All Shortcuts in Spelunky 2

All Shortcuts in Spelunky 2


Read how to unlock all tunnels (Shortcuts) in Spelunky 2

Wading through the many procedurally generated worlds of Spelunky 2 is not easy. In any case, you will die, as a result of which you will have to start all over again, but subsequent passes can be simplified if you unlock short routes between levels.

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To create a short path (tunnel), you will have to collect the necessary resources. Thus, having built one tunnel, you can literally get to deeper levels from the very beginning of the re-run, bypassing the early stages.

To unlock the new cut, you need to find Terra, a friendly NPC who also tries to make her way through the caves. However, in the end, it stops, because it bumps into obstacles blocking access to some kind of cut. You need to pay her money or transfer the necessary resources, and then she will complete her work.

How to Create and Unlock Secret Shortcuts in Spelunky 2

Terra is first encountered at the end of level 1-4. She will tell you what she needs to unlock the first Shortcut. Even if you already have everything she needs, you will have to visit her twice more, fulfilling each next requirement (there are three of them). That is, at each meeting, you can close only one requirement.

When she finishes building the Shortcut, you can meet her to the left of the main area. Below we list all the basic requirements for each Shortcut in Spelunky 2.

Shortcut at level 1-4


  • Bring $ 2000. Basically, by the time you meet Terra, this amount should already be in your account.
  • Bring 1 bomb. At the beginning of the game you have 4 bombs and none of them are needed to get to the end of the level. Save at least one for Terra.
  • Bring $ 10,000. Collect gold and gems. Don’t rush to waste it all in the store. If you don’t, then by the time you get to Terra at the end of level 1-4, you should have the required amount in your account.

Shortcut at level 3-1


  • Bring 1 rope. It’s very simple.
  • Bring any weapon. If you go through the trail in the jungle, then most likely you will meet an enemy with a boomerang. It can be used to donate to Terra.
  • Donate any mount. But here it is already more difficult. The easiest way to have a mount at the end of level 3-1 is to go through the lava after a cut at level 1-4. Dogs or turkeys are rare here. Lava dogs are much easier to keep alive as they are not afraid of lava or fire.

Shortcut at level 5-1


  • Bring in $ 50,000. If you use the 3-1 cut, you are unlikely to have time to accumulate the required amount by the end of the 5-1 level. Therefore, you will probably have to go through all the early stages. However, each of the golden idols of the third world costs $ 20,000. Therefore, if you find two of them, you can easily save up the remaining $ 10,000.
  • Bring a hired worker. The workers appear when you break the coffin. These are bald guys who run around the location and usually wreak havoc. There will be one such coffin right in front of this cut in the Ice Caves. Look in the cave with the Yeti, about half way down. A completely different task is to bring the hired worker safe and sound. Therefore, before freeing him, it is better to finish off all the yeti, and then bomb the exit from the cave with a bomb. Run to the door before he has time to jump onto the spikes. And then run to the exit from the level. It will be easier if you have a compass. If you are fast, you will be able to leave the level before the worker can kill himself.
  • The golden key from the world 1. You must remember this key from the first world!

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