Walkthrough The Signifier

Walkthrough The Signifier


The Signifier is a sci-fi horror game in which you explore the mind and memories of a deceased woman, trying to figure out the reasons for her death

Chapter 1

Open the case, talk on the phone and explore all the contents, including the device located at the very bottom. Leave the laboratory through the door on the left and go to Joanna’s apartment. You will have a talk with detective Stan, and then examine the second floor. Study all the markers until the hero says that there is enough information. Return to the laboratory, insert the disk into the reader at the monitor and interact with the Dreamcatcher machine in the center.

You will be transported to Joanna’s memories at the time of her death. Go to the house, examine the clock on the wall on the left and go upstairs. Click on the bed until the hero says there is nothing here. Press Q to enter subjective mode. Go downstairs and find a strange object in the kitchen, at the table in the center. Pick it up and install it on the wall. This is a clock.

Climb up the long staircase in the hallway, inspect the apartment and enter objective mode. Check if there is a laptop on the kitchen table. Return to the previous mode and pick up the distorted object at the dining table. Then go up the bathroom and apply it to the place where the mirror hangs (key E). If it doesn’t work, switch to another mode. Walk to the bed and examine the hand.

The simulation ends. Press Q to get the phone and call Tom. He will ask you to find out 3 digits from the password from Joanna’s personal email. So far they know the word nahams, but there are three numbers in front of it. Interact with the car to make Evie start a search for the night. Leave the laboratory and go home. You can look around or go straight to bed on the second floor. Review the dream.

Chapter 2

Go downstairs, you can read the note on the door of the room of Laura, the daughter of the main character. Go to the front door and look through the peephole. Read a letter from a mysterious friend. Go to the laboratory.

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