Weird West - Guide and Walkthrough Chapter 1

Weird West – Guide and Walkthrough Chapter 1


How to kill Shelby Cross and complete Weird West Episode 1

Western Weird West is divided into five story chapters. In each of them you control different heroes, but the mechanics are approximately the same. There are story and side missions, the latter can appear randomly, so we do not focus on them.

After the cutscene, exit the house and talk to the sheriff. Look for a shovel in the big stable. You can bury corpse and then dig up the equipment under the tree. You will receive a revolver and bounty hunter outfit. Also, there is a key to the nearest barn in the stable. Gather any supplies. From useful equipment, you need to keep track of ammo, disassemble weapons (despite the indicated cost, it actually costs $2-3 in cities). Pick up trash, but worth at least $12. Leave the location and move to the Birdhouse (Skvorechnik).

Here you need to go to the very end and listen to the sheriff. Interrogate the bandit. You can take a side task, since it will be completed in parallel with the main one. The girl who is looking for her missing husband is at the exit from the city next to the sheriff’s office. You can find the first fossilized relic on the roof of the saloon. These purple items allow you to unlock new abilities. Golden Aces of Spades, which look like golden playing cards, allow you to unlock the “Privileges” passive bonuses.

Get to the indicated camp. Follow the instructions that appear on the screen. Learn to kill stealthily, hide in shelters, dodge. Shoot the oil lamp to set enemies on fire. There is also a fossilized relic in the wagon. After going to the end of the location, examine the traces. Leave this place and move to the hunting place. Talk to the girl and find other tracks (she will point to them).

Go to the Greenwood parking lot. You can kill the enemies and find the right keys. Also, the keys are hidden inside the houses. Be sure to free the husband of the girl from the Birdhouse, who is locked in a cage outside the house, in the yard. Enter the house and go down through the hatch. Or use the rope and go down through the well in the far corner.

You can help the wounded bandit. In the future, he will randomly appear in difficult battles and help you. He will also indicate where to look for the treasure. After visiting this location, find Joe’s grave and dig it up to get the golden ace of spades. Follow the corridor and find another ace in the chest. Take the key from the table where the lieutenant stands, and free the prisoner in the room on the right. Enter the received code on the safe on the left to find a petrified relic and an important note.

Return to the Birdhouse (Skvorechnik). Sell ​​trash. If there is no $300, take orders from the bulletin board and catch or kill the criminals. After capturing or killing an enemy, talk to the sheriff to get money. After earning the required amount, go to the Birdhouse post office. Be sure to do this during the day (rewind time, as we told in this guide). After deciphering the message, go to the Galen Bridge location.

Listen to the mayor. He will offer a deal. You can immediately go into the next building, with a lot of racks, and find a hatch in the back room with shelves. After descending through the hatch, you will find a hostage in a cage. You can hack it with 1 lockpick. Rescuing a hostage is optional, but it will be a plus for your reputation. Then go to the mayor and say that you saw a hostage. This is also optional, but can be done.

If you listen to the mayor and go to Bush Creek Farm, talk to the owner. You can arrange a massacre, but you do not need it. Also, his relative has a task for you. After taking it, go down the map to a neighboring farm, pick up the moment and blow up the equipment under the canopy in the far-left corner. When no one is inside. And then you can escape and return for a reward. You don’t have to kill bandits. The owner of Bush Creek will tell you that the secrets of the mayor should be looked for in the basement. Do what we wrote above.

Go to Quickbend to rescue Essex Mast. Arriving in the city, you will see that the bandits have arranged a duel. Talk to the merchant on the right. You can buy information for $10 and $5. The first information will tell you that you need to contact the bartender, and the second – how to call the bandit correctly so that he challenges you to a duel. From here there are two ways:

  1. Go to the bartender in the saloon. Chat with the girl and follow her to the cemetery. Talk on the spot. In one of the graves there is a golden ace. Take the wine out of the tree and give it to the guard sitting at the entrance to the bank. Search it to get the key. You can enter the bank, but if you are noticed, a massacre will immediately begin.
  2. Or you can enter the sheriff’s building and call the bandit. Defeat him in battle, then go up to the bank to the second floor. You can accept the offer of the leader of the bandits or refuse. In the second case, the battle will begin. Kill all the enemies, search the bodies and the room, find the keys. Free Mast and the bartender’s husband from the saloon. You can also get relics and aces, so take your time and search the area.

Go to the big gorge mine. Kill the enemies outside and find the lever in the far part. By pulling on it, you can get inside. You have to be careful in the mines. Do not even try to kill a huge monster, but in the room with him, on the left there is a locked grate. Before that, go the other way, kill a couple of sirens and find the key on the table. Inspect a box labeled Old Meat. Talk to him and agree to the deal.

Return to the Birdhouse (Skvorechnik). Even if Old Meat is killed, take his brain. Flora will not be there. Look for traces behind the sheriff’s building, follow the map to Flora’s farm and go down to the basement. Listen to the woman and convince her to help. You will learn about the quarry.

Head there, kill the enemies outside and go inside. Clear the quarry from the inside by collecting different keys. Behind the grate, which is opened by the key to the sanctuary, there will be a long table. There is a secret passage in the wall opposite. It opens with three levers. Look for one lever on the right, but not in the room with the stage, but even more to the right. Another lever is in the flooded adit where the sirens were. In the corner. You need to jump to Shift + SPACE to reach the ledge (from a nearby hill).

The third lever is behind the camera with Alonzo, the husband of the main character. Take the key from the enemy sitting in front of the scene in the side room from the table. Open the grate and lower the bridge. Talk to your husband and jump to the ledge on the right. Run to the curtain and pull the third lever. Return to the table and enter Shelby Cross’ hideout. Save as any characters can die, but you want both Flora and Alonzo to survive. Fight Shelby and his assistant. Both characters, when they run out of HP, will turn into sirens. In fact, they have 2 lives. After the victory, go outside to see the result.

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