Walkthrough The Walking Evil

Walkthrough The Walking Evil


Read detailed walkthrough of a third-person horror in the spirit of Resident Evil.


Watch the introductory videos, then leave the office. Take weapons from the table and clips to it, then shoot at targets until you score 600 points. As soon as this happens, the door behind you will open and you will be able to leave the building. Get in the car and head along the highway forward until you reach the mansion.

Walkthrough The Walking Evil
Walkthrough The Walking Evil


In the mansion, go straight, open the door and enter the hall. Here you will see the corpse of an employee of the mansion, as well as a note next to it. Read it and interact with the front door. Watch the cut-scene with the coroner, then go to the right side of the building. Inspect the room, and when you hear the shots – go back. Next to the officer’s corpse, take a gun, go to the front door and kill the zombies. From now on, the carrion will often attack you. It makes no sense to go back: you will see a video of how the living dead rise from the graves.

Get to the 3rd Floor

Examine the house and find the key. Go up the large staircase in the lobby and enter the door on the right. Follow to the end of the corridor to find a room with a clock and stairs to the third floor. You need to solve the puzzle with the clock. To do this, in theory, you need to inspect the library and collect the missing parts of the book. But you can just use our help.

From left to right:

  • 00 hours
  • 08 hours
  • 13 hours
  • 17 hours
Walkthrough The Walking Evil
Walkthrough The Walking Evil

Climb the stairs and enter the opened door. Deal with the carrion, then examine the note on the floor in the middle of the room. Find shotgun cartridges and a lighter here. Take the key to the door of the first floor, go down and turn to the side where the tape recorder is. There is a door behind it, enter it. Find another door in the room and open it with the key you found. Kill the zombies, take the green grass on the left table, then open the door to the corridor. Thus, you will find yourself in the courtyard of the mansion.

Get a bolt cutter

Return to the second floor and open the double door next to the corridor that leads to the clock room. There is a picture opposite the door in the room, interact with it. Click the lighter many times to light the pattern. Thus, you will receive the password for the door to the basement in the kitchen (6677). In the basement on the table, take the key, note, and also a video cassette in one of the cells. A padlock can be opened by entering the date of birth of the author of the letter (1979). So you get a bolt cutter.

Walkthrough The Walking Evil
Walkthrough The Walking Evil

Return to the second floor, turn right, then right again. Use the bolt cutter on the white door that leads to the balcony. Here is a zombie. You can kill him with a knife right through the door and save a few rounds. Take pistol cartridges to the right of the statue and leave the balcony. Now this place is useless because you do not have a hammer.

Go down to the first floor and go to that part of the building from where you got into the hall upon arrival. Go down to the basement. To the right of the stairs is a door locked on a chain. Use a bolt cutter on it. Take gas on the table, and find ammo and red grass in the room. Open another door in this room and watch the video. You need to kill an animal that looks like a dog and a person. When you deal with him, look at the wine cellar and find the key. Near the place where you found the key, inspect the mechanism. Now it is useless, because it needs a gear to activate it.

Get a Hammer

Now you can burn plants in two places: on the second floor in the room with the picture, and in the basement in the kitchen. In the first case, you will enter the bathroom with a locked door and a note about a certain company. In the second case, you will find cartridges and a note about the disease. Having done this, return to the kitchen and go into the corridor that leads to the courtyard. Turn right and open the far door with the key. You will also find yourself in the bathroom, but only in this bathroom there is a through opening to another room. Inspect the room, take new weapons and ammo. There is a safe next to the bed: open it with a password – 6920. Inside is a rifle.

When you are ready, return to the basement where you found the last key. To the left of the door, behind which there are zombies, there is a wooden door. Open it with the key you found and watch the cutscene. After that, pick up an assault rifle on the floor next to the corps of the commandos. Climb to the second floor and find the door to the room with safe. Take herbs, note and safe. Take it even higher to the attic. Kill the zombies and take the hammer on the workbench and the key on the table with a white tablecloth. Find the double doors. Take a video cassette next to the alchemy table.

Use a Hammer

Go down to the second floor. To the right of the room with safe there is a door boarded up with boards. Use a hammer on it and go inside. Watch the cut scene. Take a look around. Take the wire cutters from the man. Do you remember the balcony on the second floor where you found the statue of a man? Run there and smash it with a hammer to get the key to the basement. Go back to the cellar at the wine cellar. Open the door to the left of the stairs with the key you found to open the boiler room. Apply a hammer to the door opposite and go inside. You will find a canister of fuel at the end of the room.

Find Chemicals

Now you need to visit the basement under the kitchen and apply the key to the last door locked here. Read the note on the chair on the right, disassemble with the dog and get ready to solve the puzzle. Use valves to equalize the amount of water in the flasks. Interact with another faucet on the far wall and use the lighter in the picture (password 7250). At the end of the room, take another video cassette and a can of chemicals.

Return to the attic where you found the alchemy table. Immediately after entering the room on the first floor, watch the cutscene, at the end of which go up to the second floor and find the keys on the floor at the saferoom.

Go back to the hall. Go through the kitchen to the corridor that leads to the courtyard. To the right of the door to the outside, there is a double wooden door to the dining room – open it with a new key. Use wire cutters, cut the blue wire on the explosives, after which the disturbing music will end. Return to the second floor in the room with the safe, open it and pick up the second bottle with the chemical. Now you have everything you need to create the poison.

Walkthrough The Walking Evil
Walkthrough The Walking Evil

Go up to the attic, interact with the alchemy table. It is important that at this point in your inventory you have two bottles with a chemical. Enter the sequence:


  • A-40
  • AT 6
  • H2O
  • R-14


  • G-51
  • L-28
  • K-22
  • B-6


  • R-14
  • W-11
  • A-40
  • K-22


  • H2O
  • K-22
  • S-55
  • L-28

Follow to the basement, to the boiler room. Just go to the glowing barrel and the fountain will begin to spray the poison. Run towards the dining room, then exit to the courtyard.

Defeat the Monster

When you enter the hall, the revived corpse of the father of the main antagonist will attack you. He has the ability to stun the hero, and will also follow you until victory, so you have to kill him. Climb to the second floor and run to the balcony. Following the hero, the mutant will often get stuck in a narrow corridor – use this for your own purposes. When the boss is defeated, inspect the courtyard for the key to the room on the ground floor.

Find Gear

When you have the key, follow the stairs that lead to the attic, but do not go upstairs. Use the key found, open the door on the first floor to the right of the stairs. On the pedestal next to the sofa, take the latest video cassette and gear on the sofa. Go down to the wine cellar and apply the gear to the mechanism. The door to the left of the mechanism will open and you can leave the mansion forever.

Get out of the Mansion

Ignore the zombies that are standing near the car. Get behind the wheel and keep right on the road. From time to time you will need to stop and pick up gas cans to refuel the car. When your car dies, inspect the road and the corpse to find the keys to another car.


Follow all the way forward until you find the key card. Go back a bit and watch the cut scene with the girl. After that, control will pass to her. Explore the complex to find the key card again, then the gas mask. Go back and go through the poisoned area.

When you will again control the policeman, follow forward and watch the video with the scientist. Save and run forward. Come into the long corridor. You need to destroy the monster to the end of the corridor, otherwise it will destroy you. In addition to the final boss, regular zombies will sometimes appear on the opposite side – be careful! Once the scientist dies, go back and watch the final video. Choose who will die. The End of the game.

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