Stubbs the Zombie in Rebel Without a Pulse

Walkthrough Stubbs the Zombie in Rebel Without a Pulse – Game Guide


Detailed guide to complete all story levels and destroy each boss in Stubbs the Zombie in Rebel Without a Pulse

Welcome to Punchbowl

Attack Ted with LMB, and then gobble up his brains by pressing E. After that, follow the robot (by the way, do not forget to turn on subtitles in the game settings!) And deal with the two cops by attacking them from behind. Then the other cops show up. Press F to release fetid gas and stun enemies. Gobble up the brains of two of them. Push the zombies out of the path of the guide by sneaking up behind him and pressing E. Then look at all the zombies and press Z. To call to you. Go to the city gates.

Once in the city, move through the square, eating the brains of enemies. You need to get to the far right point to go to the monorail station. It is important to create your own zombie army. Send them forward (whistle for them to follow you, and if the enemies are nearby, they themselves will go further, straight at them) to create a living (or dead?) shield. Go to the station.

Bleeding Earth

After the cutscene, get into the transport by pressing E. Continue rolling in circles, destroying all enemies. It will be difficult here without a dirt car. If the vehicle rolls over, interact with it on E to return it to its original state. There will be small doors on the side. You need to go to one of the transport control departments, kill all the cops and interact with the red remote control. Then go further and find the same department 1109. Go inside to start the video.

Move through the tunnels, killing enemies. Do not pay attention to the robot. At the exit you will meet an excursion bot. And get a new ability. Press G to throw the pancreas at enemies, and press the same key again to make it explode. Don’t forget to vent on F. All of these abilities regenerate as you eat your brains. You can use the same technique to restore health. It will also regenerate, provided that you do not miss any incoming damage. Continue on the only route, remembering to use gas and grenades. Eventually, a cutscene will start and you will find yourself in the police.


Kill all the prisoners and make your way through the police station. Stay close to the rest of the zombies, as you will fight a crowd of cops at the end. As soon as you defeat everyone and a large door opens, go to the exit. A video will start and you will be arrested.

To be continued…

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