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Walkthrough Them and Us


The game opens with an artistic rendering of our main character Alicia where we learn a bit about her backstory. This ends with the bus transporting us going off the road and crashing. Our game play opens up on a foggy road littered with cars. Walk to the end of this road and Alicia will collapse. We then get another cutscene where we see that we are now in some kind of boat before passing out again. This time we wake up in a bedroom and this is where the game really starts.

The room we’re in has two doors, but before we can leave we’ll need to change clothes (we’re still wearing our prison orange outfit). There is a wardrobe in the corner next to one of the locked door, interacting with it will give us the option to change into different clothing.
Next we have to unlock the door opposite the wardrobe. We can do this by picking up the knife which is on the nightstand on the same side of the bed as the wardrobe, and using it on the door.

If you’re playing on Easy and don’t want to try juking past zombies early on you can take the knife to use as a weapon, but since it takes up half our inventory and it’s very difficulty to fight zombies on any difficulty mode without taking damage it’s usually best to leave it behind. If you do choose to take it I only recommend fighting zombies in the first indoor hallway we enter (next section of this guide) as the other zombies you encounter in the beginning of the game will never be a threat again after you get past them the first time.

Next to the locked door we can’t yet unlock there is a screwdriver blade which we need so pick this up. There are also some bandages. If you’re an experienced survival horror player, you can save the bandages for later (there will be an item later which you can use to make them more effective) but otherwise you should use these now as you will start the game badly hurt. When you’re finished, head through the unlocked door.

You should find yourself in a small outdoor corridor bounded by a tall fence. The only item in the second area is the screwdriver handle sitting on top of a trash can.
Pick this up (dropping whatever is in your second inventory slot if needed) and combine it with the screwdriver blade (after which make sure to pick up whatever you dropped). You can use the screwdriver to open the door at the end of the corridor.
Make sure you have everything you want from these first two areas before you go through this door, as it will be awhile before we can come back to this area, then go through.2. Encountering the first zombie and getting the lighterYou should find yourself in the middle of the Bedroom Side Hallway F1. It’s a very long hallway with a ton of doors, most of which we can’t open yet. Take a left and head down a short distance until you see some stairs going up. Head up and grab a vinyl disk (used to save your game) from a table at the top of the stairs. Ignore the first two doors on the right side, but go into the 3rd door on your right after going up the stairs (if you hear a zombie chewing you’ve probably gone too far). This is our first save room.

Save Room:

We’re about to encounter our first zombie, so unless you’re very confident in your Zombie dodging skills I recommend you save here with the Vinyl you picked up just now (this goes double for players who didn’t use the bandage in the first room). You can save by interacting with the phonograph towards the back of the room while the disk is in your inventory. There’s also some handgun ammo and a note in this room. We don’t have a gun and barely any inventory space to spare, so leave the ammo for now, read the note for plot related info, and head out the same way you came in.

Head further down the hall and you’ll see a zombie eating a body. There will be a short cutscene where the zombie will turn to chase her. The body the zombie is chewing on has an item on it we need, but we have no effective way to kill the zombie yet so you’ll need to get past him.

There are two main ways to do this:
– Kiting the zombie to an open area (hard to do in hallways but if you try this here I recommend the top of the stairs) and then running around him, OR
– Juke the zombie by carefully getting close to him then quickly pulling back when he lunges forward to grab you. After an attack (whether it hits you or not) zombies will have a short delay where they’re unable to lunge giving you a short window to safely run past. Note that if you run directly into the zombie they’ll still attack you even if this window is active.

You will want to be able to do this several times, so it’s good to get used to it now. If you do get grabbed it’s ok, just run past the zombie after he’s finished chewing on you, but realistically you can only take a few hits before using the lighter (which will give us access to more healing items) without dying so be careful. Get past him once to grab the lighter off the body, then do it again to get back to the previous section of hallway.

Head back downstairs and past where you originally entered the first floor hallway. There are some bandages on a table to your right as you head down, grab these. A ways down the hallway should turn right and shortly after this there should be a door on your left which is unlocked which will take us to the F1 bathroom, drop the bandages you grabbed a moment ago and head in.

Bathroom Door:
3. Getting the Antimony Key and the BackpackUpon entering we get a short cutscene of a candle going out. Head to the far side of the room and find the flashing candle. Make sure you have 1 inventory spot open and use the lighter here to light up the room so we can interact with objects inside. After lighting the room, attempting to leave or interacting with the bathtub will trigger a cutscene where a zombie pops out and attack. Grab the key from the tub and head outside. If you want to stock up on some healing items go back into the bathroom, grab the medical kit off the wall and the ointment off the counter, then head back into the hall and drop one of these as well.

Make sure you don’t head too far down the hallway in the direction we originally came from as there is now a zombie ready to crash through a window that we don’t want to activate yet. Now that you have the ointment you can combine this object with any bandages to increase their effectiveness. Take a moment (since all your currently obtained and unused bandages should be around this bathroom) and pick up and combine the ointment with all your bandages now. Now is also a good time to use a healing item if you took any hits while avoiding those first two zombies. A small bandage + ointment should do it, but if you’re really badly hurt (Alicia will be limping) then use the medical kit instead. Then drop everything except the Antimony key and head back towards the direction we originally came from.

As mentioned, a zombie will break through a window as you head down the hall, but the door we want is right next to this window and it takes him some time to get up, so we should be able to head through the double doors on our right before he has a chance to do anything. This takes us to the F1 Library.

Library F1 Entrance:

You may hear a zombie making noise, but don’t worry he can’t reach you here. Head into the library until you see a fireplace with a big portrait above it. Take a left and behind a broken ladder on a table you’ll find a doorknob and a backpack. The backpack allows us to hold 6 items instead of 2 which is a game changer. Grab these then go to the right side of the fireplace to find a display case holding a pistol. We can’t open it yet, but we can interact to push it under the broken ladder we mentioned before. This is all we can do here for now, so head back out the way you came in.

Backpack/Gun Case:

4. Getting the Neptune Key, Venus Key, and the PistolNext you’ll need to go back to the second floor. Make sure you bring both the doorknob and the antimony key (although you shouldn’t be hard up for inventory space at the moment). There are now 2 zombies in this hallway and while their specific locations vary each time you enter the hall usually one will be on the second floor by the safe room entrance and the other will be in between your current position and the stairs. Juke that zombie if he’s present and head back upstairs. This time go to the second door along the right wall and you should see that it has a broken handle. Use the doorknob you found in the library and go through the door.

Door Knob Repair:

This will bring you to a second floor outdoor walkway. There’s a door directly in front of you which is locked and a zombie to your right. Head left to a narrow passage which has a zombie blocking your path. Juke this zombie and continue down to a door. Your antimony key can unlock this and will be automatically discarded afterward. This will take you to the office F2. In here you will find a lot of items (in total: some handgun ammo, an old key, the Neptune key, and a medium bandage) and I recommend taking anything you can but make sure you get the Neptune Key if you run out of space. This room also contains an easter egg which allows you to turn on a few different visual filters by interacting with the TV. After you’re done, head out the door next to the TV.

The next room is a circular hallway which contains a zombie. The door on the opposite side can be unlocked from your side and acts as a shortcut back to the second floor outdoor area we were just in. Make sure you grab the flashlight from the lit side of the hallway – it takes no inventory space and can be used to improve visibility. A bit further down the lit side of the all is a Vinyl Disk and beyond that is a door which takes you back onto the walkway. Once back outside, head directly across and back to the F2 Bedroom Side Hallway.


Head towards the safe room and past it in the direction where you encountered the first zombie. He will usually be hanging out next to the safe room door, so you’ll probably have to juke him to get by. If you left the pistol ammo in the safe room, now is a good time to pick it up. The neptune key will unlock the double doors just past the safe room and be then be discarded. This takes us to the Library F2.

Library F2 Entrance:

Once inside you’ll find yourself on a balcony overlooking the Library F1 from earlier. Avoid going right (Alicia’s right, not the camera’s right) as there’s a zombie over there which wont activate unless you get too close and you don’t need that side of the room just yet. Instead head left and you’ll see a few statues and ladders. Interact wit the ladder closest to the entrance to drop it, creating a shortcut between the floors of the library. Push the second one (which has an item on top of it) by interacting with it and you should see it sitting at the top of the broken ladder from earlier. As long as you pushed the glass case in the previous section, you should be able to push it off the ledge, leaving both the gun and the item on the statue available on the F1 LIbrary below. While you’re here, grab the old key which is sitting on the windowsill nearby, then use the functional ladder to return to the first floor.

Pushing Library Statue:

You can now acquire the gun and the next key, but first make sure that if you have more than 4 items (you probably will) you’ll want to go drop a few at the far end of the F1 hallway (near where your leftover healing items were placed in the previous section). Don’t worry about all the zombies banging on the windows, they’re not coming in just yet. Then head back into the F1 Library to pick up the Venus Key and (finally) your pistol.5. Reaching the Main Hall Safe roomMake sure you equip your pistol before you head back out into the hallway. Immediately when you enter, all the zombies banging on the window will break in and there are way too many given our currently limited pistol ammo. Fortunately we’re done in this area for awhile so quickly run past them towards the bathroom (away from the stairs) and go through the double doors (unlocked with the Venus Key) near the very far end of the hallway to enter the dinning room. If you’re hurt you can double back to grab some of your healing items (which should be sitting outside the bathroom door) but make sure you enter and exit the dining room first, otherwise the zombies may overtake you before you finish managing your items and after re-entering the hallway most of them should be placed far away from the bathroom door. Before progressing, make sure you grab your lighter if you left it near the bathroom.

Once in the dinning room, make sure you stay on the right (Alicia’s right when entering) side of the table at all times as extra zombies will come in through the windows if you go to the left side and there’s nothing we need over there. Kill the zombie on the right side of the table and grab the handgun ammo against the right wall. You can also read a note a bit further down for more plot info before going through the double doors nearby.

This will take you to the Main Hall Side Hallway. Immediately to the right of the entrance you will see a zombie facing the wall. Get his attention, juke him and then use your lighter on the dresser behind him. This will reveal a medical kit. Grab it and then juke him again to run down the hall in the opposite direction. Along the way there will be a metal door on Alicia’s right, unlock this with an old key and enter. This will take you to an outdoor hallway which contains two zombies, some handgun ammo, and a statue head at the end of it. Juke these two zombies (you can kill them, but it makes ammo much more tight) grab the statue head, and then leave the way you came in.

Zombie Guarding Medkit:

Old Key Door/Statue Head:

Back in the Main Hall Side Hallway head away from the zombie you encountered earlier (who should be back to staring at the wall) and into a perpendicular hallway with double doors to the right and a zombie to the left (just off camera for fixed perspective):

Kill the zombie and then head through the double doors into the main hall. There are a ton of zombies in the main hall but you don’t need to kill any of them. Instead head immediately left the door you came in and enter the first door on the wall to your left to enter the second safe room.

Main Hall Safe Room Entrance:
6. Getting the Moon and Gold KeysLeave the lighter, Vinyl Disks, Statue Head and any extra healing items you have in the safe room then grab the handgun ammo sitting on the chair and go back to the Main Hall.

(Optional) At this point you can go back and move your ointment/healing items from the bathroom area to the safe room. This isn’t required but can save you time if you’re using a lot of healing items.

Take a fast left to find some bandages then continue along that wall to find the moon key by two big unique doors. These doors lead out of the mansion, but we’ll need to do more stuff first to open them. Juke the zombie on the side of the hall opposite the safe room and grab some pistol ammo on the desk behind him, then head back to the safe room to drop off the bandages and reset the zombies before heading back to the Main Hall again.

Moon Key/Mansion Door:

At this point you need to get a note from upstairs in order to do the clock puzzle so juke the zombie staring at the altar at the top of the stairs leading to the second level of the hall and head right. Grab the Vinyl disk off the table in the back corner and then continue down the balcony hugging the right side of the room (juking any zombies which wander into your way). Halfway down you’ll find another table with a note which you need to grab before you can interact with the clock in the kitchen. Grab this note, then head back down to the first floor and after making sure you have a few free inventory slots, out into the Main Hall Side Hallway.

Clock Puzzle Note:

Continue straight down the hall in the direction you were facing as you entered (grabbing the bandage off the table as you go) and you should reach some stairs leading down. The moon key should unlock the door at the bottom and you can now enter the kitchen.

Once inside, do not loot the body right in front of you as it will then turn into a zombie. Instead turn immediately left and kill the zombie moving towards you from the far end of the room. Head down to the side of the room the zombie came from (on the side of the middle table near the door you came in) and pick up the final old key, then head to the other side of the table and use your flashlight to find a small desk clock.

Interact with it to find it’s broken, but it will ask you if you want to move it. Select yes and you’ll see a small paper under the clock, then interact with it again. There will be a message telling you when “Dinner Time” is. This is a random time between 6:00 and 7:00 each time you do this puzzle so make sure you remember or write this down. As soon as you’re done inspecting it a zombie will start to stand up behind you. Run for the door you came in before he can attack and grab additional handgun ammo from the body near the door before you leave. Then head back through the previous hallway to the Dinning Room.

Go to the grandfather clock near the double door and interact with it.
You can now set the time, so set it to the “Dinner Time” specified by the clock in the kitchen. If done correctly, the clock will open and you can grab the clock gear. (Note: The grandfather clock will randomly ‘ring’ and when it does you’ll be unable to interact with it until it’s finished which can take 20 to 30 seconds.) Head back to the main hall and go to the grandfather clock on the wall opposite the safe room. Use the gear and the clock will rotate revealing the Gold Key (you may have to kite the nearby zombie away while it spins as it takes awhile to fully rotate).
Head into the safe room to reset the zombies.
7. Clearing the Courtyard and Bedroom Side HallwayAt this point you should have 4 keys (Gold, Moon, and 2 old keys) as well as your pistol and ammo. Head back through the Main Hall Side Hallway and the Dinning Room to get to the Bedroom Side Hallway. You should have quite a bit of ammo, so kill every zombie on the first floor of the bedroom side hallway. You need to make sure you have at least 20 (or so) bullets left after you do this, so if you start to run out enter one of the unlocked rooms in the hallway behind you and exit to reset any zombies from the second floor who wandered down, juke the remaining zombies on the first floor, then use the Moon Key to open the door next to the bottom of the hallway stairs. This will take you back to the bedroom in which we started the game. Pick up the knife (it’ll save us a bullet later) and make sure to interact with the dresser next to where you found the screwdriver handle at the beginning – you can use an old key to find 15 bullets inside, then leave through the door leading to the outdoor passage.

Use your final old key to unlock the metal gate leading to the Courtyard and go through it.
This part is tricky. There’s a zombie immediately to your right and zombie dogs nearby. My strategy is to try and kill the zombie as quickly as possible standing next to the gate, leaving and re-entering to avoid damage if I get into trouble. Once the zombie is dead I work on the two dogs one at a time (if you get both leave and come back in). It’s difficult to kill the dogs without getting hit so don’t be afraid to double back for healing items if you need to.

Avoid picking up any of the items sitting on corpses as they’ll turn into zombies the moment you do. Instead, hug the left wall and head all the way down until you reach a dead end with a zombie and an item. Kill the zombie and grab the shears.
You should be pretty low on ammo at this point so juke any other zombies you run into and find the fountain and a Large Bandage on a bench nearby.
You should see a zombie standing by some barrels near the fountain. Kite this zombie away, then equip your knife and break the barrels to find some much needed handgun ammo as well as some ointment on the nearby bench. There’s also a double door near the fountain which takes you back to the main hall (behind the stairs leading to it’s second floor). Before you leave, quickly grab the ammo off the two bodies in the courtyard and then use this and head back to the safe room to drop off the shears and knife.8. Getting the Light Crystal, Angel Medallion and Evil MedallionIn the safe room drop off everything but your pistol, ammo, the gold key, and grab the Statue Head. Then head back to the main hall and juke the zombie on the stairs like before to get to the Main Hall F2. Head down either the right or left side to reach the wall right above the main Mansion door. You’ll see a glass case and using the gold key you can open it to get the red book.
You can also grab more handgun ammo from a body in the middle of the bridge connecting the right and left passages leading to the back of the second floor (although this will add a zombie to the main hall, but he’s avoidable).

Now head back through the dining room and Bedroom Side Hallway to get to the Office F2 (it’s the room with the Easter egg TV found in section 3 of this guide). Kill any zombies that block your path in the Bedroom Side Hallway as you’ll go back and forth here a few times. In the Office there is a headless statue holding a book and a staff. First use the Red Book on it to retrieve the Blue Book, then use the Statue head to retrieve the Light Crystal.

Now head for the Library F1. You can now retrieve the Imitation Lions Head using the blue book:
Behind the broken ladder you can also find another gold key case containing the wolfs head.

Now we need the shears, so head back to the Main Hall safe room to retrieve them, then head for the Courtyard. You can drop off the Light Crystal to make room in your inventory if you need but make sure you have the shears and both animal heads. At the fountain there will be a spot on which you can place the Imitation Lions Head.
This will cause a short cutscene showing the real Lions Head falling to the ground on the opposite side of the fountain.

Grab it and head to the outdoor area connected to the bedroom. Head all the way to the back of this area by the hedges and you can see light coming from behind one of them.
Use the shears to clear the hedge and find a zombie guarding a statue with the Angel Medallion. Kill the zombie (or juke him) and take it. Then head for the Library F2. When you arrive, head right and kill the zombie to get to a pedestal where you can place the Wolf Head. Then go back and take the left path to find an identical pedestal where you can place the Lion Head.
This will trigger a short cutscene where you can see a secret door opening on the Library F1. Head down there and go in the secret room to find a note with plot info, some handgun ammo, and the Evil Medallion.
Now you have everything you need to get out of the Mansion! Head back to the Main Hall and grab the Light Crystal from the safe room. Kill/juke the zombie on the stairs (by the evil altar) and the one by the door if you have the ammo. Then use the Light Crystal on the altar and the medallions on the Main Mansion Door.

Make sure you have a few free inventory spaces and head through the mansion door.9. Getting the Blue Emerald Key, the Green Emerald Key, and the Burning OilThe manor door takes us to the Courtyard. This is a large area with many winding paths and TONS of zombies. We have more room to move here than inside and while there is a lot of ammo, there’s even more enemies here so you’ll want to juke as many zombies as possible.

Start by heading down the stairs immediately ahead and to the right of the mansion door. Take a left at the bottom and into the main circular area with a fountain in the middle. At the bottom, head east via either of the two eastern paths. Keep on this path until you reach a boarded up gate.

Interacting with it will hint that you might be able to climb over it. Double back to the previous intersection and head to the dead end north of you. Break the barrel at the very back to find some ammo and grab the Vinyl sitting on the box next to it, then inspect the wooden crate separated from the others. You will have a prompt to push it. Do this twice and you will push it all the way up to the boarded up door. Interact with the box a third time to climb over into a small oval area. Break the barrel against the far wall for some handgun ammo and then grab the Blue Emerald Key off the body. The body will stand up and attack you – you will have to kill it before you can leave this area. Run away from it while it’s moving quickly and when it slows down take shots until it speeds up. Once it’s dead, interact with the boarded up gate to regain access to the previous area.

Boarded up door:

Next, return to the mansion entrance the way you came. You need at least one free inventory slot so if you’re full swing by the safe room just inside the mansion to drop off extra supplies. From the mansion door, head west. After passing a zombie (feel free to kill this guy, we’ll head this way a few times) grab the handgun ammo on the bench and keep going west until the path branches north and south. Head north into an open grassy area.

Nearby is a blue door which our Blue Emerald key can unlock, but before doing that explore the rest of this area to find a medical kit, some handgun ammo, a note, and a vinyl (as well as a small bandage in the barrel next to the Vinyl). Take any of these supplies that you’re low on, but keep in mind you will need a few free inventory slots in the next area so if your inventory is close to full make a run back to the safe room to drop things off – then open the blue emerald door. Follow the path to the north wast side to find large bandages and handgun ammo next to the entrance to a small greenhouse. Grab these and head inside to find a save room with some shotgun shells and the Burning Oil. Next, head back outside and go east towards and open gate but be careful because there are several dogs on the other side. Try to get the attention of 1-2 of the dogs at a time and kill them. If you get 3 or more you probably want to run away and return after they reset. Once the dogs are dead, head through the open gate to find a Gazebo containing the Hidden Key Note.

Hidden Key Note:

With this note you can now claim the Green emerald key from an inconspicuous flower bed near the body with handgun ammo on it we passed earlier on our way to this grassy part of the courtyard (back towards the mansion front door).

Green Emerald Key:

Once you have the key and Burning Oil, head to the center of the courtyard (dropping off supplies first if you’re low on inventory space) and on the south side you’ll find a green gate which we can open with our green emerald key.10. Getting the Antique Mirror and unlocking portals and the RuinsHead down the narrow path beyond the Green Emerald Door we unlocked killing a zombie who blocks the way if you need. The large door at the end is sealed with Dark Magic, so take a left and head to a small square clearing at the end of the path where a Zombie guards a statue. Juke or kill the zombie and interact with the statue to acquire the antique mirror, then head back to the main door to the mansion.

Antique Mirror:

Directly in front of it is a statue facing away from the door off the balcony overlooking the courtyard. Approach it and use the Antique Mirror to activate a red beam firing from the front end of the statue towards the fixture in the middle of the courtyard. There are two similar statues both to the east and west of this one on this balcony which are also shooting beams and can be aimed by interacting with them. Be careful of the zombie guarding the east statue but grab the bandages and check out the lore note nearby before interacting with the statues. Aim the west statue towards the fixture in the middle – you should see a stone light up as the beam passes across it when its in the right spot. Before doing the same for the east, aim it off to the left until you hear a sound queue – then release the statue to open a chest you can access later in the game. After the chest is open, you can aim the beam at the statue in the middle the same as the west one.

Placing mirror/Aiming statues:

Once you have both statues in place a portal will appear near the fixture and Alicia will approach it automatically. Interact with it to enter and you’ll be taken to a small safe room which contains an item box!

(Optional) Take this opportunity to move all your supplies from the mansion to the item box as this location will be more accessible to you going forward and you wont have to organize your stuff on the floor.

(Optional) There is also a device in this room called a Box of Ploutus which can be used to retrieve items left on the ground in specific places. It’s not terribly useful at this stage of the game and you don’t need it to progress but if you want to unlock it all you have to do is place 4 pieces in the correct spots to form a pattern. There is a note on a table nearby but it’s incomplete. The solution to this puzzle is shown in the image bellow. On lower difficulties the box will be unlocked by default.

Box of Ploutus soltuion:

Once you are finished, return to the portal and interact with it to exit back to the Courtyard. Head back through the path that was opened up when we used the Green Emerald Key11. Exploring the ruins and unlocking the sewersYou’ll find yourself in a long corridor running east to west. Grab the shotgun ammo directly in front of you, then head west along the path shown in the image to the right. There are a lot of enemies here, but you have a great deal of space to move and can easily run past all the zombies. There is a dog near the grassy area before heading through the door at the end of the path which is worth killing if you can’t easily get around him, but save as much ammo as you can unless you have extra. Once you reach the end of the path you’ll find yourself in front of a ruined tower. Take a big upgrade to your firepower in the form of a shotgun from the corpse next to the gate nearby and head into the tower. Climbing the staircase you’ll find a door handle which you should grab, and a bandage. On the bottom floor of the tower there is a trapdoor (shown on the map as a black square). Go down it to find a secret basement room with some handgun ammo and a zombie with an item around his neck. Kill him and take the Antique Paper off his body, then head back to the Courtyard. You may have to make two trips to get all of this stuff but if you have to leave some things behind make sure you get the Shotgun and the Paper.

Tower Trapdoor/Greenhouse Key Zombie:

Next, return to the door we entered the ruins from originally and use this opportunity to head back to the portal and drop off supplies. You’ll want to make sure to grab your Burning Oil and Lighter in addition to the shotgun and some ammo, then go back to the ruins and head east following the marked path in the image to the right. Once again there will be many dodgable zombies and two dogs. It’s a good idea to run past these enemies as you wont have much inventory space for handgun ammo and shotgun ammo is precious, but you might have to use a little to take care of the multiple dogs you’ll encounter as they are difficult to dodge on stairs.

When you reach the door at the end you’ll find yourself in a large set of rooms which act as a safe room. There’s a vinyl here as well as some handgun ammo. Save the vinyl for now and head towards the farthest room from the entrance to find a door covered in old dry rope. Use the Burning Oil on the door, followed by the lighter to burn away the rope and unlock it, but don’t go through just yet.

Door covered in dry rope:

The next section is going to isolate us from previously explored areas as well as introduce a new enemy so take this opportunity to go manage your inventory first. You’ll want the shotgun and all the ammo you’ve collected. I don’t recommend bringing the pistol as you wont have much inventory space to work with. An extra healing item helps although you may have to leave it behind if you don’t use it early on in the next section. Make sure to save here if you can, then go through the door to the sewers.12. Exploring the Sewers and the other worldIn the first room of the sewer there are a few supply’s. Ignore the handgun ammo unless you brought the handgun and grab the healing item before moving on. When you try to move through the following room, gates will drop and trap you in with a new monster:

This monster moves quickly and has a very fast recovery time after getting hit. It’s weakness is it’s recovery time after attacking and it’s attack range. If you keep moving it will have a hard time hitting you and if you get lots of distance after it attacks before shooting it you’ll be able to move again before it reaches you. 3-6 shots from the shotgun should end the fight depending on difficulty. Once the fight ends, the monster will push you through the portal and you’ll be taken to another world.

After the cutscene ends, move in the only direction available to you until you reach a blue fountain. Another cutscene will play in which a monster runs away from you while you’re near the water, revealing their weakness. Continue down this path until you see another fountain, two portals (one active, one inactive) and a Box of Ploutus. Grab the Divine Chalice (blue) from the base of the Box of Ploubus and head through the active portal (the blue one).

The area this takes us to has 3 of the monsters in their ethereal form (green or blue highlight). In this form their invulnerable, so just run past them. There should be another blue fountain in this room and interacting with it will allow us to fill up our chalice, so grab that and then head to the portal on the opposite end from where you entered. This takes us to another room with a green fountain, another chalice (green) and a lighter. Take both these items (drop a healing item if you have to) and interact with the pedestal to start this area’s first puzzle.

The goal of this puzzle is to arrange 7 of the 12 pieces on the pedestal into the proper image. The key is an image representing the red markings on the pieces that can be found in a nearby room. The images bellow shows the solution:

Once the pieces are in place you can hit the lever nearby to fill the green fountain and fill up your new green chalice. Once this is done, head back the way you came to the room containing the box of Ploutus. Approach the red (inactive) portal and interact with it to activate it using the full blue chalice. Pass through that portal and run past the monsters in the next two rooms. Unlock the last portal by interacting with it while holding your full green chalice, then pass through it to reach the next puzzle area.

Cut sharply to the right and head towards a stone pillar which has a lever you can pull. Return to the area where the entrance to this platform was and the door in front of you should now be open. Head inside to see a number of colorful glowing pyramids and a magical book. Approach the book and interact with it twice – the first time to activate it and the second time to see the puzzle hint. After this, interact with the red pyramid to begin the puzzle.

Secret Lever/Magic book:

The goal of this puzzle is to get the dots on each corner of the triangle to match on each of it’s 3 upward facing sides (with the corner pieces that have no circle facing downward) and the face with the empty circle facing the player (not filled in with color or dots). You’ll know when you have the right configuration because a sound effect will play. Below you can see the proper configuration for each side of the triangle:

Back sides of the triangle:


After exiting the pyramid interface immediately use the lighter on the pyramid to finish the puzzle and unlock a portal back to the sewers back where we originally entered the other world. Run back to the beginning of this area and go through the portal to return to the room where we fought the first new monster. The gate onward will be open, so just run through the door and up the ladder.13. Return to the ruins and meet PaulThe ladder from the sewers will take us back to the ruins on the other side of that locked door in the safe room. There’s a portal here which will take us to our item box, use this now to resupply ammo and healing items as well as to drop off the lighter. We can’t drop off the chalices or our weapon make sure you have some ammo and head back out.

Follow the path marked on the image to the left. Make sure you have enough ammo left to take out at least one of the new monsters. At the end of the marked path we’ll find a save room with a Vinyl inside, and given all the puzzles we just solved we should take this opportunity to save. Grab the handgun ammo if you need it and have room, otherwise head back out the way we came in and head to the south archway. Juke another zombie on the path and then head through the door.

Once in this room we see a cutscene where another survivor squares off against some of the new monsters:

One of the monsters breaks off to fight us. It’s basically the same fight as the beginning of section 14, except this time when the monster becomes translucent interact with it to douse it with water and kill it for good. This will trigger a cutscene where Alicia and her new friend Paul have a chat. This is followed by a flashback segment where we control Paul in his office.

Our first job as Paul is to find whiskey. It’s in the right side drawer in his desk, although you’ll have to open the drawer containing his gun first to get to it.


Next, approach the Chalkboard to prompt a hunt for 5 different files.

Each one must be collected in order then placed on the chalkboard to proceed. The 4th file is in a locked drawer which requires a key. Here are the locations of the items in order:

File 1/File 2:

File 3/File 4 Key:

File 4/ File 5:

Once you’ve collected all these files and brought them to the chalkboard, Paul will determine he needs to go to Fog Island. To progress the game, exit the office through the only door. It’s worth noting that you can turn on a radio which yields some world building so if it’s your first playthrough it’s probably worth looking around the office while listening to it.14. Exploring the Garden (A)After exiting pauls office we are returned to Alicia who is in the same place we left her at the end of the last section. We only have one of our holy waters (the blue one) but we have unlocked two new inventory spaces (thanks Paul!). Grab the Lever PIece from the ground nearby and head back the way we came in (if you didn’t do so before the encounter with the otherworldly monsters make sure to save at the ruined tower). Go back to the portal and drop off extra supplies – make sure you bring your handgun and some ammo, your holy water bottle (which is now compatible with storage – but we need it at the moment) and the lever piece. If you’re on higher difficulties you may want to bring your loaded shotgun as well – but you shouldn’t need ammo. Just outside the portal, break all the barrels if you didn’t already for some extra ammo and then head over to the door on the east side of this area and use the lever piece with the mechanism to the left of the door to open it.

Lever Piece/Door Mechanism:

Hit the lever again to unlock the door and head through to return to the room we accessed the sewers from earlier. From here we want to head north back to the Courtyard. All the enemies that were here previously are now gone but as you move around otherworldly monsters will appear and chase you. As before, just run past them to the Courtyard door. Once you re-enter the courtyard a short cutscene will play showing that strange noises is coming from the yellow door leading to the Garden. All the enemies have been removed from the courtyard too so make sure you have the door handle on you and head to the east side of the courtyard to go through it.

The Garden is a more difficult area which introduces three ‘new’ enemy types:

– A Tough Zombie similar to the boss we fought earlier to get the Blue Emerald Key that moves fast, hits hard, and stands back up when you exit and enter the area. Never run past them without a plan to reset them as they will keep up with you as you run into enemies further down the path, but try not to spend too much ammo fighting them as they will stand back up if you leave and come back.
– Crawlers which are small enemies that appear to be covered in spores of some kind. They move fairly quick and have health similar to a regular zombie but their attacks have a larger arc making them harder to juke and sometimes they will do a leap attack that has good range and will usually kill you in one hit. Best to keep your distance and if you have to, use shotgun ammo to ensure a safe kill.
– Bloated Zombies which are large zombies that can spit bile at a medium range. They have a lot less health than a normal zombie but they explode when they die so kill them at range with a few pistol shots.

The area is more linear and like the courtyard has a LOT of enemies spread throughout it. Running past enemies is still easy, but because of it’s linear nature, the fact that you’ll be in tight spaces as you get further into it, and the significant danger the enemies here pose becomes very dangerous so I recommend killing most of the enemies on the main path rather than running past them.

Follow the path marked in the image above. There’s plenty of ammo and healing items on the side paths There’s a building here that acts as a save room with a vinyl inside so save here if you need to, grab the handgun ammo next to the phonograph and continue south along the marked path.

When you reach the end you should now be in a small circular area with a greenhouse in the center of it. To progress you need to take the door leading south to the Garden B – but first you can gather a lot of supplies here. Avoid the north side of this area as an annoying Otherworldly Monster will spawn if you go up there. Kill the bloated zombie on the west side and head into the greenhouse at the center to pick up more ointment and a medium bandage. Then head down the path going West towards the other two big greenhouse buildings. There are lots of enemies here including a Tough Zombie, several Bloated Zombies, a Crawler, and several Otherworldly monsters. This is way too much to fight – especially at once. Run past them and grab the shotgun shells and healing item from the big greenhouse and then use the doorhandle to open the little greenhouse to grab more healing items and ammo before booking it out. Remember you can use the door to the little greenhouse once you use the handle on it to reset the position of enemies you may have rounded up. Once you have everything, head back to the southern exit marked in the original image to travel to the Garden B.15. Exploring the Garden (B) and getting the GateKeeper keyBreak the barrels right in front of you as you enter to grab some handgun ammo and a Vinyl, then head south along the path marked in the image below. Avoid entering the small greenhouses just off this path – all of them contain enemies that we would ideally skip and supplies we probably don’t have inventory space for at the moment. You’ll encounter a few Bloated Zombies along the path you can kill easily with your pistol and grab a few bandages sitting on barrels at the end before heading into the Portal to drop off extra supplies.

Path to Garden B portal:

Drop off your holy water and grab your shotgun if you didn’t already have it. You want to make sure you have at least 10 shells (it might take more on higher difficulties) and also make sure you have your handgun and some spare ammo then head back out. There’s a ladder up against the greenhouse near the portal entrance – take it to reach the greenhouse roof. Use your handgun to kill the enemies that block your path (although you can leave the ones on the circular platforms alive as they’re easy to avoid) as we’ll come this way multiple times. You can also grab some extra handgun ammo on the first platform and some shotgun ammo on the second platform. In addition there is a Vinyl on a small barrel next to the ladder down on the far end of the roof.

Greenhouse Ladder/Greenhouse Roof:

Near the bottom of the ladder is a small gate, take this to reach the Courtyard B area. This area is a small, mostly linear path with a few branching exits. Break the barrel right in front of the door for a small bandage and grab the lore note nearby to learn about the foe we’re about to encounter. Walking a bit further down the path we trigger a short cutscene in which we see a new enemy – a dark humanoid figure carrying a Sickle (I call him Sickle guy). Head down the path to confront him with your shotgun. Shotgun fire staggers him, but not for as long as the recovery animation for firing it, so make sure you have a little distance before shooting. After a handful of hit’s he’ll take a knee, but he’s not dead yet so wait for him to stand up and keep going. A few shots later and he’ll go down – dropping us the GateKeeper key.

Courtyard B/Sickle Guy:

This area mostly functions as a shortcut connecting the far side of the gardens to the ruins and the Courtyard, the other 3 exits all take us back to other area’s and they need to be unlocked from this side. Run along the path unlocking each door (except the one the monster came out of – that one is already unlocked) and using your pistol to break the barrels you find for a significant amount of bandages and ammo, in addition to a Vinyl. Be careful not to actually go through any of the doors – otherworldy monsters will spawn in this area upon leaving and returning and they make opening the barrels pretty annoying. Once you’ve finished, head back out the way we originally came in to the Garden.16. Gathering garden supplies and unlocking the Earth PyramidOnce you’re back in the gardens you’re going to need more shotgun ammo (5-10 depending on difficulty) and plenty of inventory space. Head back to the portal via the roof if you need to and then return to the area right in front of the gate leading to the Courtyard B. There is a path which heads south from this gate around the south edge of the big greenhouse. A short way down this path is a special enemy – a large green bloated Zombie with some kind of metal weapon. If he gets close to you, he’ll vomit and it’s pretty hard to dodge but the shotgun staggers him pretty reliably so use it to take him out. Sometimes enemies from inside the greenhouse will notice you fighting and come outside – if this happens run away and reset the enemies by entering the Courtyard B and coming back. Grab the medium bandage he drops on death and head back to the south door to the big greenhouse.

Big Garden Zombie:

At this point in the game we want to save as much ammo as we can. There are a number of enemies in this greenhouse and a few useful items (shotgun shells, healing items, etc). This is the only time we ever have to enter this building and there’s quite a bit of space to move, so run from the south end of the greenhouse to the north exit and grab all the items as you go through. You’ll encounter another new enemy here – plant dogs. They move at a pretty slow speed and have a fast swipe attack which does medium damage at a close range. They’re not very common and usually you can just avoid them. You should be able to carry everything as long as you have 2-4 free inventory slots depending on what Ammo you’re currently carrying. Once you unlock and leave the building via the north exit the enemies will disengage, leaving you free to walk over to the portal and drop off supplies. This is also a good time to pop into the other three smaller greenhouses nearby to grab healing items, ammo, and a vinyl from within. Below is an image marking all the useful items worth grabbing in this area.

Useful items in greenhouses:

(Optional) The rest of this section pertains to a set of puzzles that isn’t required to beat the game and can only be completed on NG+.

Head to the grassy area east of Greenhouse A to reach a yellow portal (similar to the one we used in the sewers). Run past an otherworldy monster to go through this portal and go to a new section of the other world. Similar to the last time we were here, we have a serious of floating ‘rooms’ that contain otherworldy monsters connected by portals. The path is pretty much linear, just run across each room and through the next portal until you reach a massive gate. Off to the right there is a lever which opens the gate to the room with the glowing pyramids/floating book that we solved the fire pyramid puzzle for back in Section 12.

This time we can interact with the Earth Pyramid. The puzzle works the same way as the fire one – just set up the pyramid so that all 3 sides have the correct visuals as shown in the images below. When everything is in position just rotate the Pyramid so that it’s facing the correct direction – no need to use an item this time. Once you’ve done this the Pyramid will be solved and glowing – head back out the way you came in and head back to the portal to get back to the garden.

Earth Pyramid Front side:

Earth Pyramid Back sides:
17. Crossing the Graveyard, Exploring the Dark Forest, and unlocking the Air PyramidHead to the portal and manage your inventory before you continue. You want to make sure you have your handgun and plenty of ammo – you can bring the shotgun too if you’re worried about ammo for your pistol. Also make sure you have the GateKeeper key and a few free inventory spaces. Head back to the south side of the large greenhouse by crossing the roof and follow the path south past where you killed the Big Garden Zombie. You’ll have to run past an otherworldy monster to get to a door which takes you to the graveyard. The following area is somewhat different for Fixed Camera mode VS OTS mode:

Fixed Camera:
You’ll immediately see a fountain which has some bandages and handgun ammo sitting on the edge for you to take. Just past it there’s a gate which we can open with the GateKeeper key. This leads on to a long narrow path with several branching side paths. For now, ignore the side paths and stick to the main path as most of these enemies will dissapear later allowing you to get much of the side stuff without killing anything. I recommend killing most of the zombies on the main path with the handgun for safety. At the end there are a few dogs you can run past if you feel confident enough in your juking ability (otherwise just kill them with the handgun). The gate at the end of this path will take you on to the Dark Forest.

Initial graveyard path:

Head north past a small fountain to reach a gate which you can open with your GateKeeper key. This opens up to a very large area with tons of Zombies and TONS of ammo. There are breakable barrels all over this place – most of which contain handgun ammo. Take this time now to run around and collect as much of it as you can find (seriously there is a LOT) as this area will get more chaotic later. The zombies should be very easy to avoid in an area this large and open. Don’t worry about going into either of the underground areas (stairs descending into crypts) yet as the items down there will only take up inventory space for now. Once you’ve finished exploring/gathering exit this area to the east via a gate.

The Dark Forest is the same for both camera modes again. Take a left right away to access a portal for inventory management. Make sure you leave with your handgun, holy water and plenty of ammo as well as lots of free inventory space for gathering supplies. While exploring this area you might run into a new enemy type – a big hunched figure with a coffin on their back (I call them grave keepers). They’re not too difficult to avoid in open area’s so if you run into it, just run away. Head towards the cabin and kill any zombies you encounter on your way there. Heading around the right side of the cabin you’ll encounter an otherwordly monster followed by some dogs which can really mess you up on difficulties past easy so I would recommend killing them. Behind them are some shotgun shells sitting on a small cage. Going back around the left side of the cabin you’ll find two zombies guarding some barrels which contain more ammo so kill or juke them and grab it. You can see the location of these items in the image below:

(Optional) The rest of this section pertains to a set of puzzles that isn’t required to beat the game and can only be completed on NG+.

Before going into the cabin, head for the yellow portal on the east side of the map. This will take us once again to the other world. Just like with the Earth Pyramid, run through a few rooms containing otherworldly monsters via portals until you reach a big gate. The lever will be on a small pylon just to the right of the door. This time you’ll be able to interact with the Air Pyramid and it has a similar solution to the others which is shown below. Once you’ve finished, head back out the way you came in and head for the portal back to the Dark Forest.

Air Pyramid front side:

Air Pyramid sack sides:
18. Getting the Bow Gun and Riddle noteHead back to the portal and drop off your extra supplies as well as your holy water (if you were carrying it). Make sure to pick up the Antique Paper (grabbed from the top of the tower back in section 12) and if you’re on a higher difficulty you might want the shotgun. Then head back to the Dark Forest and enter the cabin through the front door.

Cabin Location:

There aren’t any enemies in the house right away, so no need to be cautious yet. Immediately to your left is a safe room with a save point and a bandage. This is a good point to save (since it will have been quite awhile unless you’ve been backtracking to save) and if you need a Vinyl you can find one in the main room immediately to the right. On the wall of the main room is a new weapon – the Bowgun. A mechanism is holding it in place, so head to the back room to find a lore note, shotgun shells, and a paining you can interact with. Interact with the painting to get a hint about years, 4 strange symbols, and the ability to enter a 4 digit number. The code can be obtained by referencing two different notes – Page 11/11 of Dr Arnold Howards Journal and Page 3/11 of Dr Arnold Howards Journal. Page 11 is written in code, but it’s dated 1981 like all the others. You can use this as the last two digits in the code because the final two digits in the code on the painting are the same as the note. In page 3 of the Journal you’ll learn that most of the art is older than 4000 BC. Combining these two clues we know the number must be 4X81 and can guess the final digit fairly quickly (or you can just go read it off the wall of the store room in the Cabin but that’s less fun). Set the number to 4781 and confirm to see a small cutscene where the Bowgun unlocks in the other room, then run back to claim your prize.

Painting/Painting code:

Bowgun location:

After looting everything in the cabin, head to the blue fireplace in the back room and use the Empty Antique Paper. This will turn the paper into a document you can pick back up from the fireplace that contains hints for how to solve an upcoming puzzle and unlocks the ability to interact with said puzzle. When you pick up the paper, a zombie will burst out of the wardrobe behind you and all the corpses in the building will stand up. We’ve gathered all the items here, so kill only what you can’t avoid and exit the house the way we came in.
19a. (FIXED CAMERA) Getting the Darkness Medallion and unlocking the CatacombsAfter leaving the Gatekeepers House, head back to the portal to store your bowgun and other extra supplies. Grab your shotgun, a good amount of shells, and a healing item, and make sure you have a few extra inventory slots before heading back out to the Dark Forest. Head to the clearing in the south-west corner of the Dark forest, juking any zombies in your way, to find a group of glowing stones with levers. Use the levers to change the icons on the stone to match the pattern shown below (based off the hints from the note we acquired in the Gatekeepers House). When you have it set correctly the rune in the center will light up and you’ll see a short cutscene of a rune lighting up above the door to the catacombs elsewhere.

Dark Forest Runed Stones location/solution:

Next make sure you have plenty of shotgun ammo then head back to the Graveyard. Keep in mind that if you didn’t kill the dogs in Section 17 they’ll be right next to you when you enter. You want to run quickly to the door immediately to the right of the entrance from the forest. Once inside, follow the linear path down to the bottom of the tomb to pick up some handgun ammo and a lore note. Upon trying to leave a short cutscene will play in which a gate traps us inside and the body in the sarcophagus on the far side of the room stands up. This is a boss fight and this guy has quite a bit of health. Juke his attacks and use the shotgun to stagger him when you get enough distance to safely fire. After he dies, pick up the “half of a key” he drops and head back out of the tomb. You’ll see a short cutscene of the church bell ringing and the enemies that were previously here are now gone. Some of them have been replaced by Gravediggers or otherworldly monsters, but ultimately there are fewer monsters now. Next head to Tomb B as shown in the image below to find a second tomb. Again follow the linear path to find a lore note and another “half of a key”. Combine the two halfs to form the Church Key, and head back outside. Head straight along the path to the south to the Church and use the Church Key to unlock the door. You can also grab some handgun ammo on the side of the path and shotgun shells from a side path just south of the church door (although you may need to kite/juke Gravekeepers to get them).

The inside of the church is a small room. Head to the altar at the back to find a lore note and the Darkness Medallion. Before leaving, open the back door to the Church with the church key and head out into a small outdoor area with two gravekeepers. You can loot a medical kit and Vinyl record and then kite the gravekeepers away to loot some Bow Gun bolts, handgun ammo, and explosive Bow Gun bolts. Then head back through the church. This is a good time to save, as there’s a save point in the church and you have access to a Vinyl from the backyard. Once you’re done, leave the church and head west through the graveyard back towards the Garden running past any of the Gravekeepers or otherworldly monsters that pop up in your way.

Dark Medallion Location:

Once you’re back in the Garden, head back to the door leading to the Courtyard B (just down the path from where you come in from the Graveyard). Just north of the gate is a small clearing similar to the one in the Dark Forest with 3 more glowing stones. Similar to the puzzle there, use the levers to set the stone icons to the solution shown below, then head through the gate to Courtyard B.

Garden Puzzle Location/Solution:

Next we need to head back to the ruins, near where we met Paul. The fastest way to get there is to go through courtyard B and take the first turn on the left side of the path which puts us back in the room where we first entered the sewers. Then head through the door we activated with the lever after helping Paul and down the path to the save room on the north side. It’s a good idea to stop at the portal in the room where we exited the sewers to drop off supplies and the Darkness Medallion on the way. In the save room are 3 more stones. Set these three stones to the solution shown below and you should get a cutscene which shows the door to the Catacombs unlocking.

Ruins Puzzle Location/Solution:

Follow the path shown in the image below to get back to the door to the Catacombs. You’ll be ambushed in the last area by Sickle Guy. You can either kill him with the shotgun or run past him to get to the trapdoor in the tower and he wont follow you downstairs. If you kill him you’ll get the Researcher Key which will give you access to some supplies and lore later on. Once inside head through the door into the Catacombs.
19b. (OTS) Getting the Darkness Medallion and unlocking the CatacombsAfter leaving the Gatekeepers House, head to the clearing in the south-west corner of the Dark forest, juking any zombies in your way, to find a group of glowing stones with levers. Use the levers to change the icons on the stone to match the pattern shown below (based off the hints from the note we acquired in the Gatekeepers House). When you have it set correctly the rune in the center will light up and you’ll see a short cutscene of a rune lighting up above the door to the catacombs elsewhere. Now run back to the portal to store your bowgun and any extra supplies you’re still carrying. You’ll need your shotgun and plenty of ammo for it and if you’re not confident in your ability to juke Zombies you’ll want to bring your handgun too in case you get cornered back in the graveyard. It’s also a good idea to grab a healing item. Make sure that you have at least 2-3 inventory slots available and then head out of the portal and back to the Graveyard.

Immediately as you enter, a short cutscene will play in which the church bells ring and more zombies spawn from nearby graves. They’re still not much threat with how much room you have to move out here. The exits to the Cemetary will also lock so you’ll be forced to finish this next challenge before you can leave. Just north of the East gate you came in from is a crypt and in this Crypt are 6 large statues.

North Crypt/Large Statues:

You have to find 6 small statue items that specific Zombies in the Graveyard drop and bring them to these statues – using one small statue on each large one in the crypt. These zombies have a visible glowing medallion around their neck that can be seen from pretty far away as long as they’re facing you and each one will always start in a specific spot. The map below shows the rough starting position of each Zombie that you need to kill, but keep in mind that they do move around even before you get close so some of them may wander away from their starting point before you get to them. It will probably take you 2-3 trips to get all 6 statues down to the Crypt depending on how much inventory space you have available so don’t be afraid to kite zombies away from it if you need to prevent them from cornering you inside.

Zombie with Statue/Special Zombie starting locations:

Once you have all 6 in place a gate will close and lock you in and a sarcophagus will open at the far side of the crypt which contains a corpse, a lore note, and some handgun ammo. Take these and walk back towards the entrance to trigger a cutscene where the corpse stands up. This is a boss fight similar to the one back in the courtyard except this time we have a shotgun. Kite the boss and fire when he slows down for an easy kill, then pick up the Half of a Key up off his body. To get the other half, head across the graveyard as shown below. More Zombies have spawned and there are some Grave Diggers here now, but it should still be pretty easy to get through without taking damage or using ammo.

Path to South Crypt:

At the bottom of the short stairs you’ll find the other key half, a lore note, and a Vinyl. Grab these and combine the two parts of the key to form the Church Key and head back out to the Graveyard. Go to the Church at the center of the area and use the Church Key to go inside. Resist the urge to inspect the corpse hanging from the bell (it will fall and turn into a Zombie) and grab the lore note and Darkness Medallion from the Altar across the room. Make sure to unlock the back door and if you have inventory space you can go through it to grab a few supplies from barrels outside (although we’ll be back here later if you don’t). Once you’re done, leave the church and head south through the graveyard back towards the Garden.

Dark Medallion Location:

Once you’re back in the Garden, head back to the door leading to the Courtyard B (just down the path from where you come in from the Graveyard). Just north of the gate is a small clearing similar to the one in the Dark Forest with 3 more glowing stones. Similar to the puzzle there, use the levers to set the stone icons to the solution shown below, then head through the gate to Courtyard B.

Garden Puzzle Location/Solution:

Next we need to head back to the ruins, near where we met Paul. The fastest way to get there is to go through courtyard B and take the first turn on the left side of the path which puts us back in the room where we first entered the sewers. Then head through the door we activated with the lever after helping Paul and down the path to the save room on the north side. It’s a good idea to stop at the portal in the room where we exited the sewers to drop off supplies and the Darkness Medallion on the way. In the save room are 3 more stones. Set these three stones to the solution shown below and you should get a cutscene which shows the door to the Catacombs unlocking.

Ruins Puzzle Location/Solution:

Follow the path shown in the image below to get back to the door to the Catacombs. You’ll be ambushed in the last area by Sickle Guy. You can either kill him with the shotgun or run past him to get to the trapdoor in the tower and he wont follow you downstairs. If you kill him you’ll get the Researcher Key which will give you access to some supplies and lore later on. Once inside head through the door into the Catacombs.
20. Exploring the CatacombsWe’re now in a small underground area. A short cutscene will play after you enter, then head forward down the hall grabbing the ointment on the right hand side shortly after the first turn. In the room at the end of this hall, you can find a lore note, some shotgun shells, and an Elevator Gear. Make sure you grab the gear off the table in the middle of the room – you’ll need it in a bit. Once you’re done in here, head through the door on the south side of the room.

In the next room, ignore the bandages on the other side of the room unless you really need healing items as that will bring an otherworldly monster into the room. Head down the hall to the east and grab the Bow Gun bolts on the left side as you go down. Grab a lore note from a cell on your left and turn left at the intersection ahead to enter another room which has a few items and a portal. Take all the supplies in this room and store excess items in your box via the portal. Next return to the hall south of the portal room and continue east to grab the medium banadge you skipped a moment ago if you’re low on healing and run from the ambush. If your inventory is full again, store supplies and then head out the door on the east side of the portal room.

(Optional) At the end of the hall leading towards the portal there is a door guarded by a Grave Keeper. If you killed Sickle Guy in the previous section you can use the researcher key you picked up from his body to open this door. Inside there is a Lore Note as well as some MAC Ammo for a gun you can acquire later on. There’s also an Otherworldly Monster in here so grab everything and get out quick.

The next hallway has a Gravekeeper at the beginning and end as well as an otherwordly monster ambush in the center. If you’re good on your juking you can get past all 3 without using any ammo, but if you’re worried about dying you can kill some of them with the shotgun. I don’t recommend killing all 3 because 12-16 shotgun shells is a lot of ammo. Get to the very end of the hall and take the door to reach the elevator room. This room has some explosive Bow Gun bolts and a small bandage on the table in the center as well as a Vinyl. Grab these and then use your elevator gear on the mechanism to the right of the elevator door on the south side of the room. The elevator will come down to your floor and you can use the elevator buttons on the left side of the elevator to get back into the mansion. Keep in mind that you wont be able to leave again for awhile after taking the elevator so make sure that you take care of anything you need outside the mansion before taking this.

Elevator Mechanism:
21. Clearing the West Mansion, getting the Dark Room key and the Pluto KeyThe elevator takes us up to the Main hall of the mansion. The doors leading to the inner courtyard and East hallway on the first floor are now locked, but some of the doors previously locked are now open to us. There’s a portal on the second floor of the main room – use it to store supplies. Put away your shotgun for now – we’re only going to deal with zombies for awhile – and get out either your pistol or Bow Gun (regular bolts).

Head to the first floor and follow the path:

You can juke or kill the zombie in the hall depending on your ammo. In the supply room at the end of the hall, make sure to grab the bow gun bolts by the door first, then grab the pluto key from the back of the room. A zombie will stand up behind you, juke him and head back to the main hall.

Our next objective will be taking us to the West Wing of the Mansion. This area is seriously full of Zombies – mostly regular Zombies with a few Bloated Zombies here and there. You’ll want to kill most of these on both the first and second floor as you’ll be moving through these areas a lot in the upcoming sections and you wont want to have to repeatedly juke past them. While doing this, you can path to various optional rooms to gather supplies, which are shown below:

22. Unlocking the back half of the Mansion and the Earth KeyHead back through the main hall – stopping at the portal to drop off/replenish supplies as needed – and back to the second floor. Follow the path shown below to reach the 2nd floor guest room.

in this room you can find some shotgun shells, a lore note, and Nebra Moon (half of a key item that will unlock a room for us later) sitting out in the open. You can also interact with a small blue bag sitting on a chair in the far corner to receive two more items including a vinyl. This is a good time to save if you haven’t in awhile as there is a save point in this room. Either way, head back to the main hall at this point and drop off the Nebra Moon in your storage. We’re heading towards more dangerous enemies, so grab your shotgun and bring plenty of shells and at least one healing item, then head down to the first floor and follow the path shown below:

There are a few items in this multi story room – grab them and head to the second floor. On the north wall there is a door which gives a warning when you interact with it that the lock is broken. This means that once you go through, you wont be able to come back this way – not a big deal as we’ll have another way back soon. Go through the door and you’ll find yourself in a small intermediary room from the beginning of the game.

At this point you’re going to start encountering a new type of enemy I call the cultists. They’re quite fast, hit fairly hard, and have great range on their attacks. They’re also able to change direction mid attack at a rate faster than most enemy attacks. This makes juking them very difficult – although it is still possible. There are also versions which carry axes that have more health and a ranged attack, as well as version in red robes with even more health. I recommend killing the ones in your path and avoiding any that you don’t have to get past. The shotgun is by far the most effective weapon against them as it staggers them, allowing you to keep them away from you.

Follow the path shown below – you will encounter many cultists:

Once you reach your destination you will find yourself in a small room full of globes and paintings. Grab a bandage off the floor in the corner and then interact with a safe on the west wall. The safe code is based off the 4 numbers on the floor next to the Athena statue – although their order is unclear there are not many possible combinations given that the digit 1 repeats. Enter the code ‘1701’ and hit enter. The safe will open and you’ll find the Shield of Faith inside. Take it, and head back out the way you came.

Follow the same path you took to get here back to the room with the statue head and book. Unlock the door marked in the image below and use it to head back to the second floor west hallway, then follow that back to the main hall and use the path marked in the next image to reach the west side art room. Be careful as the room right before the marked destination now has a cultist in it (previously it was empty).

In the center of the room there are a few statues. Two of these have a riddle written on them, and another has a circular space for an object. Use the Shield of Faith on the circular space and the statue on the opposite side will drop the earth key on the ground for you. Break the barrel on the north side of the room for some bowgun bolts and grab the key and head to the south side of the room. Unlock the door to open up a small shortcut through the bar and head back to the main hall to drop off supplies and restock on shotgun ammo before moving on.

(Optional) During this section there are a few rooms you have access to which you don’t need to enter to complete the game, but contain supplies which you might need. These rooms are shown below:

23. Getting the Minerva Key and Angel MedallionMake sure you still have shotgun ammo and healing as needed, then take the earth key and head to the second floor. Follow the path in the image below. Try to collect as much ammo as you can while you travel.

In the room at the end of that path you’ll find two zombies as well as a few supplies and a Nebra Sun. Kill the zombies, take everything and then unlock the door on the west side of the room and head through it to return to the main hall. Head back to the portal store your Earth Key (we wont need it after this) and grab your Nebra Moon out of storage. Combine it with the Nebra Sun to create the Nebra MoonSun and then follow the path in the image below.

Keep in mind that a zombie will be at the top of the stairs when you reach the end of the path. Kill or juke him and head to the south end of the room to find a door with a circular indentation. Use the Nebra MoonSun to unlock the door and head inside. In the small study you’ll find a Vinyl disc, a lore note, and the Minerva key sitting on the desk. Take the key and head for the door. You’ll get a short cutscene when you get near the door where the phone rings, and after it ends you can leave and head back to the main hall the same way you came.

Next, head back to the east side on the second floor and out to the balcony by following the path in the image below. Make sure to bring plenty of shotgun ammo and a healing item, as you have a big fight coming up. As you move through the balcony you’ll have room to dodge the zombies, but if you have bow gun/handgun ammo to spare you can also kill them to make moving around this area easier. When you’re ready – enter the door at the end of the path.

Now we’re in a large room with 3 cultists, 1 regular cultist, 1 red robed cultist, and one axe throwing cultist. You only need to kill the red robed cultist, but as he has the most health and is in the back you’ll probably have to kill all 3. Don’t be afraid to retreat from the room and grab more supplies from the portal on the balcony if you get into trouble as they can kill your rather quickly if they catch you in a corner without a healing item and their health does not reset when you leave the area. Once you kill them, pick up the Angel Medallion, unlock the door on the west side of the room and use it as a shortcut to head back to the main hall so you can store it in your box.

(Optional) During this section there are a few rooms you have access to which you don’t need to enter to complete the game, but contain supplies which you might need. These rooms are shown below:

24. Getting the Vesta Key, Wire cutters, Red Emerald Key and the Evil MedallionBack in the main hall, make sure you have the Minerva Key and follow the path in the image below to reach the electricians bedroom. Here you’ll find a lore note, some ammo and the Vesta Key.

Head back out of the room and down the stairs, then follow the path in the image to the right to the dinning side supply closet. Inside there is a zombie, some handgun ammo, some bow gun bolts, and wire clippers. Grab whatever you can carry, but make sure to get the wire clippers – then head back to the main hall to store them (and any extra supplies you’re carrying). Make sure you have plenty of shotgun ammo (as usual at this point) as well as a few free inventory spots and head back to the west side art room (path shown below). Use the Vesta key to unlock the stone door on the east side of the room to exit into a small fenced area in the inner courtyard.

In this small area you can loot some shotgun ammo, a lore note with a clue for a future puzzle, and another Immitation Lions head. Hit the lever immediately to the left of the door you came in from to unlock the gate and allow you access to the inner courtyard again – then go through the gate. Head over to the fountain in the center of the courtyard and use the imitation lions head on the point where the original Lions head came off earlier in the game. This will cause the fountain to spit out the Red Emerald Key. Grab the key, and then head to the gate down the path on the west side of the courtyard (near where you entered the courtyard from the bedroom side).

Door Lever/Imitation Head placement:

Be careful when going through the gate as there are 2 cultists in this area – 1 regular and 1 red. If you take a few steps forward they will engage. Kill them and loot the Evil Medallion off the Red Robed Cultist. At this point, if you didn’t bring the Angel Medallion or if you’re out of inventory space – backtrack to a portal to store extra stuff and/or pick up the Angel Medallion then come back to begin the next Section.
25. Getting the Nautical Rope, Light Medallion, and Signet RingMake sure you have the Angel Medallion and the Red Emerald Key and head to the south side of the small clearing that you kill the Red Cultist in for the Evil Medallion at the end of the last section. The door is locked but there’s a small circular indent on the wall to the right of the door. Use the Angel Medallion on this indent to unlock the door. You’ll find yourself in the Courtyard A, near where we found the hidden key note right after leaving the mansion the first time. The enemies in most of this area have been removed, but Sickle Guy is here now to pursue us. Follow the path marked below to find the Red Emerald Door and use your Red Emerald Key to unlock it.

Medallion slot location/Path to Red Emerald door:

(Optional) You can kill Sickle Guy like before to get an optional key that unlocks access to extra supplies/lore. This one also gives you access to story elements that effect your ending. He takes quite a bit of shotgun ammo to bring down, but if you kill him you’ll get the Purple Emerald Key. Follow the path below to reach the purple emerald door nearby and continue down that path to find a small gazebo with a corpse, a few supplies, and a new weapon – the MAC submachine gun. This thing has some serious power but ammo for it is extremely rare so save it for a special occasion.

After approaching the corpse a short cutscene will play where Alicia inspects it. Leaving this area and returning will cause the corpse to animate. It has more health than a normal Zombie but isn’t very dangerous so make sure to come back and kill it for the Ceres key which can unlock a secret room in the mansion. You can also head down the path opposite the gazebo for some extra ammo although you’ll have to avoid some monsters. After this, return to the path heading to the Red Emerald door.

Once in the small maze-like area, head down to the south-west corner to find the Nautical Rope on a small bench. There are a few plant-dogs here, if you can avoid them – great but if Sickle Guy is nearby and they’re in your way it might be better to kill them with the shotgun for safety. Once you have it, head all the way back the direction you came to get back inside the mansion by where you used your angel medallion – which you can reclaim from it’s position. Take the Angel Medallion and the rope and head back to the main hall.

Nautical Rope Location:

Drop off your Angel Medallion and grab your Bolt Cutters out of the box. Once again, make sure you have shotgun ammo (or explosive bow gun bolts) and then head to the 2nd floor Dark Room marked in the image below. Kite the zombie away from the far side and use the bolt cutters on the chain hanging on the far wall to release the chandelier which will then smash a hole in the floor on the first floor of this room.

2nd floor Dark Room/Chandelier chain:

Next follow the path marked below to head down to the first floor dark room. Be careful as once you cut the chain above, a red robed cultist and two zombies spawn in this relatively small area. Kite them in circles and use your shotgun to take them out.

This Red Cultist doesn’t drop anything, but once you’ve killed them, use the rope on the hole in the floor create a path down, then interact with the hole again to climb down into a previously inaccessible part of the catacombs. Around the corner from here is the Light Medallion resting on a sarcophagus. Take this Medallion and head through the door at the end of the short hallway, then take a left and head to the catacombs portal room and head inside to drop off extra supplies and pick up all four medallions (Light, Darkness, Evil, Angel). It’s also a good idea to make sure you’re stocked up on shotgun/explosive bow gun ammo for what’s coming up next.

Light Medallion:

With all of the Medallions in our possession we now need to head back to the graveyard. The quickest way to get there is to use the trapdoor which connects the elevator room of the catacombs with the cabin in the Dark Forest. The elevator room now has a miniboss wielding a chainsaw. Killing him will allow us to reactivate the elevator but we don’t actually need to do that and he has a lot of health so simply run past him to the trapdoor on the far side of the room from where you came in.

Once you’re in the graveyard, follow the path appropriate for your camera mode –
Fixed Camera:

This will take you to some kind of mausoleum. The door is locked but there are 4 circular slots on various parts of the structure that you can socket your medallions into. Each slot has a text hint for which Medallion it’s for. Going clockwise around the building, the Medallion order is: Darkness, Angel, Evil, Light. You might have to avoid an otherworldly monster as you place them, but you should be able to kite him around the circle if you need. Once all 4 are in place the front door of the building will unlock and you can head in.

Inside the building there’s a coffin on the far side of the room containing a skeleton and an item. Take the Signet Ring from the coffin and then use the same route to travel back to the catacombs and use the rope to ascend back into the Mansion to avoid having to kill the miniboss in the elevator room.26. Exploring the Swamp and unlocking the Water Pyramid(Optional) Before we leave the Mansion for the last time, take the time to go use the Ceres key if you retrieved it in the previous section. Travel on the path marked in the image below to a small room containing a few supplies and a Letter to Paul. This letter will effect the ending you get at the end of the game, but all you need to do is pick it up.

Stop by the portal room and prepare to head to a new area. You’ll want to kill a lot of zombies so bring your handgun or bow gun with regular bolts. Also make sure you bring both the Signet Ring, the Lighter, and your holy water bottle with you. Follow the path below back to the outdoor area where we acquired the Evil Medallion and take the north exit.

This brings us to a new area, the backyard. It’s a small linear path which connects the Mansion to the swamp. There’s a locked gate at the far side and 6 fires, each labeled with a name. You need to use the lighter to light the fires in the correct order which is: Igantia, Vesta, Fia, Ethne, Necia, and Ardere. The image below shows the fires locations named and numbered. If you light a fire in the wrong order, you’ll have to light all of them at which point they will all go out and you can start over. Once you activate them in the right order the door at the west end of the path will unlock and you can head through it to enter the swamp.

The swamp is a mostly linear path with a few branching side paths. Most of the treck is full of zombies and a new enemy type – frog zombies. They have a special acid spit attack that has much greater range than bloated zombies and they move faster than a regular zombie as well. Make your way forward into the water, killing or juking zombies as you go, and shortly down the path north you’ll find a small circular room which has two bloated zombies inside. At the north end of this room is a gate which has a small panel to it’s right. Use the signet ring on the panel and it will open – but don’t go through just yet – this gate will close behind us after we go through. There are two sidepaths in this first area – one directly west of the gate and another along the path we came up from the south. Both contain ammo and are guarded by 1-2 zombies so kill/juke the zombies and grab the supplies before going through.

(Optional) The rest of this section pertains to a set of puzzles that isn’t required to beat the game. The purpose of these puzzles is still unknown but It seems very likely they tie in to an ending that hasn’t been found yet. If you don’t want to bother with it you can just skip straight to the next section.

Immediately after passing through the gate cut through a gate to the right. Kill or juke the zombies in your way and make you way to the yellow portal behind them. This otherworldly platform has two paths, one leading up the hill to the left and another going off to a portal to the right. Head through the portal on the right and then keep going just like the other area’s until you reach a gate. Hit the lever on the pylon to the open the gate to the Pyramid room. Arrange the Water Pyramid based on the images below and it should be solved similarly to the others – then head back out to the swamp.

Water Pyramid Front Side:

Water Pyarmid Back Sides:

27. Unlocking the CabinOnce back outside, return to the gate you opened with the signet ring and continue down the path to the north. Kill enemies as you come across them (which will be zombies, frog zombies, and bloated zombies) until you reach the large clearing on the north end of the map. We need to get in the cabin in the center, but it’s locked up tight. To open it we need to head to the small dock on the north end of this clearing, but first we should run around and grab supplies. The image below shows where you can find items in this clearing and you can use the portal to store items if your inventory fills up (we don’t need the ligher or holy water anymore).

Once you’ve taken what you need, head to the dock on the north side of the clearing. Inside the small cabin you’ll find some ammo, a lore note, and a Cabin Key. You can also go around back to find another zombie guarding some shotgun shells. Take what you can but make sure to grab the key and then head south back to the clearing. As soon as you get close to the Cabin Door, a cutscene will play and Alicia will be ambushed by Sickle Guy. She’ll run inside the Cabin and block the door. After you regain control, head to the back of the small room and through the door, then down the short hallway to trigger another cutscene. Alicia finds a child in a cage and it turns out to be her daughter. She tells us to run, but before we can do anything we see outside a huge mob of cultists and zombies are approaching the Cabin.

We are tasked with finding a key to the cage and given 1 minuite to do so. Head downstairs and start interacting with all the items against the wall (desks, boxes, dresser, etc). The key will be in a random object so just start on one wall and go clockwise and you should find it in time. Once you find it, Alicia will run back upstairs but her daughter is gone so she’ll sneak out through a trapdoor in the basement.28. Exploring Ailfrydtown as PaulWhen the screen fades back in we’ll see a short scene of Paul walking through the forest looking for his partner. We get to play as Paul now as well as use his two new weapons – the Revolver which is a 6 shot pistol that does more damage than a normal handgun a Silver Falcon which is a 6 shot Magnum that does an extremely high degree of damage. He also has a knife, some extra revolver ammo and a Medkit.

Continue down the dirt path until you reach a sign that reads Welcome to Ailfrydtown. Continue down a linear path past some buildings until you reach a cutscene in which alarms start going off and enemies spawn around the area. There are two ways to progress from this point – either wait 8 minutes for the miniboss to spawn, or kill all enemies which causes him to spawn early. Ailfrydtown starts with the linear path leading from the entrance with a few side branches up to a large building with the words “Join Us” written on the door. From here you can go right or left and this forms a big loop you can use to kite enemies.

At the start you only have a handful of Zombies and one dog to deal with. Kill the dog since it will be very difficult to kite and then either start killing zombies or run away. After a certain amount of time 4 dogs and a chainsaw wielding enemy will spawn no matter how much killing or running you have done – these are fast and will chase you down, so whether your plan is to kill them all or not, kill these. There’s a lot of revolver ammo all around this area and a few bandages/ointment. Feel free to run around and pick these items up while you fight/kit. Especially on higher difficulties you want to make sure you find the two Silver Falcon round items – one in a building immediately down the left path from the main building, and the other next to the windmill all the way at the back of the area.

SF Round Locations:

When the Chainsaw guy finally spawns, he’ll appear on a short side branch back towards the beginning of the area before you reached the “Join Us” door and the loop. You can backtrack to find him, but he’ll know where you are and head towards you either way. Switch to the Silver Falcon and use 6-10 bullets to kill him and take the Padlock key he drops. Head to the farm area at the back of the loop and take a left down a side path before reaching the windmill all the way at the back to reach a small storage shed. The padlock key will open it and inside there is a lore note that gives Paul a lead to Skull Island. This will end the Paul segment and return us to Alicia.

Storage Shed location:
29. Return to the Ruins and the Short EndingsWe return to Alicia getting off her boat on a small dock in a previously inaccessible part of the Ruins area. If you head down the path leading away from the dock, you’ll find yourself in the area we first saw Paul fighting Otherworldly Monsters – except this time we’re on the far side of the gate. Take the door to our right as we enter to reach another path. Head a short distance down this path and you’ll see a small tower on the right. At this point, you’ll have to decide which ending you want to go for: For the shorter endings (Very Bad, Bad and Neutral) continue straight from here to Pauls Helicopter, or to get the Longer Ending (Good) take a right into the tower.

Inside the tower you’ll see a bandage on a body and next to it a table with a lore note and a map to Skull Island. If you interact with it Alicia will comment that it’s not far from here and now you can head back to the boat to continue to the next section.

Skull Island Map:

Very Bad/Neutral:
Continue down the linear path until it forks. If you want a bit of extra handgun ammo you can take a right and break some barrels at the end of the side path, otherwise take a left and keep going until you reach a small clearing with a Helicopter. Approach the door and interact with it to use the radio to contact Paul and ask him to return and escape. He’ll agree but he has to head back to you and while you talk 2 Cultists and an Axe Cultist will emerge from the ruins and attack you. Kill these 3 enemies and Paul will arrive and it will trigger a cutscene where you escape in the Helicopter. This will trigger the end credits after which you’ll get an Epilogue for either the Very Bad ending or the Neutral ending depending on whether or not you found the letter for Paul in the Ceres key room as described in Section 26.

Helicopter Ending:

Bad Ending:
Do NOT go into the tower and inspect the skull island map or you will be unable to get this ending without reloading a save. Instead, go to the helicopter and interact with it, but select no when asked if you want to radio Paul. Head back the way you came and when you enter the small room with the green fountain you’ll be trapped inside with our good friend the Gatekeeper. This fight is much like the 3rd encounter where he has a Sickle throw and chain whip attack but in a much smaller space. I recommend using the shotgun or bowgun for this fight as he’s pretty fast and the arena is pretty small. Once he’s defeated the exits to the room are unblocked and you can head back to the boat we originally arrived to this area on. Using it will transition us to another first person segment, this time as Alicia. Like in the previous one we need to interact with a series of objects in a specific order.

First inspect the sink across from the bed, then a security camera on the ceiling to the right (you will have to get fairly close to it to interact with it) and beneath the security camera is a table with a pot of flowers on it to inspect as well. Walk around a bit after doing this and Alicia will turn the face the window after hearing a noise. Approach the window and interact with it to look outside then resume walking around until Alicia hears fighting and looks at the wall by her bed. Walk over to the wall and inspect it then interact with the medicine tray sitting on the cart immediately to your right. After that, walk around a bit more until Alicia gets distracted by another noise at the door. Inspect the door and then approach the medicine tray again and interact with it to be given an option to take the pills. Choose yes and then go interact with the bed to go to sleep and earn the Bad ending.

Sink/Security Camera/Flower Pot:

30. Exploring the Cathedral and getting the Plaque PieceUpon arriving on skull island you’ll quckly see a Phonograph and Vinyl nearby on the dock. Use this to save if you haven’t in awhile and then head up the linear path leading to the Cathedral. As you go you’ll encounter a cutscene giving us a closer view of the massive structure at the end of the path and further on you’ll find a portal next to a skeletal effigy which has some shotgun ammo on it. Grab the ammo and use the portal to store any excess supplies. Make sure you have some potent weapons on you (shotgun, bowgun with special ammo) and head up the path and into the building.

A cutscene will play that shows the cult leader giving some kind of speech. Alicia tries to spy on him but he notices her and leaves. The cutscene ends and we are trapped in the room and surrounded by 5 cultists! Fortunately, we’re only attacked by the few that are closest to us, so if you don’t move around the room too much you can engage them 1-2 at a time and take them out with your shotgun/bowgun. The barriers that block the door will disappear when you kill 4 of the 5, so you can either kill the 5th to explore the room safely or kite him around while you grab the ammo and bandages along the edge of the room. When you’re done – head through the door against the far wall of the room to proceed.

After passing through a short intermediary hallway you’ll find yourself in the Cathedrals central room. 3 bridges connect a central platform to the outer wall, each with a door leading to a different part of the Cathedral. You’ll enter from one of these platforms and will need to head to the bridge on your left first to reach the mess hall. Take a quick right after you enter and then keep straight – passing through a door and heading into a another hallway. Head straight down this new hall and take a left at the end – killing or juking the cultist at the end to grab shotgun shells off the chair next to him before heading through the doors nearby. These doors actually take us to the room we’ve been accessing via a portal all this time so take this opportunity to drop off/pick up supplies and head back out into the hall. Go back to the intersection you came from and head the opposite direction and take the door on your right before the hall turns away. This will take you to a safe room which contains a Vinyl, some ammo, a sneaky lore note wedged between a bed/nightstand, and on the far end of the room is the Cathedral Key. Grab these supplies and head back out into the hall. If you’re not confidnet about your ability to juke Cultists, pop around the corner from the safe room and kill the cultist there as we’ll come this way from the other direction later. You can also grab the medkit on the bench nearby, drop off supplies at the box if you need and then head back out of this hall the way we originally entered.

Safe Room Door/Cathdral Key:

Once you’re back in the mess hall, take your first right to enter a large room with many tables. Be careful not to get grabbed by the Zombie near the door. Straight away from the door there is another zombie and an axe cultist – juke or kill these to grab some shotgun ammo near the far wall. There’s some handgun ammo off to the left as well, but you have to aggro a number of zombies to get it. Once you’ve gathered the items you want, the exit to this room is on the same wall we entered from to the left of the entrance. Make sure you aren’t being followed by any enemies before going through. Going through the arch you’ll reach a spiral ramp and halfway down this ramp you’ll encounter a cultist – kill/juke him and keep going. This takes us to a basement room with many casks and caskets. There is a long passage leading to another similar room a considerable ways away. Go down this passage and on the other side you’ll see a statue between two ornate coffins. Approach the statue and interact with it to pick up the Plaque Piece A.

Long Passage/Plaque Piece A:

Picking this item up will activate enemies in the room on the other side of the dark hallway. Depending on difficulty/camera mode you may just get a Red Robed Cultist or may get a Red Cultist along with a regular one. You can’t really get past them in the thin hallway – so kill them and head back to the box room described earlier in this section to drop off items before returning all the way to the central chamber with your Cathedral Key. Head down the third path (to the left of the one we’re currently coming from) and you’ll find yourself in another large room. On the far side of this room is a group of cultists (3 regular, 2 axe) surrounding a pedestal. You can pull the normal cultists from the center of the room 1-2 at a time without engaging the axe cultists – then run in and grab the plaque piece B off the pedestal before running back the way you came to the central chamber once again. Combine the two Plaque Pieces into the Elevator Plaque and use it on the device next to the elevator in the center to activate the elevator. The elevator is now active and you now have access to the final encounter.31. Defeating the Final BossAt the top of the elevator we will see a cutscene where it’s revealed that the woman with Ailfryd is Emily, as well as some flashbacks that will reveal Alicia’s relationship to this cult as well as how Emily fits into these events and how Alicia wound up in a psychiatric facility. Towards the end of the cutscene Alicia is incapacitated and upon waking up we see that a HUGE monster is coming out of a nearby portal. The cutscene ends and a timer begins with around 7 minutes on the clock. If the timer runs out, the boss instantly kills us but if you have decent weapons he should be dead long before you run out of time.

Final Boss/Supply Barrels:

The Cathedral rooftop is a large round area with plenty of room to kite/run. There are barrels which contain supplies, although most of them are fairly weak for this encounter (small amounts of pistol ammo, a small bandage, etc). The bosses main attack is an AoE slam attack that hits a very large range. If you’re anywhere near him when he uses it then you’ll likely get hit, but the damage seems to fall off the farther you are away, so if you run away from him you should take next to no damage even if it connects. The second source of danger is that this boss summons enemies to help him – namely Otherworldly Monsters. He’ll summon these 2 at a time at the start of the fight, but as his health gets low he’ll start summoning them 3 at a time instead. His final ability of note is the ability to phase himself out – preventing damage for a duration. When this effect ends he’ll fall to the ground for a short time with the effect ending halfway through the long animation. This gives you a good time to dump as much damage into him as possible.

The best strategy I’ve found for this fight revolves around controlling the adds as quickly as possible. The boss will usually be invulnerable when he summons the monsters and drops his invulnerability a short time after they spawn. If you can kill them before he becomes vulnerable then you’ll be safe to dump a ton of damage into him before he puts his invulnerability back up. If you take too long to kill the extra monsters he will already have his invulnerability up so if you find that you can’t take out the little monsters quickly enough you should try to shoot the boss while he’s vulnerable before cleaning up the other enemies – however this is pretty difficult to do safely especially on Fixed Camera mode. The Otherworldly Monsters are pretty easy to take out quickly using Explosive or Mine Bowgun Bolts, then use whatever else you have to attack the boss. The Sub Machine gunor either of the previously mentioned Bolts do good work against his life, although if you don’t have those available due to needing them for the adds you can use the shotgun as well.

Once you’ve dealt enough damage to the boss, Paul will throw a new weapon “The Cannon of Hope” into the arena off to the right of where we originally came in. Run over and grab it (making room in your inventory if needed) and fire it at the boss to blast him right back through the portal. The portal then deactivates, spitting Aifryd and Emily back out. Paul hops off the nearby wall to come join you and Aifryd says some Villain things before passing out. Paul will suggest that you leave and you will regain control on a ledge near the boss arena. At this point you can either walk forward to trigger the final cutscene for the Good ending, or you can return to the boss arena and follow the instructions in the next section to receive the secret ending.

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