Walkthrough The Almost Gone

Walkthrough The Almost Gone


Read the detailed walkthrough of the unusual quest The Almost Gone.

Act 1. The House

A moment after

When you see the room, press Enter. Examine the box lying on the bed. It will be highlighted. There is no handle. A white dot appears under the room. This is a management tip. Swipe from the white dot to the right, with the LMC pressed, to rotate the room. Turn it once to get an overview of the bedside table on the left. Click on it and take the handle (you need to click on the handle, which is displayed in the window that opens on the left). Move it to the box on the right. You will understand that this is a music box. Take a note from the drawer that says:

Go to the treehouse, there you will be safe.

Walkthrough The Almost Gone
Walkthrough The Almost Gone

Also you get some kind of item. The exit from the room appears. Go out, turn the room and examine the globe on the table. Here you need to select some constellations. Go to the room on the left, where there will be a desk with a drawing of the house.

Examine the picture on the wall. It depicts a constellation. But this is only one constellation. Go to the room on the left and see the telescope. Check out the constellation pattern hanging on the wall. Examine the telescope and insert the tube received from the music box into the sky. You will see a house. Look above at the sky with the stars. A constellation appears in the shape of a space rocket above the house. Select these two constellations on the globe, and it will begin to glow.

Walkthrough The Almost Gone
Walkthrough The Almost Gone

Remove the red key from the globe. Go to the room, where on the wall a picture was with one of the necessary constellations (and there is a school desk with a house diagram). Examine the door and insert the red key into the keyhole.

You will find yourself in the hallway with two doors. The right one is locked. When you try to open the bathroom, some black mucus will start to flow from it. Go left and go down the stairs. Move down, turn the camera so that you see the door opposite the stairs. Go through it, and then into the room on the right. There is a large diagram of the house on the wall. Turn the camera, turn on the printer on the table to print some form. Go through the next door to enter the computer room.

Walkthrough The Almost Gone
Walkthrough The Almost Gone

Examine the safe under the table. To open it, you need to find out the code. There is a clue next to the dial: these three items have numbers for the code. Go right to the dining table. Examine the jar on the table. It says “50”. There is a coffee table with a VCR in the next room. Move right to the corner with a bookcase and a round white carpet on the floor. There is a turntable on a small table. Go through the door of the player (left), rotate the camera to look into the back room and find a vinyl record.

A path to the left leads into a room with a door boarded up by two red boards. Return to the room with the record player and insert it. Take the video cassette in the drawer. Go to the previous room where the VCR was and insert a video cassette into it. The TV will explode and you can explore the wedding cake. Take the knife to cut the cake. Inside, you find a pregnancy test. Take a look at it to see the numbers – “11”. You can also pick up the test itself.

Go into the room with the turntable and turn to the right of it. You will find yourself in the kitchen with a locked refrigerator. Go to the room with the safe and pull out the cabinets to the left of the computer desk. Remove the blank from the bag. Now you have two of them. Now take a look at the two forms. There are figures of green and red colors in the upper left corner of each form. The same colors as the lines on the code lock of the refrigerator. Expose the same figures on the lock to open the refrigerator.

Walkthrough The Almost Gone
Walkthrough The Almost Gone

Take a look at the bottle inside to get another number – “16”. Thus, return to the safe and open it with code 16-50-11. Enter the code – is another task. You will need to rotate the dial in one direction to get 16, then in the other up to 50, and after that in the first time, up to 11. Moreover, do not let go of LMB! Inside, you will find another red key.

Return to the upper floor and open the door to the right of the bathroom door. Take a look at the glass door in the bedroom. You need a key. Go to the next room with a closet that supports the tree. There are books with a white pen in the corner opposite the bookcase. You need this pen to open the balcony door in the previous bedroom. Do it and go outside. Examine the rope on the railing. It holds the backpack. Untie it and remove the crowbar from the backpack.

Run to the lower floor to the door with two boards. Tear them off with a crowbar. Open it to complete the first act.

Act 2. The Suburbs

An hour after

Go to the left of the house, in the corner of the courtyard with trees and a table on which there is a jug. There is a trash can in the corner near the fence. Open it and take the secateurs. Walk to the right and you will see a birdhouse with a birdhouse. You can examine both the booth and the birdhouse. If you look behind a stone fence, you will see a grave with a cross and a collar. Open the case on the collar and find a hidden message with a diagram of the yard. It says that something is hidden in the corner of the house.

Go left (to the house, but its other part) and look into its inside. A drawer hangs here. Cut the rope with secateurs and take the wrench from the box. Go left to the starting position (second part of the house). There is a water hose to the right of the entrance. Use a wrench on the tap and pick up a jar of singing bird that has fallen from the drain. Go to the birdhouse and apply this jar. You will see the skeleton of a bird. Take the bone. Insert it into the plate above the booth (which shows the shape of the bone). This is only the first half; you need to find the second.

Go to the house. To the part where they found a box with a wrench. Rotate the picture to see the corner of the house. There is a black pile there. Examine it to get a second bone. Insert it into the plate above the booth. A hole will appear in it.

You will find yourself in a location with a police car.

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