Full Walkthrough Samsara Room - 100%

Full Walkthrough Samsara Room – 100%


Read a detailed walkthrough of the puzzle game Samsara Room for mobile devices, which was created by Rusty Lake. If you liked the previous game from these authors, The White Door, then this one should definitely come in! Moreover, the game is completely free.

The main character of the game is in an unknown room. Nearby there is a telephone, clock, window and so on. He needs to find a way to get out.

Walkthrough All Levels Samsara Room

Examine the pot and pull out the candle. Take a look at the mirror, move the picture to the left and you will see a symbol. It should be remembered. Turn left and unlock the drawer standing on the pedestal. Take the candle from there. In the screenshot below, you can see a way to open the box.

Full Walkthrough Samsara Room
Full Walkthrough Samsara Room

Examine the remaining boxes to collect the knife, fish and the third candle. Go back to the room with the mirror and look at the phone. Nearby there is a letter. Use a knife on it to open the envelope and pick up the ENLIGHTEN ME hint. Pick up the phone and see the letters. Collect the phrase ENLIGHTEN ME from them. You will receive a box of matches.

Go to the right side, unlock the window and remove the wallpaper. Install the three candles found in the holes, and throw the fish on a plate. Light candles with matches to see a round hole. Click on it, and then click on the white cube.

You will find yourself in another room. It is similar to the previous one. Take a look at a man with a fish head. Move his picture to the right to view the symbol. There is a shell above the mirror. Lift the handset to see the bubbles. Click on them from left to right. You need to start with a dark bubble. You will see the phrase let it sink in. A paper boat will appear here. Click on it to expand and find the key. Use the key on the box and pull out the can. Follow the right and open the window. Take the fish out of there.

Turn right and click on the bottle. You will see a crack in the shape of the letter X. Click on it to break the glass and find the second shell. There is a nail to the right of the clock. Click on it and other items that will appear. When you see a hand, insert a knife into it. You will get a heart. Turn right and remove the third shell from the box. Nearby there is an object resembling a cucumber. Click on its spikes located outside the dark gray areas. You will find the fourth shell. Set the shells where the candles were. The heart should now be placed on the plate. You will go back to the first room.

Follow the right side and apply the jar to the gecko. Put it where the heart was. Go through the portal and see a lizard in the reflection. Look for the symbol in the mirror. Examine the pot and take the ball. Turn right, apply the matches to the candles and light them in the correct order: starting with the smallest and ending with the longest. You will get a second ball. Turn right and move the left picture. The image should disappear. By removing it completely, you get a third ball. The middle picture shows the time – 3:55. Install it on the watch to get a triangular key. Turn to the location to the right and pick up another ball lying on the bookshelf. Set the books on the red outlines, as seen in the screenshot below.

Full Walkthrough Samsara Room
Full Walkthrough Samsara Room

Turn twice to the left side, open the window and place the balls in empty cells. Return the fish to the plate. Samsara book hovers above the phone. On it you can see the time – 2:15. Set this time on the watch and get a Triangular Key. In the same place, use the can located in the inventory to fill it with water. You can do it anywhere. There is a plate in the window. Put your heart there and turn into a man. Go to the window, below it will be a book where the phrase “Seed of the victim” is indicated on the pages. Turn the page and you will see the inscription “Remember the time”.

On the next page there will be time – 8:25. There is the phrase “The past never dies.” On the next page there is the phrase “Mirrors do not lie.” Go to the clock and set the time to 8:25. You will receive a third triangular key. Install the keys in the locks on the watch to open them. You will see a corpse. There is a seed in the hand of the corpse. Take it and put it in the pot. Pour the seedling with water from a can. Turn into a lizard, pick petals from a flower to find a worm. Use it to go through the portal and turn into a new creature. There will be another reflection in the mirror. There you will find a new symbol.

A purple petal will fall. Follow him to new locations until the petal is next to the chest of drawers. Pick up the purple petal, go to the corpse, open its mouth and climb inside. Click on the branches to find the flying light. Click on it until it disappears. Repeat in other locations. At the end you will see a strange clock with four guises with lights. Using the arrows, point the symbols at each look. You have seen these guises and symbols in all previous mirrors! You will get an egg. This will open the secret level, which we talk about in a separate guide.

Full Walkthrough Samsara Room
Full Walkthrough Samsara Room

Return to the room, pull out the knife in the watch and look for the second feather in slivers. Go to the phone, drop the handset to the floor and unscrew the screws with a knife. Assemble the circuit, as we showed in the screenshot below. Click on the speaker several times until you find the third feather.

Full Walkthrough Samsara Room
Full Walkthrough Samsara Room

Look for the fourth feather in the book below the portal. Open it and insert the knife there. Set the feathers in the windows on the portal, and place the egg on the plate. Go through the portal. Move the cloud to get the gecko, egg, worm and fish. Another cloud needs to be turned into a clock that will indicate the right time – 7:25. Turn right and take the egg from the window. Turn right again and place the egg in the nest. Break each, select a chick with a mouth open. Next time, choose a new bird or other item to get a feather. Sooner or later this should happen:

  • Chick with open mouth
  • With a red belly
  • With a red belly and open mouth
  • With a gray belly
  • Finger
  • White bird with open mouth
  • White bird with closed mouth
  • White bird with a bent neck

Look to the right and click on the paper airplane. He must fall. Expanding it, pull out the feather and read the prompt – “Up”. Inspect the drawer and take the weight. In another box – there are two paper with a hint. Go to the phone, pick up the phone and write RISE UP. You will see a balloon. Click on it, go to the clock and find the ball in this place. Click it again. With the help of matches, light the balloon, and cut the bag with a knife.

Take sand and scales from there. Do not touch the box. Set the time to 7:25, and then remove the sunflower from the nest. Go to the dresser, put sand in the pot, and then insert the sunflower there. Raising the sun, you will understand that the flower is moving after him. Drop the pot and take the seed. There are two hooks near the mirror. Hang the scales on them. Place a weight on one bowl and other items from the inventory on the other. You will find out their weight:

  • Cargo 1
  • Gecko 1
  • Worm 0
  • Knife 2
  • Heart 4
  • Fish 5
  • Matches 2

There was a clue in the drawer. Use it to get time for the night – heart / worm, fish / gecko. That is, substituting the numbers, we get 04:15. Set this time on the clock, find the owl and turn its head to the right side. Then return to the starting position. Do the same, but to the left. Then turn your head back and get a feather. Zoom into the moon, cut it with a knife and find a big eye. Twist it to find the four constellations.

Full Walkthrough Samsara Room
Full Walkthrough Samsara Room

Remember them, follow the box from the bag and open it with the help of the constellations to find the broken watch. Correct them and find the right time – 7:45. A heron will appear inside the nest. Use a worm, gecko, heart and fish on it. Click on it several times until she burps the baby. Pick up the baby. Set the clock to 2:00 so it is noon. A squirrel will appear on the tree near the dresser. Give her a seed and take the feather. Set the feathers in the portal, and place the child on a plate.

Full Walkthrough Samsara Room
Full Walkthrough Samsara Room

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