Walkthrough The Last Stand: Aftermath – Game Guide

Walkthrough The Last Stand: Aftermath - Game Guide

Once stopped, go left and fight the enemies. Use RMB and LMB, R to reload. Search bodies. Then start the generator located at the gate on the right. To do this, interact with it and press F when the slider touches the tooltip with this key (below). Zombies will appear. You can’t beat them, so just stand still. Choose a new volunteer.

Beginning of the End

Go through the gate up and to the left to meet the black Trinity. Chat with her. then go a little higher to Stedman’s tent. Chat with him. Get in the car and hold F to start it.

Time to leave home

You will stop because the car is out of fuel. Go outside, go forward a little, bend down and follow under the fence to the right. Go down the hatch to the basement of the building, reload and turn on the flashlight on F. Kill all enemies. You can save ammunition and attack with a wrench (LMB without RMB). Then set fire to the barrel, open the cage and take the can of gasoline. Go back to the car and refuel it. Take your time to leave! Complete the task below:

Free communication line

The task will appear after you talk to Dr. Stedman about the plot of the game. walk forward along the street, past the hatch leading to the basement with the canister, and look into the building on the right. Take antivirusol from there and apply it while holding T. You can now leave this place.

You will see a map. On the right is the Rubezh home base. You need to move to the left, to the destination “Barrage SKROS”. Let’s go in order.

Residential area. Washington Avenue

Before traveling to any place, you are shown the amount of required fuel. First, in the parking lot above, kill all enemies and collect loot, including one canister. The battery is hidden in the switchboard on the pole. Batteries are important because you can use them to open caches in SKROS buildings and get antivirus. There is a supply bag in the far left building. Take it to the car so that your future volunteers can buy weapons and other items at the Line. By the way, your hero can only carry one canister or bag. After finding them, you need to return to the car and refuel it or put supplies in the trunk. Also in the building with the supply bag there is a cabinet that contains knowledge. As you find knowledge, you can spend it on continuous improvement for volunteers. There will be a second canister in the lower right building. Also at the location you can find a shotgun with cartridges.

Residential area Everett Street

In this location, there is a canister on the left, and a box with supplies behind the house below. It opens with one battery. She can also be found at the location. By opening the supply crate, you can pick them up or turn on the beacon to add +100 supplies for the next volunteers. And do not forget to finish off the stunned zombies: run up and press X.

Rothampton Road store

Here I found only a canister and knowledge, and the gate to the store on the left was closed. To open them, you will have to spend knowledge to buy a bolt cutter. This requires a radio room. There is one below Trinity at the Turn.

There are also other improvements that will allow you to open something:

  • Copied SKROS codes (20 knowledge) – will allow you to get to the closed SKROS facilities
  • The converted walkie-talkie will allow you to detect inconspicuous abandoned things

ATTENTION! Each time there will be different locations for the survivors. However, quests will be repeated, so below I will describe exclusively the tasks.

Quest “Strange Things”

It will start in the middle of the first chapter, between the third and fourth locations. The path to one of the houses leads through a large courtyard with obstacles. Bend down and walk into the courtyard so you don’t get hit by the trap. Inside the house, kill all enemies and destroy the growths on the device (with any weapon). Then chat with the technician, choosing all the phrases to convey every detail of the information! The task will end.

Also, when examining each building, a hint appears in the upper right corner about how many objects there are inside and how many of them you have already searched.

If you are contacted by radar and informed that there is a signal somewhere, then you should look for a table with a radar at the location. You can activate it and transfer the knowledge gained to pump all the volunteers.

I recommend you download damage with your bare hands. This is a very useful thing. And endurance.

SKROS barrier

Walk back down the road. Walk left and right, alternately, start the large generators and lower the levers to the side of them. One of the locations will have a SKROS facility. If you have batteries, you can get antivirusol. When the gates open, continue driving.

Quest “Exploration”

Soon you will find a military base, and Trinity will ask you to find something on it. First, approach the entrance to the base. It is closed. There will be a generator on the left or right. Run it to open the gate. On the side of the base, I also came across a huge iron monster. Roll when he pounces on you, and attack from a distance with any firearm. Once at the base, look for a container with a key card. I had it in the fenced area on the right, where you can only get in on your haunches. Start another generator and use the key card to open the gate and go inside the base. Collect three documents and talk to Trinity about them. You can leave this location.

To be continued…

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