What Is The Max Level Cap In Godfall?


Seems like we will be greeted well when the new PS5 comes out. Godfall is probably one of the most anticipated games for the PS5 and PC.

It captures the RPG aspects really well, while also remaining a pretty unique game. Its progression system is done pretty well, but until what level can you progress? What’s the max level cap?

What is the Max Level Cap in Godfall?

It’s rare that we know the maximum level for a game way before its release. But that’s the case for Godfall. We knew until what level can you go even when the game was revealed.

Nonetheless, what is its max level cap? The max level cap in Godfall is level 50.

Now, even though we know what’s the max level, this doesn’t tell that much. Players might believe that it does, but currently we don’t know how the progression system is set up.

What Does Level 50 Mean?

Well, that is all we know. As for how much you can progress doing certain things, or what level you might be when you finish the campaign, it’s relatively unknown.

It’s a common theme we see in RPG these days. Most of the new titles have a similar close to level 50 max level cap. 

But also, majority of them have unlimited leveling system or really high, but those are usually more complex RPGs by developers that have been on the scene for a long time.

Nevertheless, at least your Godfall journey won’t end once you finish the campaign. You can continue to grind the game in spectacular fashion after that.

Keep in mind that your level is tied to your character and not a specific valorplate. This means that your level won’t reset no matter which valorplate you choose to play, or to switch a valorplate.

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