Walkthrough The Life and Suffering of Sir Brante - Game Guide

Walkthrough The Life and Suffering of Sir Brante – Game Guide


Read the walkthrough of the game “The Life and Suffering of Mr. Brante.

We tell you how to activate each event in all chapters of the game The Life and Suffering of Sir Brante and where it will lead. During the passage you can trigger some events. In order to cover all events, certain choices must be made throughout the chapter. And we will tell you how to achieve this.

After the introductory video, flip through the first pages of the chronicle and choose any option with regards to fate. It doesn’t affect anything!

Chapter 1. Childhood

Hint. During the game, you can spend energy and receive not only improved relations, but also the gratitude of specific characters. In the future, some elections require this acknowledgment.

1118: Birth. During birth, the first thing to do is reach for one of the figures:

  • Reach for palm (+1 Sensitivity)
  • Reach for a fist (+1 Determination)
  • Smile at the shadow (+10 Stamina) / Will give you a transition to the level of “Full of strength)

1119: Hide and seek. The next choice will have to be made during the game of hide and seek, when it seems that everyone has forgotten about you:

  • Crying out loud (+10 Stamina) / Going to the “Ready for anything” level
  • Search for a home (+1 Determination)
  • Sit and wait (+1 Sensitivity)

1120: Descent. When Gloria sings the song, you can answer her:

  • Repeat line (+1 to Sensitivity)
  • Distort the line (+1 Determination)

1121: The lot is to suffer. When your mom punishes you, you can:

  • Accept punishment. Receive a penalty of -5 Stamina, thanks to Lydia, +1 to your relationship with Stefan.
  • Deny guilt (+1 Determination)
  • Demand an explanation (+1 to Sensitivity)

The second or third option will subsequently lead to a fine in relations with Stefan (-1).

Poems by Gloria. After Mother throws Gloria’s poems into the fireplace, you can:

  • Complain about the sister (Condition – 2+ Determination). Gain +1 Determination.
  • Offer to write poetry together (Condition – 2+ Sensitivity). Gain +1 Sensitivity.
  • Comfort your sister (Condition – 0+ Stamina). Penalty -5 to Stamina, thanks to Gloria, +1 to relations with Gloria.
  • Leave the room (+10 Stamina).

If you don’t comfort your sister, and also don’t accept the punishment at the beginning of the year, Unity in the family will decrease by 1. If you accept the punishment and comfort your sister, Unity will improve by 1.

1122: Crying baby. When Mother starts to get nervous and pose a threat to Nathan, choose an option:

  • Call father (+1 to Sensitivity).
  • Take anger on yourself (+1 Determination).
  • Snatch the brother from the mother’s hands (conditions – 0+ Stamina). Penalty -5 to Stamina, Nathan’s gratitude, +1 to relations with Nathan.
  • Hug mother (You need to come to terms with the punishment from mother in 1121). +1 Family unity, +1 relationship with Lydia Brante.

1123: Soldiers. You will be accused of hitting a noble’s son. Choose how to be:

  • Blame yourself as innocent (+10 Stamina).
  • Tell the truth (+1 Determination).
  • Admit guilt (-5 Stamina, thanks to Robert, +1 to relationship with Robert).

1124: Invasion. Gregor Brante, your grandfather, will return to the house. Choice:

  • Watch the soldiers melt (requires 4+ Sensitivity). Gain +5 Stamina and +1 Sensitivity.
  • Pull the soldiers out (requires 4+ Determination). Get +1 Determination and +1 Relationship with Gregor.
  • Burst into tears (-5 Stamina, -1 to relations with Gregor).
  • Hit grandfather. The event “On the other side” is activated. +1 to Determination and Sensitivity. First death. Relationship with Gregor -1.

Distinguished guest. The baroness will come to the house. How do you react:

  • Greet the Baroness kindly (+1 Rep, -1 Unity). You will improve your relationship with Gregor and Robert, but ruin your relationship with Lydia.
  • Leave with your mother (-1 Rep, +1 Sensitivity). You will improve your relationship with Lydia, but ruin it with Gregor and Robert.
  • Save face (requires 0+ Stamina). Lose 5 units from your stamina.
  • Require mother to be introduced (requires 4+ Sensitivity and Robert’s gratitude in one of the episodes above). Unity +1, Reputation -1. -1 to relations with Gregor.

1125: Kaleidoscope. You will see a kaleidoscope and you can decide what to do:

  • Disassemble Kaleidoscope (0+ Stamina). +1 to Sensitivity and -5 Stamina.
  • Look into the kaleidoscope further. +10 to Stamina.
  • Return to quests (stamina 0+). +1 to Determination, -5 Stamina.

Temptation by sweetness. Choose what to tell your grandfather about sweets:

  • Confess (0+ Stamina). +1 to Sensitivity, -5 stamina. +1 to relationship with Gregor.
  • Lie (+5 Stamina, +1 relationship with Gloria).
  • Teasing grandfather with his sister (you need to console Gloria in 1121). +1 Determination, +1 Gloria, -1 Gregor.

Participle. The priest will tell you what your destiny will be. You can:

  • Accept. -1 Determination, +1 Sensitivity. You will receive the Commoner’s Lot.
  • Head up. +5 Power reserve. You will receive the Commoner’s Lot.
  • Intercept the whip. +1 Determination, -1 Sensitivity.
  • Kiss the sword. This is the last event, and by this moment you should have at least 0 Stamina! +1 Determination, -1 Sensitivity, -10 Stamina, 1 Gregor.

How to open all events:

  • Fencing lesson (Father’s sword). The father will say that it is too early for his son to take the sword. You can “Agree with your father” (+5 to Stamina, +1 to your relationship with Robert) or “Ask your father to teach you the basics of fencing” (a fencing lesson will begin, you will get +1 to Determination, but you will lose 10 units of Stamina).
  • Illumination (Ant Farm). You can “Continue with Mother” (+5 Stamina, +1 Lydia) or “Play Alone” (Inspiration, +1 Unity, +1 Sensitivity).
  • On the other side. In 1124, in the episode “Invasion,” you have to hit your grandfather.
  • Communion of a nobleman. By the end of the chapter, before the third event in 1125, you must have at least 0 Stamina.

Events “Beyond” and “Communion of a Nobleman” take place in specific years – in 1124 and 1125. As for the other two, then you need to accumulate 4 units of Determination and Sensitivity, while maintaining a zero or positive reserve of strength.

Our version of this chapter:

  • 1118 – Earning +1 Sensitivity.
  • 1119 – Earning +1 Sensitivity.
  • 1120 – Earning +1 Determination.
  • 1121 – we earn +1 Determination in the first event and +10 to Stamina in the second.
  • 1122 – Earning +1 Sensitivity.
  • 1123 – Earning +1 Determination.
  • 1124 – Earning +1 Determination and +1 Sensitivity in the first event. We do not waste energy in the second (for example, we earn Sensitivity).
  • 1125 – we earn +10 to the Power supply in the first event, we can spend 5 forces in the second. In this case, by the third, last event associated with the sacrament, you will have +5 Stamina.

Chapter 2. Adolescence


  • Gloria’s Secret.
  • Shame on Stefan.
  • The river of blood.
  • Nathan’s guidance.
  • Matters of the heart.
  • The revelation of the tree.
  • Sophia’s rescue.

New parameters:

  • Nobility.
  • Resourcefulness.
  • Spirituality.

To be continued…

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