Walkthrough White Shadows – Game Guide

Walkthrough White Shadows - Game Guide

At the beginning of the game, move to the right side and go down the slopes. Push the large cage and walk over it. Push the smaller cage, follow it and climb up.

Jump along pipes and ledges, climb the rungs. Soon you will reach a wall with a picture of a pig. Hold Shift at the control panel in front of the wall, lower the lever and go under the wall. Lower the lever on the other console to lower the wall, climb the hill and jump along this wall to the left. Push down the cage with the image of a pig, go down and again lift the wall up. Jump back using the fallen cage, rise higher and jump along the wall to the right.

Continue moving, climb up the stairs and activate the large elevator button by holding Shift and W. Follow up, go along the long section. You will see the chicks. Once in the tunnel with the train, go to the wall on the right, hold Shift and take out the cage. Use it to jump onto the ledge on the left. Bend down and crawl into the narrow opening. Jump into the shuttle. There is a spinning wheel on the right, a lever on the left. Lower the lever once to light three sectors out of four. Turn the wheel once and lower the lever again. Repeat the steps, alternating the wheel and lever one at a time. After 3-4 such cycles, all four sectors will light up, and the shuttle will start moving.

After the shuttle ride, don’t go left, but instead jump down to the right. Go down below, go upstairs along the crossbeams, and go downstairs along the next ones. Jump to the left onto the moving blocks. At the top, you will need to jump onto the ledge and go down to the block from the other side. Then jump from one block to another. Soon you will find yourself next to the chicks. When the train passes, jump onto the tracks on the left. Climb down and after a few seconds jump onto the tracks on the right to let the train pass. So, get to the bottom.

You will soon discover a strange device with masks and hammers. There are two levers on the blocks and one long lever. The device is not working. Head back left to see a white hatchway. Stand to the right of him, hold Shift and lift the hatch up. Go downstairs, push the cage to the right and place it on the white square in the floor. Climb back up. The device started working. Use the left lever to select the outer circle (the right light above the lever should be on). Then pinch and hold the second lever (middle). The outer circle will stop. Release the lever after the tallest tube is aligned with the others. If necessary, do the same with other circles. When all the pieces are in one row, the device will stop. Pull the long lever and run to the right to the white button. Stand on it before the last hammer strikes. He will hit the button through the crow. Enter the cage.

Chapter 1

Walk to the right and climb up the rungs. After the train passes, jump onto the crossbars on the right and go downstairs. When the passage closes, jump onto the ledge on the left to wait out the train. Repeat the steps. When you get to the very bottom, jump onto the crossbars to the left and fall from them below. Pick up the moment when the train passes and jump down to the right. Run forward until you find yourself in a small hole, and bend down on S. When the train passes, repeat the steps, reaching the next hole. Push the cage down, move it to the right and climb up just behind the train. Get down below.

Open the hatch and jump down when the train is going. Jump over the bars and squat to avoid obstacles. Jump onto the oncoming train below. Run directly to its right end. When there is a train below, moving in the other direction, jump onto it. Repeat the same steps. On the third train, you will have to constantly alternate jumping and squatting.

Arriving at the station, go downstairs to the big crows. Continue driving while avoiding the lanterns. Hide behind minecarts below. When you go down the long stairs, wait for a beam of light to pass through, and then pull out the corpse of a pig from the pipe on the right. Follow this tube. Keep hiding from the light. Now you need to move behind the only cart with two eggs. Moreover, in several places you need to go to the left of one lantern, then to the right in order to hide from the other (since the shadow will fall differently). Go down even lower.

Follow the chick down into the hole. Once in the same location with the chicks, run all the way to the left and wait for the chicks to follow you. After this happens, run to the right to the lever. Hold Shift and wait a bit. When all the chicks are on the platform to the left, lower the lever to trap them. This will make one battery. Move it to the left to get through the hole.

Chapter 2

Run to the left, ignoring the light. The chicks will protect you. Having fallen down following the chicks, run to the left along the conveyor belt and jump onto the hook. Climb up the chain. Climb down along the appearing ledges. Do not hurry. Then jump onto the moving battery. Walk left, get out and immediately turn right, entering the lower floor of the same building. Drag the box behind you to the left. Move at the moment when something is reported to the crow behind the searchlight (the rings in the background glow, and you hear the commanding tone). When nothing is reported to him, hide in the shadows. Drag the box down behind you, lift the lever and place the box under it so that the gate does not close. Run to the left. Stand on the battery being lifted up.

Walk left until you find yourself in the circus. The door must be opened by force, through Shift. To get started, jump over the revolving saws. Then move left and right between the two large saws. After that, stay close to the right saw and avoid falling palms. When three palms appear, jump onto the one on the right, already lowered. At the top, jump across the ring from palm to palm. First you need to avoid the fist, and then the fire. The test will end soon.

Chapter 3

To be continued…

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