Walkthrough The Story of Henry Bishop

Walkthrough The Story of Henry Bishop


The Story of Henry Bishop is a first-person horror game that was created by one person. The game is short, but there are difficulties in it.


Choose a new game, as a result of which you will find yourself in an unknown house. Take a look around: there is a gramophone nearby. There a page from the diary on the table. Read it. Leave the room, get down and walk along the corridor until you are in the room. On the left, there is a glass cabinet, and inside are severed heads. In the mouth of one of them, you find a golden key.

Nearby is a pedestal with a radio. You can inspect the latter. The right door of the cabinet is locked. On the sofa opposite, there is a bloody mask that you can inspect. On the table, find the detail for the gramophone. Nearby there is another sofa with a wanted poster. Run back immediately, as a boy will break out of the closest closet. Return to the room with the gramophone, but open the next door. There is a locked cabinet in this room. Open it with a golden key.

To apply an item, open the inventory with the TAB key, guide the cursor on the item and click RMB. Note that you must stand next to the object on which you apply the subject.

There is a vinyl record in bedside table. Place the detail on the gramophone and place the record there to see the opening video.


Go to the barn on the right to see the castle. There is no key to it, but someone is sitting in the barn. Go to the front door and read the note from the electrician. It hides a hint. Go around the house and find the back of the electrical panel. Open it. From top to bottom, set the switches as follows: bottom, top, middle. Return to the house and open the door with the key.

Inside the house

Go to the kitchen through the doors on the left. There are several drawers here, but one of them is malfunctioning. You need to pry something. You can also find a photo frame with the hostess of the house. Go to the corridor and go through the doors to the right. There is a newspaper on the table about the murder of fisherman Billy. Open a door nearby to enter a room with a safe. Need a four-digit code. Open a cabinet in the corner to inspect the ritual staff and find a newspaper with an article about a burnt girl. In the pot next to it is a small key.

Walkthrough The Story of Henry Bishop
One of the rooms in the house

Go to the left of the stairs in the hall and open another door. Move the red pillow to find the knife. In the corner is a chest. Unlock it with a small key and read the diary of the handmaid. Go to the kitchen, use a knife to unlock the cabinet door and take an old plunger. Turn around and see a girl at the door. Leave the room. She will disappear.

Go up to the second floor and go through the door to the right, into the bathroom. Use the plunger on the toilet to find an object. Go into the next room, turn off the gramophone and run away from the monster into the street. Wait. You will see how the monster turns over the car. You can’t leave.

Go back inside the house, go up to the second floor and look at the rooms on the left. In one of them, the bedroom, there is a shovel. Another room is a nursery. There are several toys, drawings of a family and some kind of monster (the latter can be picked up), as well as a chest. Open it with an asterisk found in the toilet. You will see where the treasure is buried.

Leave the house and go to the right corner of the courtyard. Use shovels to dig a hole near a large stone. You will find a note with four colored circles: blue, purple, green and green. If you look at any toy cube from the children’s room, you will see colored numbers. Match them and get the code – 4522. Enter it on the safe in the office on the ground floor. Read the diary of the owner of the house. Take the rusty key, leave the house and unlock the shed to the left of the gate. Inside you will find a crowbar and a skull. Use a crowbar to unlock the wooden box and remove the plate from there. Climb to the second floor and place the record on the gramophone in the bedroom. Watch the video.

The beginning of a nightmare

You will find yourself in the same room as at the beginning of the game. But now everything is different. Leave the room and open the door opposite. You will be in a room with a doll and a gramophone. Next to the gramophone, there is a drawing on the table. This is a hint: if you turn on the music, the doll will give the key. There is nothing interesting in the other room.

Go down the stairs and go forward. Find a hammer in a room with footprints on the floor. Open inventory and click RMB on the hammer to equip it in your hands and use as a weapon. On the side wall, there is a concrete slab with a hole. There is a first-aid kit on the bedside table. In the room where the tracks lead, there are several mannequins. One of the mannequins has no arms.

Go forward along the long corridor. Open the door and examine the gramophone. On the side of the table is a photograph with hands. There is some object in one of the hands. Go out and go right. You will see the silhouette, and when you approach, the ghost will run in your direction. Do nothing. Go down the stairs to the right. Kill the monster near the fountain using a hammer. Use a first aid kit.

Pull the mannequin’s hands out of the fountain and return to the mannequin room. Place your hands on the mannequin, pick up the music box and run to the very beginning. Use the box on the doll in the bedroom to get the key.

Walkthrough The Story of Henry Bishop
Room with Mannequin

Get out of here and see a maid by the stairs. No need to fight with her. Run to the bedroom where you appeared. There is a pedestal on the left. Go around it so as to go around the maid without contacting the enemy. Run to a place with footprints on the floor. With a key, unlock the door near the cabinet. Go forward and remove the handle from the left hand. Go even further along the ritual symbol to see a huge monster. Go back to the room with the traces and apply the handle on the concrete panel in the wall on the left. So you kill the monster.

Go forward along the corridor with your hands and hammer several times on the padlock on the slatted door. Enter the room; take the vinyl record from the bed. Nearby there is a bit with nails, and you find a first-aid kit in the cabinet. If you have a normal supply of HP, then you cannot touch the first-aid kit. Go back through the corridor with your hands. Kill the monster. If necessary, then recover. We recommend you attack a monster only when he hits with two hands in front of it. Other attacks are too fast. From the room with the tracks, go forward along the straight corridor and go into the room with a gramophone. Insert the plate and watch the video.


Take a shotgun from the mannequin’s hand. Leave the house and move forward. You will see the church, and you find a note with an announcement near the entrance. Go through the church as it is locked. There is a hole in the fence. Go through it and to the right. Go inside the house and in the room with the corpse of a woman find a page with a symbol and numbers. Go up to the second floor and take a note from the cabinet. It talks about how to find out the code for the safe: this is the year Romon passed away. In the far part of the floor there is a first-aid kit, shotgun cartridges and the same safe.

Return to the church, move away from it and turn right. You will reach the cemetery where a monster. Kill him with six accurate shotgun shots. But keep in mind that you need to run away, and not just move away from the enemy to avoid damage. After kill a monster, examine the graves. One of them shows the year of the burial of Romon – 1973. Enter this code on the safe in the house, on the second floor, and pick up the key to the church. Enter the church.

Pull out the part of the puzzle from the coffin, run to the cemetery where the person with the scythe was killed, and insert the puzzle in the door. After doing this, rotate the parts of the puzzle so as to assemble a complete picture. The figure with this puzzle and numbers indicates the order in which all parts should be adjusted. Chat with the girl, go outside and kill the boss. Cartridges will appear everywhere. Collect them and shoot the enemy. When he kills, kill the mannequins. It is advisable to walk around the church, because there is a lot of space. You need to make two accurate shots to kill any mannequin.

Walkthrough The Story of Henry Bishop
Final Boss

After that, the boss will return. Finish him, enter the house and choose what to do with the girl – to kill or keep alive by running the record on the gramophone. You will get two different endings to the game.

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