Walkthrough This Is the Zodiac Speaking

Walkthrough This Is the Zodiac Speaking


After the introductory video, bend down on CTRL, make your way under the barrier and go to the building on the right. Outside, there is a telephone on it. Answer the call.

Prologue. Mount Diablo

Then go up any road. Between the two paths, there will be a tower under which the machine is. Look in the passenger seat, pick up a small key and open the glove compartment. Remove the audio cassette from it and insert it into the car radio. Listen to the message, and then examine the note from the seat. Now you can climb the stairs to the left of the tower and find a children’s boot there. If you go further along the road, then on the left you will find a locked barn, and even higher – a school bus with a chain on the back door. The path to the lighthouse is closed.

Walkthrough This Is the Zodiac Speaking
Walkthrough This Is the Zodiac Speaking

But you are interested in the tower at the car where the cassette was found. There is a yellow-black ribbon next to a child’s boot. Go through this tape up the hill. Bend down and hide behind the logs so that the maniac does not notice the main character. Get to the barn and use the small key found in the car to open the lock. Go inside and find the wire cutters. Also read the note hanging on the cabinet. Go to another part of the barn and knock the door, following the game prompts.

Get to the school bus and cut the chain on the back door. Inside, there is a note. Examine it and watch the video. Talk to a psychologist.

In the next scene, you will find yourself at the gas station. To get started, enter the store at the gas station. There is documentation and a coin on the counter. Take a coin, go to the car wash and start it using the remote control outside. After washing, interact with the driver’s door. Silhouettes will appear. Go to the auto repair shop to the left of the gas station and find the red canister. Pour fuel into a trash can behind the workshop. Find a lighter inside a gas station. Take it and set fire to the trash can.

Go to the truck, inspect the door, and then examine the left rear of the car so that the silhouette appears at the tank. Then go inside the gas station and again look at the documents lying on the counter. You will find out the Zodiac number – 231-7812. Go to the phone in the backyard of the gas station and dial the number that you learned above. In the “Tips” column of your journal (TAB key), there should be all four clues: burning things in a garbage container, ringing from a telephone booth, washing a car and a truck with a tank. You can swap these clues in numbered frames. Set the following order:

  1. Machine after washing.
  2. Burning things.
  3. Telephone box.
  4. The tank.

The walkthrough of the prologue (and demo version) is completed.

To be continued…

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