Where to Find All the Secrets in SUPERHOT: MIND CONTROL DELETE

Where to Find All the Secrets in SUPERHOT: MIND CONTROL DELETE


SUPERHOT: MIND CONTROL DELETE – the continuation of a dynamic and unusual first-person shooter SUPERHOT, created by the SUPERHOT Team studio specifically for PC, Linux and Mac. Below we tell you how to find all the secrets in the game.

Walkthrough Tips

  • Each weapon has its own ammunition. So, a pistol has 5 rounds by default, a shotgun, an assault rifle and another rifle have two. With a special hack, you can increase the ammunition of each weapon by 1 round.
  • Before each level (after the prologue), the game will allow you to choose one of two hacks. I recommend you take the “Attack”. With the help of a katana and this attack, you can instantly kill enemies from a distance. In addition, if you see that a bullet is flying at you, and then such a skill can save you (just accelerate towards the enemy by pressing E).
  • To reflect the bullets, wait for them to fly to you, and then hit the katana so as to hit the bullet. It is very difficult and requires practice.
  • Enemies will soon appear, in which only one part of the body will be highlighted in red. It is on it that you need to aim.
  • The principle of passage is simple. You have a circuit. You move along it, going through different angles and visiting repeating locations. However, the gameplay is getting complicated. White nodes contain several levels that are separated by barriers. On these barriers, you can choose one of two hacks that simplify the passage of the current node. There will also be nodes to unlock new hacks. Or # nodes that contain some kind of text message from the developers of the game.

Where to Find All the Secrets

Collectibles you can collect after the full passage of the game. Just replay all the levels.

  1. Laboratory. Look in the corner of the room.
  2. Casino. Destroy all the levers on the slot machines, open the door and go to the alley.
  3. Corridors. Jump over the plants and get to the top area from below. Then go beyond the map along the track.
  4. Bar. Throw the dart behind the picture and hit the center of the target. Take your prize.
  5. Disco. Place three discs (optionally separately) on the DJ table.
  6. Dojo. Wave a fan a couple of times to destroy the heads of two statues, left and right.
  7. Garage. Repair the engine using a hammer on it (hit where the screwdriver is located).
  8. Station. Someone forgot to refuel a car outside a gas station. Go outside, pick up the canister from the shelf on the left, climb over the fence along the barrels and go right to find the car. Throw the canister into it.
  9. Gym. Turn around and go to the restroom. Take out the syringe from the sink, go back to the hall, and on the right find the statue of the pitching man showing his muscles. Throw a syringe into it.
  10. Island. Jump over the bookcases (inside).
  11. Office. You can get through the hole next to the window. Take the phone in a payphone and hang up.
  12. Platform. Use a wrench on the thickest pipe (throw it into the valve).
  13. Prison. Shoot the lock on the door locked by the table.
  14. Servers. Take the gun from the enemy, jump down and shoot the bolts on the wall to the right.
  15. Studio. Take the paint and spill on the picture nearest to it.
  16. Subway. Open one of the metro doors and go through it.
  17. Bank. You need two key cards to open the door. Find them. At the very beginning of the level, go a little to the right and at the end of the locker room, on the bench, find the first item. There is next to the gun. Then go to the opposite wall and see the seats with a suitcase. Below them lies a second key card. Go through the counter and throw these key cards into the slots to the left and right of the white door. Slots are painted in the same white color.
  18. Site. Jump onto the truck, climb higher and follow to the right.
  19. Morgue. Apply the plug to the corpse.
  20. Yakuza. Go through the far door of the restroom.
  21. Sewers. Install the valve on the pipe on the ceiling.
  22. Kitchen. Kill yourself by applying a plug from the kitchen to the outlet in the next room, on the side of the freezer, on your right hand.
  23. Parking. Go forward from the beginning of the level and on the shelf to the left of the sofa find the key card. Move back and throw it at the terminal on the wall.
  24. Containers. Pick up the mount, jump from the container to another container and apply the crowbar to its middle part.
  25. Chapel. Jump over the graves and climb the building.
  26. Channel. Search under the bridge.
  27. Tower. Use the bell to get to the rafters.
  28. Library. Pick the lowest book to find the secret passage.
  29. Mansion. Throw fish from the balcony.
  30. Sawmill. Shoot the lock and demonstrate parkour skills.
  31. Corporation. Make your way through the window where the computer desk stands and fly between the cabinets arranged in a circle.
  32. Helipad. Press the fire alarm button at the highest point you can climb. Then follow the instructions, moving to the right side (after the starting lift, look for the stairs).

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