey. Turkey is able to double jump, squeeze through narrow openings and hit by head.
  12. If you help Yang and bring him the turkeys, and then go to the secret room using the key, do not rush to place a bomb next to the door.
  13. You can leave Monti at the door to the next level and continue exploring. You will receive an extra heart.
  14. You can take mounts (for example, turkeys) with you to the next levels.
  15. If you see an altar with blood, move any body to it for a sacrifice. With this, you will receive more favor for the body of a stunned, rather than a dead creature. This will increase the chances of getting the item.
  16. If you are sitting on a turkey, hold down the jump button while falling so that it begins to flap its wings and soften the fall.
  17. Take your first test of the moon. This is a great investment for the future. The 10,000 gold fee may seem overwhelming, but in this case you will receive starter gear, you can collect more items, gold, and so on.
  18. Burning torches not only help to see through the darkness, but also give some gold as a reward.
  19. No matter where they are on the map, companions will automatically follow you to the next area. As soon as you go through the door.
  20. If you accidentally or intentionally killed the shopkeeper, keep in mind that he will hunt you in the next levels. Keep your shotgun ready!

Enemies in Spelunky 2

  1. Remember that you can jump on enemies to deal damage. So you either kill them or stun them. This works with almost all types.
  2. Bats are not difficult to kill, but if you miss at least a hit, they can attack several times in a row.
  3. Horned lizards will rush at you as soon as you find yourself in their line of sight. But if you are behind, they will not react to it in any way.
  4. If you squeeze an enemy between a wall and a moving stone block, he will die.
  5. Enemies such as cavemen pick up discarded keys, idols, and other key items. If you do not have time to reach them earlier.
  6. The spiders will not jump at you immediately upon landing, so if you can run past them, turn around and attack.
  7. The fact that the snake is moving in the other direction from you does not guarantee that at some point it will not turn around and will not sharply attack you.
  8. The scarabs won’t hurt! In fact, they give you gold coins, so never overlook them.
  9. You can damage any enemy by throwing a rope.
  10. The monkeys do not attack your hero directly, but instead jump on the character’s back and steal things from the backpack. Even bombs that go off immediately! Use a whip to scare away.
  11. Some cavemen will use dogs. If you manage to separate them from the dogs, then the dog will not attack you.
  12. Robots are especially dangerous. Especially if you yourself are trying to attack them. However, since they explode, this can be used to open a path further without having to use bombs.
  13. In some cases, you can manage to sneak up to the enemy and attack in the back with a whip. But such an opportunity is rarely given, since the whip acts at too close a distance.
  14. You can to attack merchants, but before doing so, it would be wise to, for example, buy a shield from them.
  15. You can use stone dogs as mounts. Like turkeys. They have the same set of movements, but without sliding. But they shoot fireballs.
  16. You can destroy poisonous bubbles with a whip. Also, instead of a whip, melee weapons or throwing objects will do.

Items in Spelunky 2

  1. Shooting with a rope at right angles can be used to activate traps.
  2. After killing cavemen or horned lizards, use their bodies as heavy objects to kill other opponents.
  3. Arrows, bombs and similar objects bounce off the walls, and they can fly straight into you, causing damage.
  4. After destroying the fire, you will receive a torch.
  5. Stones are extremely useful items. They have a long range; they can kill or stun targets, or be used to activate traps.
  6. If you buy a wooden or metal shield from a merchant, be careful not to pick up other items from the shop, otherwise it will be considered a heist and will trigger the battle.
  7. You can pick up chests, but you cannot move them to another room.
  8. If you buy a gift from a merchant, destroy it with the whip to get the items stored inside.
  9. If you have an idol, but you are afraid to drop it in the wrong place, throw the item into the wall on the opposite side of the merchant.
  10. If you throw another rope at the same angle as the first, they will connect and form a longer rope.
  11. The ropes cling to any wall.
  12. If a bomb is thrown and it falls too close, quickly use the whip to push it away.
  13. You can throw objects upward, which can be useful when activating traps.
  14. With a lighted torch in your hands, approach others to automatically set them on fire.
  15. Don’t grab the boomerang when it comes back. The character does this automatically.
  16. Ropes can ignite on contact with lava, torch, or fireballs.
  17. Shields are useful for defense, but they also have a drawback: they push everything in front of you.
  18. Arrows that hit the walls will remain in them for a few seconds, and then they will fall.
  19. If you need to throw the rope so that the character goes down, go to the edge of the platform, bend over and throw. It will be right in front of you.
  20. The death of a turkey is a big loss, but thanks to that you will also get 1 heart.

Traps in Spelunky 2

  1. Watch out for bear traps. They attack the area above your character.
  2. Even if there is an object or a chest in front of you that blocks the arrows that flew out of the trap, you will still receive damage from the movement of the object itself.
  3. If there are gold bars next to the bear trap, get close enough to them to trigger the trap, and they will fly to the side.
  4. In the jungle, beware of tiles that have a thin silver stripe. This means that such tiles will fall as soon as you pass over them.
  5. Do not use your whip on objects or structures near friendly characters. This will make them aggressive.
  6. Falling platforms at the level with the volcano can damage other enemies. Of course, if they fell right on top of them.
  7. You can use the dropped chain from the spiked trap to lift.
  8. Throwing a bomb into the lava will automatically cause an explosion, so watch out for puddles and cauldrons when carrying a bomb.
  9. Hermit crabs are not always visible at first, as they disguise themselves as chests or moving blocks. In the first case, they will have loot, just like in a regular chest.

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