Walkthrough What Happened

Walkthrough What Happened


Read a detailed walkthrough guide to the psychological thriller What Happened

After the introductory video, go forward. You can go through the door on the right and choose the settings for the game. And so use the left door to start a new game. Once in the toilet stall, look alternately at the wall on the right and left to find new inscriptions there. After leaving the booth, pushing the latch, and turn off the tap on one of the sinks. Leave the toilet.

Go left and go up to the second floor. Everyone will talk about Jimmy breaking the locker. Move along the second floor until you see a broken locker. Open it, read the note from Rose asking for help with chemistry, and then you climb inside the locker.

Once in a strange place, look into the curbstone on the right and take the key. Use it to open the door and go into the next room. There is a note about Maya in the drawer on the right. Move around the room, which will gradually fill with butterflies. Eventually, a light bulb with a fan will appear on the ceiling in the center. Pull on the rope to turn on the fan.

Wait. After that, go forward along the corridor and press LMB to pull out the boards. Go to the easel. Examine the red flower and turn off the ceiling light by pulling the string. Pull the other. You will find yourself in an impromptu puppet theater. Move across the field collecting flowers and taking them to the girl. You need to collect each flower and give it to the girl. She will leave, and the scene will end.

Pull the lace again to start the night scene. Move towards the girl and drive away the wolves (just by walking on them). Do it three times to complete the scene. Pull the lever a third time to start the winter scene. Move to the logs to chop each one, after which the Mind will speak to Stiles.

Move forward, turn off the lights, and then break the flasks on the shelves to the left and right. Turn off the light; repeat the path forward until you find yourself in the back room. Turn off the lights, turn around and walk forward into the back room with many pages. There is a note in the cabinet in front, and a light bulb in the cabinet to the right. Take a light bulb, screw it in the previous room and turn on the light. Sit down at a chair opposite a table with a mirror and turn off the light.

Walk forward and examine the safe. You will see huge hands for the first time. Go back from the safe and listen to what the mind says. You need to move in the direction in which the Reason says. If to the right, then hold D and move the mouse to the right. Etc. So you can walk down the hallway and dodge all hands. It is generally best to move along one side. When a hand appears, cross diagonally to the opposite side. This will get you to the far locker. Open it and find a postcard with a code. Take away. You can look at the code by holding down RMB. The code is always different, so it’s important for you to have a postcard with you!

Then you need to go back, dodging all hands. If your hands catch you, and you do not do what the mind says (even if it says to move forward), then you will find yourself in some place. Either in the room with the boxes (you need to find the key and get out of here), or in the maze (follow the arrow signs), or between the palms (just wait).

Returning back, take the code from the locker again and try to go back to the locker with the combination lock. Enter the code, read the note and climb inside the locker.

Walk down the hallway, visit the computer science room and then exit and go left. Take the door on the right, into the psychology office. Look around; there is a note in one of the boxes. Exit through the other door and follow the corridor around the corner (the path is now open). Go to the history cabinet on the left. There is a note in one of the drawers opposite the door. Go to the Economics Office, view the scene, and exit back.

Move on until you see Jimmy. Enter the room on the left and stand on the “cross”. You will hear Rose’s voice. She will stop taunting. Read the note on the curbstone next to the rose.

Exit the room, go a little to the right and go up to the second floor. The ladder is now available. Go left, following Maya, go to the opened class and watch the cut-scene. There’s a note on the side. Also go to the open window. Return to the corridor. Walk to the right and left obstacles. They will push you away. Repeat the steps until they disappear. Go through the transverse corridor with paintings and open the hall on the left. You will hear the director speak.

Walk in a circle until you see Maya again. Follow her to another office, get the note from the drawer opposite the door and watch the cut-scene. Exit through the other door and gradually move forward to the window.

Go to the end of the corridor and turn into the literature class on the left. Read the two notes in the hands on the pillars to make the vines appear. Move out of the room through another door. Follow forward and look at the stairs on the left, leading down. Plants block the path, but there is a lamp base nearby. Climb up and go left. Enter the opened room, walk along the right row of chairs and close the window. Take the light bulb, go back to the stairs, insert the light bulb and turn on the light to get rid of the plants. You can now go down to the first floor.

To be continued…

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