Walkthrough Yaga

Walkthrough Yaga


Yaga is a role-playing action game with a top view, the main character of which is the one-armed blacksmith Ivan. He has to carry out various tasks of the insidious king, and the plot is built on myths and Slavic tales.

Tips for walkthrough Yaga

  • 1. Gradually the scale of bad luck (purple) will fill up. When it will fill, the main character will either lose all the talismans or sharpened weapons.
  • 2. You can sharpen weapons on the workbench. This requires ore + improvements. Improve the first item of the workbench to add not one, but two or three improvements to the weapon.
  • 3. The Shift key allows you to use the tool. Its use consumes stamina (orange scale). Tools are useful in battle and much less needed to overcome obstacles. Pitchforks allow you to reach for a stone on the other side of the abyss, a shovel – to move underground, a sickle – to mow a vine with spikes.
  • 4. Stamina is also used as character armor. When they hit you, enemies spend not only health points, but also part of their stamina.
  • 5. Bread – your main potion to restore HP.
  • 6. The scale of bad luck will grow faster if you receive blessings or use magic items.
  • 7. Bread is also a magical item. To activate any magic item, click on Q. But first you need to equip it in your inventory.
  • 8. You can wear up to three talismans. Read carefully what they give you.


After starting the game, talk with the king, go through the forest, kill several enemies. Ivan will lose his hand.

How to relieve bad luck

We wrote about bad luck above. Fortunately, there is a way to relieve bad luck. To do this, you need the magic item “five-leaf clover”. If it comes up, you need to visit the village and chat with a stranger in a tent to the right of the merchant. She suggests creating a copy of any magic item behind the bones. You get bones when killing monsters.

Unmeasured power


The king wants to get a strong of big boy. Granny Ivan can know about it. By the way, the answers that you choose throughout the game affect the character of Ivan. Click on Tab and open the “Hero” tab. You will see four different characters here:

  • 1. Selfish.
  • 2. Stupid.
  • 3. The righteous.
  • 4. Aggressive.

If you ask the king for money, you will get 30 cents. Exit the building and move right across the bridge until you meet a granny. Chat with her and find out that you need Baba Yaga. She knows where to get a golden apple, but she needs to present gifts. So two tasks will begin – “The Sweat of the Poor” and “The Worm Bone”. Grandma will also give 50 cents. Enter the house behind the granny, above, to find the anvil. To the left, there are ore and a wheel. Take this to get an impromptu shield.

Once you complete the two quests described below, go to the forest. You can use the anvil first. In addition to improving it, you can upgrade weapons. To do this, you need any ore and improvements that drop from dead enemies. Experiment and understand. In addition, merchants’ items change every time you return to the village.


Move through the forest. The first thing you will meet is a magic tree. Give it any item, then attack as you wish. Hit many times to get the maximum reward. Next will be the altar. If you pray, you will get a dragonfly – an improvement for weapons.

Then you get to the huge chicken. To get through, you need a cob of magic corn. Go down below and see a sleeping peasant. Steal the cob or exchange it for food (e.g. bread). Give an ear to the chicken grandmother, and then follow along.

Walkthrough Yaga
Walkthrough Yaga

Right now we are writing a continuation of walkthrough …

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