Walkthrough The Light Remake
Walkthrough 2

Walkthrough The Light Remake


Read a detailed walkthrough of the quest The Light Remake from Sergey Noskov, the developer of game 35MM.

The Light Remake

Watch the intro video. Exit through the nearest door and remove the lantern from the wall. Use F to turn on and off. Go right. There is a room with washbasins to the right. Enter it and take the pipe from the sink. It will perform the functions of scrap. Opposite this room, there is a door with a clogged board. Use the pipe on the board, and then go into the large corridor. Inspect this floor, but do not rush to go down. There is a lecture on the floor, which is locked (you do not have it). There is also an archive. Use a pipe to get into it. At the end of the archive, you find a cabinet with a three-digit combination lock. There is a clue on the wall.

Go down the stairs to the first floor. Do not leave the building. Inspect the side rooms. They are open. In one of them, there is a note on the table: the director ordered the backup generator in the basement to work. There is a lamp on the same table. Turn it on and then inspect the green lockers. In one of them, you will find a key with a green tag (on the lower shelf).

Go outside (before the exit, a map hangs on the wall; if you take it, you can open it with the “2” key) and go left along the building. There will be a descent into the basement on the left, but the door is closed. Walk around the building and open the yellow bus. There is a note in front that says that all the people were suddenly gathered and taken to the building. There is a fuel canister on the bus seat. As you know, it will be needed for the generator.

Go back. In the trunk of the red “Niva” you can find some kind of device, but the hero will not pick it up. Nearby, there is a building. The door inside is wrapped with a rope. There is also a green house number 15 opposite building 3 (a large building). The door inside is locked.

Return to building 3. There is a small corridor (from the right stairs) to the left of the stairs to the second floor. Go there and open the first door on the right. A sparrow will sit on the table. Read the note. A call from the Ministry confirmed that the administration was no longer there. Pick up the key with the blue tag lying in the cabinet on the right. Climb to the second floor and open the lecture with this key. Go to the very top and examine the projector. It is a worker, but there is no electricity or film. There is nothing more to do here. Exit the lecture room and in one of the rooms opposite (all doors are open) find the overturned cupboard with a “cross”. It will hang over the window. Push it down, go down and find the fallen cabinet to pick up the key with the red tag. This is the key to the basement.

Go to the basement with the key and find the lighter on the table on the right. There is also an electrical panel on the wall. It needs a fuse. A little further, there is the generator itself. Pour fuel from the canister into it, however, starting with the lever on the right will not work (again due to the fuse). There is a note on the other table with the lamp. Did people get everything they needed down to live underground?

Go outside and go to the building near the bus. The one whose door is rewound with a strong twine. Select a lighter by pressing “4” and approach the rope to burn it. Look inside the table and read the note. The part is hidden in a second cabinet,. The note also says that the clock stood symbolically. Open cabinets 1, 4 and 6 (indicated by the clock hands), and then open cabinet 2 and take the fuse. Run into the basement, insert the fuse in the shield on the right and activate the generator (if you filled fuel from the bus).

Start the generator, you will hear a siren. You can’t go upstairs. Instead, go inland and see that the massive shelter door has opened. Go to the shelter, go ahead to the toilet and you will see the inscription on the mirror. Nearby, you find a note. Go back and go into any corridor on the right. This is the same corridor that will bring you back. Look at the inscription on the mirror again. Walk again along the long circular corridor and look at the toilet. Now again look at the inscription. Go back to the corridor. This time on the right (if you entered the nearest opening) there will be another path leading to the light. Go in that direction and read the note on the table in the next room. You will find out that people in the shelter began to die from radiation and so on.

Open the door, go right to wing A until you find the icon with candles. Go back and you will see that a grate has opened next to the flashing red lamp. Move through and read the note nailed to the wall on the right with a knife. Go back and go to wing B. So, you get to the door with a combination lock. You find a note to the right. But the clue to the lock is in a note that you read before entering here. Which said that people continue to die. And there their number is indicated – 638 people. Enter this code on the lock.

Go outside, pick up the phone and remove the board from the door (select the pipe). Outside, there is a white car. Look inside and take a coin from the driver’s seat. Enter Building 3 and follow the corridor to the left of the stairs leading up. At the end of the corridor (do not enter the rooms) you can open a metal double door. You get down to the corridor, where a slot machine is in the corner. Insert a coin, use the arrows and catch the “cubic detail” with a “mechanical paw”. Hold E to move away from the machine and pick up the part from the floor.

Walkthrough The Light Remake
Walkthrough The Light Remake

Run to the lecture room on the second floor, go forward to the teacher’s desk. There is a note there. Walk along the seats along another corridor and find a room. Insert the part from the machine into the shield and turn the wires so as to connect the large toggle switch with the second and third.

Walkthrough The Light Remake
Walkthrough The Light Remake

Then go to the first floor and look at the hanging boards. In one of the rooms there are photos with numbers 8, 7 and 4 (June 4). Climb to the second floor and open the code lock on the archive cabinet. But the code is 047 (blank photo). Take the film from the cabinet, then return to the lecture room and install it on the projector. Watch the video. Go down and exit the lecture room. Wander through the maze, read the graffiti. When you see the light, first turn into the corridor on the right to find the last note. And then go to the light. Follow the path until you begin to climb into the sky. The walkthrough of The Light Remake is completed.

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