Walkthrough Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery

Walkthrough Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery


Read the walkthrough of Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery – an exciting quest for mobile devices. ALL CHAPTERS ARE PRESENTED!

Prologue Tiny Room – Full Game Walkthrough

Interact with the barrier, turn the camera around and pick up the pipe to the left of the door. Use it on the door and go inside. Inspect the cabinets by rotating the camera and remove the tools. There is a shield on one of the walls. Turn it off, use the repair tool. Re-enable. Look around the table, move the newspapers and find the password 1234. However, under the keyboard at the monitors is a hint with the permutation of these numbers. Enter code 4213. Perhaps you will have a different one. Just rearrange the numbers. Raise the barrier and use the car.

Chapter 1 Tiny Room – Full Game Walkthrough

Go to the courtyard, find the stairs and put it under the window on the right side. Follow the stairs and look at the mailbox. It has a key. Open the main door; look for a red book in a locked cabinet. The gray book is lying under the table. Slide the sofa to see the arrows. Open the cabinet; rotate the cabinet as arrows show. Take the key and open the next door.

A gray book is lying on the bed, and a remote control is lying on the floor. Take them, open the cupboard and pick up another red book. There is a laundry basket. Move aside and find another red book. Turn off the light, turn on the TV using the remote control. Click on the boxes below to see the password. Click on the TV until you see bookshelves. Remember and follow to the living room. Place the books as shown on the TV. Go through the new door.

Pick up a picture; place it on a wall together with others. Align the pictures and click on them from left to right in the following order: 3/5/2/1/3. You will open the passage to a new place. Go down, turn on the light by clicking on the red dot, and take a picture hanging on the wall. There is a photograph from 1985 on the table. Use the numbers to look inside the safe. There is a key. Return to the car outside.

Chapter 2 Tiny Room – Complete Walkthrough

Close the trash can, move it to the fire escape on the side of the house. Climb onto the roof, find three round objects and a crowbar, with which you need to open the green doors.

Walkthrough Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery
Walkthrough Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery

A door will open leading to the third tier. Go down to the second one and set the clock to 04:45. Go to the office and find the key lying on the table. There is a blue folder on the shelf. Take her too. Place the folders on the shelf on the right side just as they look on the left. It is important to turn the bust! You open the safe and get a screwdriver.

Go back to the corridor and use the key on the toilet door (WC). There is a valve behind the picture on the left side of the toilet. Turn it, unscrew the tap from hot water (above the sink) and thanks to the steam on the mirror you will see the image of the clock. Use a screwdriver on the ventilation grate to pick up the key. In doing so, go to the corridor and set the clock to 07:55. You will see the code 59057. With it, open the safe and pick up a piece of paper sheet.

Go to the first tier, open the yellow door and place a part of the sheet near the colored squares that are on the wall. Click the squares in the correct order: blue / yellow / purple / red / green. You need to place the digital sequence 053926 on paper mounted on the wall. You will open the safe. Go ahead, apply the key to box 1302 and you will find a check for $ 50,000. Return to the car.

Chapter 3 Tiny Room – Full Game Walkthrough

Examine the billboard behind the church and remember the phone number left there. Go inside the temple, activate the light and move into the interior. Enter 2523 on the computer. Select “Open”, go to the mail and select “Print.” Receive the drawings; go to the piano located in the lobby. Play the correct melody on it to open the cupboard. Turn off the light; arrange the figures so that they correspond to the green dots on the books. In some cases, these points need to be combined into single characters. You will receive a key.

Walkthrough Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery
Walkthrough Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery

Inside, there are four paintings with lines. The desired sequence is from a small picture to a large one. The password is 2413. Go back to the hall and on the left side of the door you will find a locked box. Enter the code above to take the second key. Through the interior, move to the roof and find the paper with the scheme on the shelves. It shows the correct arrangement of benches.

Walkthrough Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery
Go to the lobby and place these benches in the desired order

An opening will appear behind the pedestal. There are paintings with different symbols on the walls. Remember the sequence (the picture with the arrow will be the first), go up to the roof and open the safe: triangle / lattice / rhombus / cross. You will receive a third key. Go down to the basement and place the keys in their holes. You will open the way further. Go inside, study the map and pick up the hammer from the shelf. Apply it to the wall on the left side.

Chapter 4 Tiny Room – Full Game Walkthrough

Click on the mat, take the key and unlock the door. Take the left side, near the four-square door. Click on them in the desired order, go further and you will see the lock in the form of squares on the wall. It is necessary to make them burn green.

Walkthrough Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery
Click on the arrows in the desired order and get the key

There are drawers on the shelves. Inspect to find matches, and then go through the door out.

Turn right, move under the pipe, along the pond down and even lower. It is dark here. Find the pallet and return to the previous room. Place the pallet in the water. Move the adjacent pallet to the ventilation and turn it off. Behind, there is a door. Open the door, move the piece of furniture to open the way further. Take a look at the chessboard to determine the password for the wall box – D5A4A4C3 (the code may be different – E4 H5 H5 F6). See the board! Take the key from there.

There are three paper sheets with tips on the table. Remember what they say. Leave the rest room, move left and under the pipe you will see a locked door. Unlock it using previously found pictures. Shut off the three gates. There is a spare in a box on the wall. Go out through the door, go back to the rest room and move to the right of it. At the fork, turn right again and get to the fire. Install the valve on the pipe to shut off the gas supply.

Go through the door; enter the password 4536 next to the monitors. To do this, unlock the boxes in the room to see the colored cans and count their number depending on the color. Set the handle to B2, which indicates a fan that blocked the path to the red lever. Go to him and go back. Use the blue key, open the green box, set the lever to an empty position and lower it. Turn off fans F4 and F5 by moving the handle to position C2. Go to these fans. You are interested in the corridor without light, where the pallet was found. Access the ventilation room through the ventilation shaft. There is a yellow key on the table. Use it to unlock the door, turn right and open the door to the utility room nearby. There will be a red gas bottle.

Go back to the room with the ventilation system. Place the container under the wall and light it to blow it up. Go into the aisle, light a torch on the wall and explore the four monuments. There are symbols under their feet. There is a book with the names of statues on the table. The first letters are the direction.

Walkthrough Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery
Turn the discs according to the information

Turn the discs according to the information received.

Go through the door, light a fire in the middle of the room and click on two torch stands on the side of the closed door. Leave the church and drive away.

Chapter 5 Tiny Room – Full Game Walkthrough

Go to the security post and study the paintings, several colors and numbers below. The fourth picture is hidden inside the box. Нou can find a paper sheet with a hint in the urn: matching colors and numbers. You should receive the code 2854. Enter it on the computer and unlock the gate in the control section. Go to the territory, on the left side there will be chairs and a table. Find there 4 jumpers, go forward along the road and on the left side you will see houses. The key is hidden under the cobblestone on the right side, so go inside.

Another key is hanging on the red door. Use it to open the purple door and find the blue key on the panel that opens the blue door. Inspect the bookshelf to get 3 jumpers. Move books to see numbers. The opposite wall is closed by a closet. Unlock the cabinet by entering password 6138 and take the circuit.

Go back to the trucks on the street, unlock one of them with a black key and take the ladder. Install it against the wall near the house and climb the roof. Raise the hatch to the right, you climb into the attic. Remove the boxes on the floor and get a green key. There are two cabinets near the wall. In one of them, there is a crowbar. Pick it up. In another cabinet you will find 4 more jumpers. Nearby, there is a shelf with cardboard boxes. 4 other jumpers are hidden inside. Unlock the green door and look under the bed to get an access card.

Climb to the roof, use the crowbar on the electric shield and solve a simple puzzle. The number corresponds to the order of pressing the button, the numbers in brackets – the number of these clicks. For example, 1 (3) means – that you need to press this button first. And you need to do this three times.

Use an access card and enter the code 123456789, which was written on a paper sheet lying on a table in a room with a blue door. Go to the room with the purple door and look at the shelves with cardboard boxes. There will be 4 jumpers. There is a remote control near the opposite wall. Click on it and select “Fix.”

Walkthrough Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery
Place all the found jumpers In the window

In the window that opens, place all the jumpers found.

On one side, the door is painted in one color, on the other in a different color. There are four handles on the remote. Use them to match the colors on the doors. Click on the red button, leave the house and go inside the cave, where there is a knife switch on the wall. Lower it, go to the opened doorway.

Chapter 6 Tiny Room – Full Game Walkthrough

Move deep into the cave to the statue, click on it and it will turn towards the door. Go through it and find the stone cube. Go back to the corridor, click on the statue and it will turn to another door. Pass through it, you will find a second cube. Click on the statue again to find the third cube under it. Go to the third door and collect all the cubes. You must have 10 cubes! Next, you need to set them to the desired position. There are clues on the wall. The first stand is a dark cube, the second is two white, the third is white, dark, white, the fourth is dark, white, white, dark. Levers will appear on the coasters.

Click on the fourth, until on the right side of the monument in the center of the room, a symbol in the form of a vertical “equal” sign appears in the hole. The third lever must be pressed so that a circle in the square appears in the hole on the left, the second – in the hole to the left of the triangle, the first – the square. Move through the corridor, double-click on the statue and return to the first room by clicking on the levers and setting the desired characters.

Go to the statue and click on it several times. Go into the room, open the locked door to block the passage. You have passed through the portal. Click on the door so that it turns red, and then open it. There will be four doors ahead. Go through the far left. You will find six moving pillars. Lock columns № 1, 3, 4, 5. Just click on them. It is important the position of these pillars!

Go to the previous room and open the second door. There will be many doors with a white frame. Open each and go back. Go to the third door and collect the door from the red parts. Go back, go through the far right door to move to the street. Get to the car and leave this place.

Chapter 7 Tiny Room – Full Game Walkthrough

Press the right arrow and find a tablet on a chair near the river. Click on the item and click on the quadrocopter lying on the table. A map will open. Look for the blue car and follow it. There is a note on the table, study it. Go to the right side and find a phone next to a round stone. Turn it on; make a square on the screen. Go right from the shore, turn left and click on the bald trees to find a long branch. Use it to knock down nests on the rocks to get a pendant with symbols. From the received characters, you can make a graphic key for the phone. Open the orange tab, select the passwords and find the code for the suitcase here. Go to the table near the blue car and unlock the case by entering the password 7359. You will receive a key, after which you can open the trunk of the car and pick up the ax.

Apply it to a tree that will fall and create a crossing. Go to that side, click on the payphone on the left and take a trifle. Throw it into the machine to get the remote control from the main door. Open the store, go inside and see a secure cash desk. I need a code. There is a hint on the boxes on the left, on the shelf. You will receive a code 34232. There is a shelf in the center of the store, find a cartridge. Charge it with a shotgun below the counter and go outside. There is a door with a lock behind the store. Knock it out by firing a shotgun, look into the barn and find a safe. A piece of paper is hanging on it. Another hangs on an iron box. Collect them, go to the trading floor.

There are checks on the same table where the cash register is located. You need a check from 05/25/2019. Its number is 999112. Set these numbers on the metal box in the back room to open it and get a canister. The second piece of paper shows the products. Look for them on the counter and remember the price. Next, you need to combine these prices to get the code 911321. Enter it on the safe in the back room to get an access card.

Place the card on the second gas station and place a canister nearby. Go to the cash register and start the second column. Take fuel, return to the car. Look in the mailbox, take the key and open the front door. Inside the living room there are red and brown books. Pick them up. Go to the TV room to find three books – red, brown, and green. There is a picture near the wall. Pick it up. Hang the picture on the wall where the rest hang. This is in the hallway. Level everything, go to the pantry and pick up the green book.

Set books in the desired order in the living room. Two red ones should be at the top, two green ones in the middle, two brown ones at the bottom. You will unlock the bottom drawer. Inside is a folder with papers. A picture hangs above the sofa, and there is a bulging object on it. Click on it to see the safe. Open it with the code from the folder – 61394. Unlock all the locks in the security system, follow the basement and move along the corridor. There is a note with a hint on the table. Go to the bedroom and use the switch until the lights are blue. There are numbers 5138 above the bed. Enter them on the safe in the basement to study the note hidden inside. Leave this place by car.

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