Walkthrough: We went back

Walkthrough: We went back


Read Full Walkthrough of the free time-looping horror game – We went back.

Head towards the round door at the end of the corridor. Inspect everything in its path.

The Evidence

Turn the evidence to get a clue. If the evidence is rotated correctly, you will hear the corresponding sound.


To solve a puzzle with a word, click on the picture (which you want to move) then click on the place of movement.

Record Room

To enter a room with a large door, you need a code. Head to the next room. On the rope you will see the Polaroid camera. Take it.

Next, head along the long corridor. You need a big round door. You will be locked in a spacesuit later. At the bottom left is a valve. Open it. Before you is a vent. Climb into it to end up in a small room. There you will see a turntable and cork board. Pay attention to the poster with the phases of the moon and the inscription on it.

Polaroid Collection

To solve the puzzle, you need to fill 4 spaces on the cork board. Head to the lounge through the air vent. The key in the form of a hard drive is on the pool table.

Head to the greenhouse through other rooms. In one of the planters on the left, you will find a second key – a severed hand.

After meeting with a friend, head to the drawing, then to the door. The laboratory has a microscope on the right side of the table. Inspect the cup on it.

Head to the control room. Among computer monitors you will find an eyeball inside which a pencil sticks out – this is the last key to your puzzle. The gold entry for the player is in the entry room. Pick it up.

Spin the gold plate on the poster and watch the cork board. After a certain number of spins, the symbols will be decrypted, which will allow you to solve the puzzle.

Escape from the Station

Two pictures cannot be moved. Once you solve the puzzle you will see the inscription FUTILE.

Go back to the door through the air vent. Head to the terminal and enter the password and press enter on the keyboard.

The game is comleted.

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