Walkthrough Supraland Six Inches Under

Walkthrough Supraland Six Inches Under – Game Guide


Walkthrough Supraland Six Inches Under

Open the door by turning the valve. Move forward to the platform where the rocket launch will take place. When control returns to you, unscrew the broken blue valve. Go a little to the left of it, to several buildings. There will be a chest in one building. When you open it, you will find an improvement that the astronaut will take. There is a red valve in the building on the left. Take it and bring it to the pipe. Turn the valve after installation. When the cut-scene ends, jump into the sewers, into the green pipe.

Move forward until you hit a closed bunker. You need to open it. Come back. In one of the episodes, you will see how a person falls on a hill on the left. Climb a little higher up the slope from where you came, and climb the stones to the blue pipe. Jump onto the yellow pipe from it to get to the fallen merchant. It will give an improvement – X2 to movement speed. Now you not only move faster, but also jump further. Go back a little along the yellow pipe and take a running jump to another yellow pipe on the right. From it, jump onto a small piece of blue pipe. You will find yourself on a glass surface, under you is the same valve.

Go to the cave, jump over the rocks along the left wall. Dive into the water, climb the slope and climb up. With a run, jump onto the sticking board, get to the red valve and turn it. Watch the video.

Cave – jump, knee bend and pickaxe

Your task at this stage is to gradually collect all the coins on the location in order to buy a pickaxe. You will not be able to collect 42 coins at once, so you will have to spend 10 coins on upgrades – bending the knees (crouching) and increasing the height of the jump. Let’s collect each coin step by step:

  • Go forward and you will see an upgrade and pickaxe merchant. There is the first coin (1/10) to his left, in the grass.
  • There is another coin in the passage on the right, under the boards. But you can only pick it up with bending your knees. There is a second coin (2/10) to the right of this passage, near the gray stone wall.
  • Return to the beginning of the location. There is a glazed room with a button on the left. Look to the right of it for the third coin (3/10).
  • On the other side, there is a ledge with a couple of coins. Go there, go between the stones and pick up the fourth coin from below (4/10).
  • Move to the merchant and follow the passage to the right of him. On the left, there are ledges that you cannot jump onto. Go around them and at the glass wall you will find two coins at once (6/10).
  • Go to the very end of this cave and look for a coin on the left (7/10).
  • Not far from this place, on the right, there is a crevice in the wall. Go there, open the chest and find four more coins (11/10). One is probably hidden behind a chest.

Go back to the merchant and buy knee bend. Now you have 1 coin left. Collect further:

  • Turn around from the merchant, walk along the gray block and press the button to light the red wire. Walk along the wire, duck down and move through the illuminated cave. Collect two coins along the way (3/10).
  • Exit at the other end and climb up the gray block on the left. At the end there is a coin (4/10).
  • Find a crack in the wall near the gray rise and move to another part of the cave. There will be a puzzle with a gate and three buttons. We will return to it later. In the meantime, bend down and crawl into a small hole under the gray blocks with gates. There is a chest with three coins (7/10).
  • Behind the stone behind the chest, find another coin (8/10).
  • Go back to the merchant, duck down and collect two coins under the boards that lead to another cave (to the right of the merchant). 10/10!

Now buy a boosted jump.

  • Walk along the boards to the part of the cave with the miner. Climb up the ledge on the left. Jump to the central ledge with a coin (1/42).
  • Jump further along the ledges and click on the red remote control. Return to the beginning of the cave and you will see an energy springboard. Step on this red trampoline to fly back to the button. Along the way you will collect two coins (3/42).
  • Jump again on the ledges in this cave and look for a yellow crystal on the side wall, on which there will be a coin (4/42).
  • On the opposite side, there is a passage that leads to two more coins and a grate (6/42).
  • In the same cave, below there are two coins under a stone. Crouch down and take them (8/42).
  • Finally, from the ledge where there is a passage to two coins and a grate, jump onto the second highest stone in the middle. From it, climb to the topmost stone and jump onto a wooden platform with a chest. Inside it are two coins (10/42).
  • Return to the merchant and jump onto the ledge to his left to get a coin (11/42).
  • To the left of the merchant there is a green pipe. To the left of it is a gray block. Behind him is a coin (12/42).
  • Return to the beginning of the location and jump to the ledge on the right to collect three coins (15/42).
  • Climb even higher, press the button to turn off the fire, and jump over to the other side. there, lower the blue bridge with the lever. You will see a man with a box of matches. Take a match, go back to the fire and light it. By the way, on the same rock where the fire is located, there is a coin (16/42) on the left.
  • With a burning match, return to the little man at the box of matches. On the right there is a piece of paper. Burn the cardboard and take the coin (17/42).
  • With a burning match, go down and burn the cardboard to the left of the merchant. Take a metal ball near the merchant from the spoon and put it on the red button near the glass room at the beginning of the location. Open the chest to get 3 coins (20/42).
  • Return to the beginning of the location and look on the left for a hole behind the grass. Crouch and crawl there to collect two coins (upgrade required) – 22/42.
  • Go to the next room behind the burnt cardboard to the left of the merchant. While jumping, press the lever on the ledge on the left. A green pipe will open. Enter it, run jump onto the lid of this pipe and pick up the coin on the gray rock (23/42).
  • Go back and take the metal ball. Together with him, go through the green pipe, which was used earlier. Walk under the streams of water. Drop the ball into hot lava. When it is hot, move it to the cardboard. Take the coin (24/42).
  • Jump on the stone ledges through the lava, duck down and enter the cave. Look to the left for a candle that can be lit. A little further on the same level there is a chest with two coins (26/42).
  • Nearby, look for wooden boards on which you can climb up. Climb higher, holding the ball in your hands, burn the cardboard and find the second candle a little further. Jump onto the ledge on the side and jump over the candle to another ledge. Look for the third one there. Jump to the ledge to the right of the candle (from the ledge behind) and burn the cardboard in the wall. This will lead you to a cave with water. She will cool the ball. Jump on the ledge on the left and take the first coin (27/42).
  • Climb up the red boards to collect three coins (30/42).
  • Jump down into the room with the pool. Take the battery and install it in the hole in the corner. This will open the room with the yellow key. Take the key and open the lock on the door. To the right of the door there is a chair and a table. Jump over the gray block from them and pick up three coins (33/42).
  • Get out of here and run to the left. There is a coin (34/42) under the wooden board leading upstairs. At the end there will be lava and a ball. Heat the ball in the lava and go back through the door to the guy in the pool. Throw the ball into the pool to heat up the water. It will give you a +1 health boost.
  • Climb up the red planks outside again and jump from the blue one to the palm tree in the pool room. From the palm tree, jump even further to the coins on the ledge. There are three of them (37/42).
  • Leave the room and run to the left. Climb up the board. Under the other board there will be another coin (38/42).
  • Follow even higher through the water, to the red crystal, and look on the right for a coin (39/42). Go right and see another one (40/42).
  • Jump down and collect two coins (42/42).
  • Climb up the boards and jump into the corridor. On the left there will be a doctor at the gate, and on the ledge in front there is a coin (43/42). Go through the gate and collect two coins (45/42). You can press the heart button to restore health.
  • Climb up the fork and take the coin (46/42). Jump to the cactus and further, to the ledge with the blue key.
  • Together with the key, go back and inspect the blue castle near the lava on the left. Open it, and then be sure to go to the left, where 3 coins (49/42) are hidden behind the wall.
  • Go back a little and climb the boards on the right. Press the red button and jump up on the springboard. In flight, you will collect four coins at once (53/42).
  • Return to the room with the pool, take the battery and go back. Go left, up the boards to the red crystal. Turn the corner and jump over the wall. Place the battery in the slot to open a shortcut here.
  • Take the metal ball and stand on the red trampoline that was created as a result of opening the blue lock. Lower it into the lava, jump back and jump over the rocks on the right. Enter the room that was just opened with a battery (to the left of the doctor’s room) and place the orb in the green pipe. Return to the main corridor with the wolves, go a little to the right and up the boards to the red crystal, where the red-hot ball flew. Burn all the cardboard at the red crystal. Collect three coins (56/42).

Go back and buy a pickaxe. You will have 14 coins left!

  • Try out the pickaxe to the left of the green pipe. Break the blocks until you find a coin (15).
  • Go to the cave with the miner where the first red springboard was. Jump on it to the red button and break the wall. You will create a shortcut to the doctor. You can kill enemies with a pickaxe. However, after a while they will be reborn.
  • Return to the miner, who was found at the very end, when the cardboard was burned. At the red crystal. Help him break the gray blocks. Walk forward and reflect the red sphere.

To be continued…

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