You are in Miami Street. The killer left new evidence. Click on the mailboxes to the right of the door of the house to find

Walkthrough The Hand of Glory


Read the Walkthrough The Hand of Glory – a hand-drawn detective quest, whose main character – Lars, is trying to catch the serial killer.

The first useful key in the game is Space. With it, you can highlight all active objects in the location. But it is equally important to use both LMB and RMB. RMB, in fact, allows you to inspect an object, and sometimes this leads to new information, a hint or an active point.


You are in Miami Street. The killer left new evidence. Click on the mailboxes to the right of the door of the house to find an envelope without stamps and marks. However, you cannot get to it: first you need to find a way to open the box. Triple-click on a cracked border at the bottom of the screen to get a stone. Move the mouse cursor to the top of the screen to see items in the inventory.

So do it, and then apply in turn a police badge and a stone to the mailbox. You will receive scraps of the letter. The hero will say that somewhere there must be an adhesive tape. Go to your bike and inspect it by clicking RMB (not LMB). Only after this action will an active point appear on the handlebar of the bicycle, allowing you to inspect the flask. Inside it is tape. Combine tape and scraps of the letter, and then combine the puzzle pieces.

Having done this, go to the vending machine and inspect its RMB. Then apply a pattern on it to reveal a hidden message. After reading the text, click on the red smiley. Exactly the same smiley you need to inspect on the intercom of the house on the left. In this apartment lives a certain G. Glover. Talk to the man on the intercom. He will refuse to open the door.

Follow the lane between the vending machine and the fire escape. The main character will rise to a neighboring building. From there, throw a stone at the fire escape. Climb the stairs to be on the balcony of Glover’s apartment. It turns out that he is a maniac.

Take the bottle from the table and apply it to Glover. Then hide under the table and wait. Open inventory and click RMB on your mobile phone. Select an alarm. After turning it on, throw the phone in the pantry. When a man enters it, use the floorlamp in the pantry. Watch the video.

Secret. If you use a police badge on the TV before using the floor lamp, you will see a secret cut-scene.

To be continued…

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