Walkthrough The Flower Collectors

Walkthrough The Flower Collectors


Read Full Walkthrough and Guide of detective mystery set The Flower Collectors.

Chapter 1. Observer

Click LMB to rewind dialogs. Then you will find yourself in your apartment. The protagonist of the game, Jorge is a character chained to a wheelchair.

Who is knocking? Move around the apartment until you hear a knock on the door. Open the brown front door and see Laura. She brought mail and a newspaper.

Register mail. Pick up an envelope with a letter from Ursula and a newspaper.

Think of a career. Move to the aisle in the bedroom and look at the photo of several characters to the left of the doorway. Jorge recalls joining the Special Investigation Department.

Think of a friend. Check out the picture of Jorge and Diego hanging to the right of the bedroom doorway.

Remember retirement. Opposite the front door is a wardrobe. On one of the shelves is an award medal. Inspect it.

To figure out how to spend time. When you are done, move around the room until the tasks are updated. Try to go to the balcony. Jorge will want to take his album. He lies on a table to the left of the exit to the balcony. Take the album, go to the balcony and take the binoculars on the right. Check out the controls.

So, using binoculars you can inspect different characters and objects. If Jorge has something to say about someone or something, then dots with an exclamation mark will begin to appear. Just wait while looking at the target.

Draw a friendly situation. Now look at the neighboring yard on the left. You will see a well-dressed man in a light suit who is talking with a woman sitting opposite. Inspect both characters. Then look to the right to see the beggar at the restaurant. At the table sits a girl in a red dress. It starts raining. After that, the girl will get up, give money to the beggar and go to the cabaret on the left. At the same time, a man in a light suit will leave the woman with whom he talked in the yard. Wait until a man and a girl in a red dress (Lola) meet and start a conversation. Let Jorge comment on this.

Draw a personal situation. Look at the house opposite, just to the left of the street, and in the window you will see Donya Anna, who is looking at you.

Draw an emotional situation. Look at the woman with whom the man in a light suit spoke. But after he leaves.

Draw a situation with opposing characters. Finally, when everything described above happens, the priest will approach the beggar. Take a look at them when they will communicate.

The task will be updated immediately as soon as you complete all four conditions described above.

Return to the room after completing the observation. Just go to the apartment. Jorge will say that there are enough observations for today. A new goal will appear.

Open sea chart. There is a chart to the left of the table where the album was. Inspect it. Jorge will expand the chart. Arrange the sketches in the appropriate slots (just look at the situations that we described above).

The day will end.

Chapter 2. Nightmare

Go to the living room and see that the roof is leaking. Examine the puddle on the carpet. Inspect the bucket on the table, but this is not enough. Go to the balcony, inspect the buckets. You need to pick up the bucket in the back of the balcony. After doing this, go back. You will hear a shot along the way. Take the binoculars from the table and examine the corpse on the road. Interact with the phone located on the same table and report the murder. Open the door when you hear a knock and talk to the girl. Soon she will go to bed. Inspect her when she falls asleep.

Chapter 3. Dawn

Talk to the girl the next morning. You will get the first evidence. When the girl goes to the balcony, follow her. Talk, return to the house and take the camera lying on the table. Go out to the balcony and look at the victim through the camera. Then take a picture of it by clicking on the “Space”. The girl will go, leaving you a camera. After a few seconds, you will hear her on the walkie-talkie. Follow into the bedroom and remove the walkie-talkie from the cardboard box. Follow the balcony and look through the camera at the girl who is standing at the cafe on the right.

Wait. She will try to inspect the crime scene, but will not be able to come because of the cops. Take a picture of both cops and wait for one to go to the auto repair shop on the left and the other in the cafe on the right. This will happen in time. Then point the camera to the crime scene. You will see that the cursor has now taken the form of a “walkie-talkie”. Click LMB to give the teammate a command. She will find a Red Carnation.

While Jorge communicates with her, a musician will appear. He will sit by the cafe on the right. Take a picture of it. Then take a picture of the waiter and the priest on the right. Tell your partner that she can talk with the priest (click on it with LMB). The priest will say that he did not see anything. Now take a picture of the place where the beggar sat. Ask the girl to ask the priest about the vagrant with whom he communicated yesterday. The girl will enter the cafe. The countdown begins – 3 minutes.

Take a picture of the waiter and Lola (the girl in the red dress). When the waiter leaves, tell your partner to interrogate the girl. Wait. Soon, the musician sitting at the next table will leave. When this happens, Lola will stand up and go to the chair on which he was sitting. There is a newspaper on it. Take a picture of Lola, who receives some information. When Lola leaves, ask your partner to inspect the newspaper lying on the chair. The countdown will end. The girl will say that there is nothing more to catch at the cafe and you need to look at the cabaret.

Move to the left side of the balcony. Take a picture of El Blanco, the bouncer at the entrance to the cabaret. Jorge will tell her partner that she can eavesdrop on the conversation between El Blanco and Carmen. Look at the roof of the cafe and take a picture of Carmen herself, the owner of the cabaret. Then she will leave from there. Carmen will go downstairs and chat with the bouncer. Then they will move to the right to the yellow van. The countdown starts – 3 minutes. Tell the girl to eavesdrop on the conversation by clicking on Carmen.

Then take a picture of Laura, who will approach Carmen (after the woman with the bouncer returns to the cabaret entrance). Wait for Lola to go upstairs. After the girl closes the curtains, wait a bit and see her on the roof. Where Carmen was. Take a picture to complete cabaret observation.

Now take a picture of Donja Anna from the house opposite, which is constantly looking out the window. Send your partner to her. You will talk to her soon. Anna will say that she saw the homeless Aldo was running. Apparently, he saw something!

When the girl comes down, wait. Jorge will say that you need to photograph female mechanics. Take a picture of tall and stocky girls in the garage on the left. You will learn that their name is Louise and Marietta. Then Jorge will offer to find the missing parts. One detail is located behind the church, at the end of the street, on the lawn. And the second part is located behind the blue car, on the hatch, at the entrance to the cabaret. When you find both, click on any auto mechanic so that the girl moves to him. Then wait. A Aldo will come through the arch. Take a picture of him, and then point the girl towards him.

The girl will return to the apartment. Interact with the map. Arrange the evidence:

  • At the top left – a picture of the victim
  • Under it is a drawing of a flower (carnation).
  • At the very bottom is a photograph of Aldo sleeping on a bench.
  • In the middle right (whether there were witnesses), select Aldo looking through the arch (Donja Anna said that Aldo had escaped).
  • What is really happened? In the upper right position, place a photograph of the victim (from the crime scene).

Confirm your choice.

Chapter 4. Connection

So, now you know the name of your partner – Melinda. Talk to her, then she will go to meet Aldo behind the church. Look behind the church and see Aldo. Point Melinda there. When Priest Eusebio picks up Aldo, wait. After a conversation with Melinda, a timer starts – 4 minutes. Point your camera at the chess played by the priest and the beggar. Ask Melinda to eavesdrop on them. Then move left and take a picture of the printing press inside the mechanics workshop. Tell Melinda to eavesdrop on them. Then point the camera at Donya Anna. Contact her on the walkie-talkie. Tell us that you talked with mechanics, Lola, and about the strange behavior of Eusebio protecting Aldo.

The timer is updated. You will have 5 minutes to find parts from the scooter. Look under the arch and you will find there a frame from a scooter. Then click on the part that lies by the tree to the left of the place where the guy was killed. Then look at the telephone box to the left of the cabaret entrance. There is a wheel next to it.

Achievement “Scooter Gang”. If you find two parts in the third chapter and three in the fourth, then you will get this achievement.

Wait for one of the sisters to leave the workshop and click on it. Talk with the mechanic, you will hear the sound of the car. Keep track of the car that drove up to the cabaret. Take a picture of the tall guy. Then tell Melinda to hide behind a tree to the left of the entrance. When the waiter passes inside, order Melinda to go there (while the bouncer looks to the right). Melinda will be in Lola’s room. Tell her to look at the table on the left. When the girl hides in the closet, click on Lola, talking with the waiter.

Then, after everyone’s gone, click on the people chatting on the roof. After doing this, tell Melinda to hide behind the bushes on the left. Let her overhear the communication of the tall guy and Carmen. When he leaves, wait for the waiter to leave. It will be followed by Lola. Look at her, and then take a picture of how the waiter and Lola kiss. Observation of the area will end.

Wait. Melinda allegedly goes to the apartment. There will be a knock. Open the door to meet Diego, old friend Jorge. Diego will ask if you saw anything. We decided not to help him, saying that we had not seen anything.

Talk to him. When there is a knock, open the door and talk with a local boy. Take the food bag. Diego will leave soon. Follow the album on the table and leave notes in it that have learned over the current night. The chapter will end.

Chapter 5. Gone

Take binoculars from the table and follow the balcony. Pay attention to the yard to the right of the cabaret (between the cabaret and the workshop). There is barbed wire on the fence near the van. Examine the piece of blue cloth hanging on it. The right fence inside the yard has two chairs, on which Mal went upstairs. And above, a glass ceiling cracks Melinda’s diary. All three clues are examined.

Next comes the police. Watch for the cop that went into the cabaret. He’ll go up to Lola’s room, hit the waiter, and then bring the girl out. At first they will talk to her, and then put her in the car. A little later, the cops will go to the cafe on the square. You will hear a noise from a walkie-talkie. Follow the kitchen and pick up the walkie-talkie lying on the table. Go out to the balcony and chat with Donja Anna. She will say that she has old books that nationalists may not like. Offer her help. When the cops go inside the restaurant, look at the tree at the car dealership and where the corpse was. Ask Anna to hide behind him. Then let Anna hide behind the column between the beggar and the cafe. Then – behind the wall to the right of the entrance to the cafe, and then – to the stairs of the church. From there, take Anna to the garden behind the church. Then she’ll talk to Eusebio, and then head home. Just wait.

The police will then interrogate the beggar. Then it will be put in another car. Follow the search in Anna’s apartment. If they helped her, then the old lady would be fine. Go down, the cops will approach the car workshop. Car mechanics will sit on the mopeds and hide from the police. Look at the leaflets scattered on the square. Jorge will say that he could ask the children to bring one of them. Look at the phone booth next to the cabaret to find out the phone number. Call him from your phone at the apartment. Then open the door to Laura and pick up a leaflet with a list of names and dates.

Follow the board behind the map and place the clues (top to bottom):

  1. A photo of Carmen talking to a tall man.
  2. Unknown searched list.
  3. Leaflets are scattered over the area.
  4. The printing press in a car workshop.

Chapter 6. Recollection

Look at the leaflet on the table. The first date is 1974. Follow to the doorway of the bedroom and look at the photo on the left (Jorge and Diego joined the “Collectors of Flowers” operational unit this year). Then look at the photo of Jorge and Diego to the right of the passage. In 1972 (just before 1974), friends joined the drug department. Then go to the bedroom and look into the cardboard box where the pictures lie. You will find clues from the past. Next, follow the board. Put three police officers on top. Jorge will say that the guy in the center looks like a victim. And below you can see the photo from 1974, when Jorge and Diego joined the “Collectors of Flowers” squad. So Mole worked for the police. He put together a list, and then he was shot …

Chapter 7. Friction

Achievement “No More Lies”. Talk to Melinda, who will ask some questions. No matter what you say to Diego, choose the truth (all phrases without the word “Lie”). Thanks to this, you unlock this eyepiece.

Then Melinda leaves. Take a camera from the table and look at Eisebio at the church, an empty begging bench, a sealed car shop, and Lola’s room above the cabaret (Carmen digs into the things of the arrested singer). Talk to Melinda on the walkie-talkie lying in the kitchen. Tell us about what you saw. The girl will come. Tell her the truth, then follow the board to map the clues (top to bottom):

  1. A photograph of the unknown in a morning newspaper. You will find out that this is Osman. And he is running for office.
  2. Just below and to the left, note that Osman was close to the police chief.
  3. And below is a picture of Brother Melinda. He was killed during one of the raids by the Collectors of Flowers.

Chapter 8. Return

Approach Melinda and prepare a hearty breakfast for her. When she leaves, follow the balcony and look at Carmen lying in her apartment on the second floor (above the cabaret). Do this, look at the bouncer. To distract him, follow the apartment and call the telephone booth at the cabaret. Then look at Carmen again and click on the bottle lying next to order Melinda to study it.

When the girl leaves the cabaret building, pay attention to the square. The beggar Aldo returned to his place. Tell the girl to interrogate him. He will say he saw the night of Osman’s murder. The timer will start – 3 minutes. Tell Melinda to interview the waiter at the cafe. Then look at Donna Anna. Click on it to show Melinda a photo of Osman from a newspaper. Then take a picture of the printing press inside the workshop. Then click on the entrance to send Melinda there. The girl will talk to the children. Just at this moment Lola will come out into the cabaret yard. Examine her and direct her to Melinda.

Then Osman will appear. Take a picture of him with Lola, then order Melinda to eavesdrop on him. Take a picture of Osman communicating with Padre Eisebio at the church. Wait for Mal to arrive, and then place the clues on the board (top to bottom):

  1. Aldo saw Osman leave the cabaret on the night of the murder.
  2. Photo of Osman communicating with Eusebio.
  3. Carmen receives money from Osman.

Melinda will say that she went to an auto shop.

Chapter 9. Clash

Exit the balcony and look at Diego, who stands at the auto shop. Take a picture of it, then look at the two cops. Jorge will tell Melinda that the police are outside. Take a picture of Osman and Diego. Ask Melinda to hide behind a tree at a car dealership. When the cop goes up to the arch, tell the girl to run to the column at the cafe. When the bottom cop goes to the car dealership, ask the girl to hide behind the wall to the right of the cafe. From there, direct her to the church stairs. Wait for her to rise into the apartment.

But instead, Diego will enter the apartment. Talk to him and say you won’t say anything about Melinda. Try to get a gun out of a cardboard box, but you will not have time. Get out and talk to Diego. Soon Melinda will stun him. Take your gun. If you shoot Diego, you will gain “Self Defense” achievement.

Interact with the board and place the clues (top to bottom):

  1. Osman participates in the elections.
  2. Osman fears negative media reaction before the election.
  3. Osman sends someone to kill Mole.
  4. Diego confessed to killing Mole.

Call the doctor on the phone.

Chapter 10. Closure

Look at the waiter and the priest. Then look at the cabaret yard, Carmen. It celebrates the closing of the cabaret. You will get the achievement of “Glitter Nightclub”. Look at Lola, who approached the waiter. Look at the returning auto mechanic girls. You will receive the achievement of “Mechanics“. Take a look at Aldo. Wait for a police officer to approach him. Then look at Aldo as he approaches Eisebio. Then look at Donna Anna in her window. You will receive the “Vantage point achievement”. Talk to Melinda. See the final credits. For passing the game you will receive the achievement “Detective – Rookie“.

Other Achievements

The following achievements (including ways to obtain them) were not mentioned in our passage:

  1. Detective – Chief of Police.
  2. Moral standards.
  3. Snitch.
  4. The Entertainer.
  5. The Cafe Incident.
  6. The Church connections.

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