Guide Samsara Room - Secret Level

Guide Samsara Room – Secret Level


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To gain access to the Secret Level of the game, you had to study the Twitter of the developers. Four characters are hidden there …

  • One in record.
  • Two in the videos.
  • Another in the official game trailer.

Pass the game to the place where you find the corpse. Make your way through the mouth to the strange clock and on the arrows set the characters that you found above. They will give you shrimp. Install four feathers and a shrimp on the portal. Go inside, look at the mirror and pick up a drop of water. Turn right and you will see slivers in the box. Light them with matches and take away the fire. Pick up the soil in a pot, pick up the phone, fix the clock and find out the time – 2:45. Look to the right and look under the dresser. There is a pencil. Set the clock to 2:45 and pick up the bottle. Turn to the right, spread the shrimp and see the corpse. Click on his mouth to collect the green elixir in a bottle.

Guide Samsara Room - Secret Level
Guide Samsara Room – Secret Level

There is a table with a piece of paper at the next location. Use a pencil to draw a key. Open the box with the can with this key, catch the air bubble. Place air, earth, fire and water In the portal. Place the elixir on the plate. Go through the portal and watch the video with the Secret Ending.

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