Walkthrough Superliminal
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Walkthrough Superliminal


At the beginning of the game, turn around, sign the document from the table, and go through the opened door. In the next room, learn the mechanics of interacting with objects. There will be a huge chess piece in the corridor. Take it in your hands and lower it to reduce.

Level 1

In the next room, they will tell you to hold the RMB in order to rotate the held item. Place three different cubes in the right corner to jump to the doorway. Go ahead and see a room with a button in the floor. Stand on it to open the door, and from the next room take the cube, which must be put on the same button.

In the next room you will need to climb a hill. Take the cube that was placed on the button. Lift it up and let it go. Every time a cube falls, its dimensions increase.

Through one window, take the chess piece, through the other set it on the button. With a piece of cheese, the situation resembles one of the previous ones. Lift it up and release, while rotating it so that a slide forms to the doorway from above. Reduce the huge cube. To do this, move away from it, pick it up and put it under your feet. Repeat, and then place the cube on the button in the wall niche.

You can remove the boards from the side aisle, but you will hit the locked door. Unfortunately, you cannot turn off the route.

Take the cube from the hole on the left, reduce it several times, and then bring it to the broken window. At the bottom there will be another broken window, and behind it is a button. Install a cube on it.

Further there will be a cube and a door. Reduce the cube, look up and throw the object over the wall. Set it on the button and move on.

Walkthrough Superliminal
Walkthrough Superliminal

Next will be a room with two buttons

Remove the little sign with the little men above the doorway. Increase it and rotate so that both buttons are pressed simultaneously.

There is a brick wall behind the last door. There is a narrow gap on the left behind which a piece of cheese is visible. Pull out this cheese and increase so that it touches one of the pushed plates to the left of the brick wall doorway. Go on until you fall down.

Level 2

Follow the only route and move objects blocking the path. When you find yourself in a circular corridor, remove a couple of exit signs (green) and position them so that they cross over the wall on the other side. Interact with tape recorder number 1 to find out that you have failed somewhere, and scientists have no idea where to look for the main character.

In the next corridor there will be a doorway at the top. Go to the room on the right. Pay attention to the black and white patterns on the wall. Stand so as to connect them (in the opposite corner). thus creating a black and white cube. Use it to climb up.

Enter the room on the right with another black and white cube. But something is missing here. Stand next to the cube and turn around. There is a horizontal pattern on the wall. Make the table appear. There is a vase on this table.

Walkthrough Superliminal
Walkthrough Superliminal

Stand so that the vase becomes part of the cube.

Take the cube, which in fact will be a corner. Expand it and understand what it is about. Use different tiers to climb higher.

Take a black and white corner with you and place it on your left to climb up. Stand in front of the pillar so as to assemble the exit door and push it back. Interact with tape recorder number 2.

Go on. Look up to get a cube. Use it to jump onto the yellow bridge, turn around and create a green chess piece. Take it away to see the way out. You can build a structure from a cube and a chess piece against the left wall to climb into the passage. However, there is nothing in this corridor. There is only fire alarm device. Go through the courtyard to the neighboring building and listen to the recording from tape recorder No. 3.

Move further into the room with a blocked passage. Look up and you will see two open windows. Stand up to get the moon. Lower it into the room and interact with tape recorder No. 4.

Walkthrough Superliminal
Walkthrough Superliminal

Remove the block with the open doorway from the moon and set it so that you go further, and then go to the elevator.

Level 3

Go ahead and find a small dice in the room on the right. Use it to climb higher. Go to the room where there is a large doorway at the top. On the left, there should be a corridor to two parts of another dice. If not, set the first dice directly onto the highlighted area in the center, in the shape of a square. Use two cubes to climb up. Slide the cube off the floor to jump down.

Remove the grate and crawl on. Use one cube to climb onto the second. Make it higher, and then lift the first on it. You can get into a room with three cubes. But you can move them either vertically or horizontally, since they are part of the columns. Lower the two cubes and push the third to the right. Use it to climb onto the ledge to the exit.

Walkthrough Superliminal
Walkthrough Superliminal

Break the cubes and put one of the sides so as to create a rising to the exit. The next cube will fall into several smaller ones. Climb with their help above, remove the wall from the huge cube and jump down into the mine. In doing so, you will go to the elevator.

Level 4

Walk along the corridor and inspect tape recorder No. 5. Continue on a linear path. Move the red balloons and continue on. There will be a dead end ahead, but you go into the darkness to the right to get into a parallel corridor with an exit. Next will be a huge pit of blood.

On the left, there is a bridge from the boards

Follow it, looking under your feet so as not to fall down. Examine the next tape player No. 6.

Another water room where the door closes, you go backwards from it. You will see a dark staircase to the right, with an arrow pointing to it. Next will be a doorway with boards. Behind it is a corridor with a red pointer. Take the pointer, hold it in your hands and go back. Turn right and find a hidden path. Use the pointer as a flashlight to walk past cardboard boxes.

Next will be another room with a red pointer. There is a door in the next room, but behind it is a brick wall.

Walkthrough Superliminal
Walkthrough Superliminal

Increase pointer and rotate it sideways to light a room with a brick wall

At the other wall, you will find boxes and a hidden path. Start the generator, and then get to the elevator.

Level 5

Move forward; push the green panel from the aisle. Take it with you and put it on the green button. Follow forward and to the right along the corridor. Click on the green panel. It will be duplicated, but you cannot move it. Look down to duplicate several panels, create a staircase. Create a few hours in the form of a ladder and jump up. Take an apple, create a big one and throw it at the wall. It will roll and push the smaller apple off the button.

Climb up the slope so that the green button is in line with the apple. Click on the apple to create a copy directly on the button. Make copies of the sign to go up, and then hold down the RMB to bring them back and go through the doorway. Walk along the corridor and find a tape recorder (No. 7). Enter the elevator.

Level 6

Go ahead and find the tape recorder № 8 in the corridor. Jump down, increase the house and go inside. Go forward until you see a room with a small opening on the left. Go right and enlarge the house so that you fit into that opening. Follow the corridor and activate tape recorder № 9.

Increase the fan to blow off the tower and enter the opening that was on top. Remove one of the windows, enlarge it and jump inside. Next will be an inflatable house. Increase it to climb onto any ledge on the side. Increase even more and get on the side to the entrance. Once you reach the window from above, move the inflatable house up to the aisle and go back to go through it. Soon you will find tape recorder 10.

Next you will be in a large hall with two doors. Entering one, you exit the other, and vice versa. Do less one door and place it somewhere in the middle. Stand on the side of the keyhole, grab the small door and place it in the keyhole. In this case, it will not increase. Enter another to be at the top. Go down to see chess. There is a cardboard house to the far left. Zoom into it and go inside to get into the elevator.

Level 7

Move along the corridor until you return back to the room. Try to leave the room several times until the screen flips over. Jump down. When you find yourself in a corridor with brick walls, remove a picture in the room and put it in increase the size instead of a wall. Enter the picture and activate the tape recorder 11.

Keep moving through the doorways. Slide the door so that it falls to you, and then remove it to see the passage down. Follow below and below. Trying to do something ordinary, you will open new openings. In a room with a cube on the wall, try to see it in full size, but fall down. Get to the elevator. Next, you need to perform simple steps. Interact with an alarm clock, cubes, and so on. On the street, walk in four different directions until a room of walls forms. A bedroom will appear in the center. Go there and click on the alarm clock.

Level 8

Take the house from the table. Zoom in and go inside. You will return to the same room. Now reduce the house, go to the opening in the wall from which you came here. Together with the house go forward (at the same time the house should be turned towards you by the opening) to form an endless door.

At this level, you need to include your imagination. Just move forward, look for passages in the walls, floor and so on. On the chess field, it will be necessary to put chess on each square so that it becomes real and the character does not fall down. At the same time, you can remove the figure if you are not standing on the desired cell. Next will be a room with a cube. Move it behind the white opening in the wall, which will immediately become real. Go through and bring back the cheese. In the end, you will find a way out.

Level 9

Just go ahead and enjoy the ending of the game.

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