Walkthrough Succubus
Walkthrough 1

Walkthrough Succubus


We started writing this article on the demo version of the game, but it will be supplemented after the full release of Succubus

Pleasure Сity

Climb the rock and move forward. Press the keys that the game suggests. Collect weapons and then use them. Kill enemies; watch out for those who begin to blush. Press Shift to finish. Such finishing moves restore some of the health. Keep moving. You will soon learn the magic of fire. Right-click to throw fire at enemies.

Defeat opponents, break the bars and follow along. Then you will need to hit the enemy by pushing him into the wall. This will pave your way further. When asked to put enemies on thorns, you don’t have to. Hold out 3-4 waves, after which the passage will be open. Behind it you will see a woman tied to a post. You can use it to restore health. I don’t even want to describe the detailed process…

Eventually you will reach the arena. Defeat everyone in battle using the fury mode (R key), follow on, kill other opponents and go upstairs. When you go through the corridor with cells, and then pay attention to the purple beetle in the cell to the left. You can free and kill him. This is a collectible item. At the end of the path, you need to kill the last enemies, and then enter the portal.

Vidia’s cave

This is a game hub where you will return in case of death or between levels.

Arena of Sacred Blood

Open the map via the ESC menu and select the next level, arena. Fight enemies in the Arena, and then defeat the Devil. Wait for him to jump and then attack while he is stunned.

This concludes the game’s prologue. You will be able to participate in ranked matches, but we will add the rest of the walkthrough after the release.

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