Walkthrough Tails of Iron — Game Guide

Walkthrough Tails of Iron — Game Guide


After the Tails of Iron intro, go right and interact with the closet. Equip a helmet, breastplate, weapon and shield. You can open the map by clicking on TAB. You need to visit the rat king. Go downstairs and sit on the bench to save your progress. Go to the old king and listen to him.

Follow the left to the kitchen, listen to the cook and go down to the basement through the hatch on the left. Collect roots, berries from the bard and take water. Sit down at the table to the right of the cook and prepare food. Now go right, go upstairs and go to the forge. Interact with the book and create a helmet using the drawing. You can equip it right away. Take the side quest “Dummy Training”.

Walkthrough Tails of Iron
Walkthrough Tails of Iron

Talk to your older brother and go right. Attack the dummy with LMB, dodge with ALT, block with SHIFT. After a successful block, immediately press LMB to parry. Dodge strong attacks by double-clicking ALT. At the end, hold down the LMB to deliver a strong blow and finish off the dummy. Drink the juice from the barrel on the left to restore health.

Select the task “Challenge by duel” on the board. Go down the stairs near the entrance to the training room with a dummy and go right. You will learn how to hide or take out weapons on F. Then you need to hold down Shift to raise the shield and click on the mouse wheel. The hero will hold the shield and turn left / right. Walk to the right outside the Crimson Fort and rest on the bench in front of the steps.

Walkthrough Tails of Iron
Walkthrough Tails of Iron

Continue on your way and defeat the eldest brother. He will use strong attacks at first. You dodge on ALT and while he is short of breath, hit him holding LMB. Then parried blows will appear. Press Shift just before hitting and counterattack with LMB. When the huge toad appears, unfortunately, you will lose anyway.

When you wake up, pick up the sword and go left. Sit on a bench to keep progress. Go downstairs, protect yourself from the arrows with your shield and break the thickets on the left to enter the sewer. There will be another bench here. Keep in mind that falling from a height will damage you, so get down carefully. Kill a beetle and get juice. Jump up to climb the stairs. Break the bushes, pick up the juice and examine the grate. You need a key.

Go downstairs and head left. Kill the beetle. Dodge and counterattack. Pick up different items and a key. Go back, go up the stairs and open the grate on the left. Kill the two frogs in the fortress and go inside. The second frog hits only with strong blows, so you can roll and counterattack from the back. Save and go to the throne. Kill three frogs. Finish the first one quickly. Then kill the spearman, remembering to place the shield when the frog shoots from above. By the way, it is useless to roll from “yellow”, parried blows. Maybe back. A little friend will appear and return the crown to Reggie.

After talking with Dennis, go right. Sit down when you get to the bench. Move to the right again. Near the dead frog, pick up the hammer. The hammer can be used not only as a tool, it can also be used in battle. Move to the right to get into the Scarlet Fortress.

Crimson Fort

Talk with the mouse, and find out what is needed to repair the travelboard. Examine the corpse of the mouse nearby, from which arrows stick out and take away the nails. The travel board can now be repaired. Open it and select the Long Tail Village location.

Long Tail Village

After reaching the village, move to the right. Get ready to fight a frog that attacks your kindred. Kill her and drink the juice, you can also pick up her one-handed spear. Search corpses to pick up useful items. Further on the way, two more frogs will meet. Fight them, take the juice in reserve or replenish your health.

Walk forward to the bench and sit down on it. You won’t be able to get into the building near the bench yet, since you need a key. Move further to the right and you will find a shield. Continue until you reach the captain of the guard near the castle. Fight the mini-boss. He’ll be a little stronger than those frogs. Hit him as many blows as possible. After defeating him, you can pick up his helmet. Talk to the captain of the guard, and he will give you the key to the town hall (building near the bench). He managed to close the elder in the Town Hall and ran to block the entrance to the village, but some frogs managed to enter.

Before entering the Town Hall, we advise you to sit on the bench and save the game. After entering the Town Hall, head right to talk to the villagers. Two frogs will appear on the left, one with a spear, and the other with a bow and arrows. Be careful when the frog with arrows starts aiming, use a shield to prevent the arrow from hitting and causing damage. Also defend against the second frog when it starts striking with a spear. Try not to be between them, it is better to fight with them when they are attacking together from the same side. Examine their corpses and take away weapons and a mask.

Move and go up the stairs. In front of the table, you can sit on a wooden chair to save the game. The elder will tell you that the frogs took his brother to the mill. We go downstairs. Fill the flask from the barrel, and click on the chest to change weapons or equipment.

Exit the Town Hall and save your game. Head towards the gate to the right. The gates will be broken by a huge toad – the boss and the smaller frog. The boss will attack by jumping and hitting with a hammer. Be careful, as two jumps and your character dies. Use the juice to replenish your health bar.

First, it is better to kill a small frog, it will interfere with attacking the boss. It will also be easier to fight while wearing light armor, so you will roll further and easier to avoid enemy attacks. When the boss growls (a circle appears over his head), try to move away as far as possible, he makes two jumps in a row. After defeating the boss, you can take his armor and we advise you to save the gameplay (there will be a bench outside the gate).

We leave the gate of the village. Two frogs will come across on the way. One with a shield, the other with a bow and arrow. When the frog is shooting a bow, use a shield or jump arrows to damage the second frog, jump over it and stab it from the back. Then jump over the ravines and pick up new weapons. We advise you to save after each battle, as there will be a fight and there will be a lot of frogs and it is easy to die.

Get to the chef’s hat and they will start attacking you. First, two frogs, as soon as you kill one of them, the enemies will begin to appear one after the other. Use the potion and deal damage, avoid getting hit by arrows. As soon as you deal with the enemies, go further to the building.

Walkthrough Tails of Iron
Walkthrough Tails of Iron

Chef is tied there. You can restock the potion supplies, save the gameplay and talk to him. Climb up to the chest, you can change your equipment if necessary. Jump onto the destroyed structure from the chest to the right and at the end near the mouse you can find a new weapon in the form of a sickle. Climb down and go right.

The Old Mill Farm

Fight with Lans Alut of the Bog Brothers. He holds the key that is needed to free the chef. When he screams and a circle appears above his head, the boss launches a spear attack. Run away or roll to avoid damage. When you deal him about half the damage, he will call for help. Deal with two small frogs and continue the battle. When you deal good damage, the boss will lose his helmet and call for help again. This time there will be three frogs with a sword, spear and arrows. Fight them and continue the boss fight. He will use a new attack – bounce up. At the place where the leaves fall, it will land, so move further away from this place. After the victory, take the new weapon and key to free the Chief. Examine all corpses to replenish supplies.

Free the Chef, talk to him, replenish the supplies of juice. Return to the side of the house. On the way, you will meet a Ranger who will give out a new weapon – a bow. Press Shift + mouse wheel to aim.

Walkthrough Tails of Iron
Walkthrough Tails of Iron

Long Tail Village

Walk to the town hall. Examine the Notice Board, which now contains side quests. By completing such tasks, you can get an additional reward.

The Old Mill Farm

To be continued…

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