Walkthrough Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Walkthrough Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order


Full Walkthrough Jedi Star Wars: The Fallen Order


This level is linear. You are studying the world of main character Cal Kestus. When control takes over, follow buddy, learning the basics of movement. In this mission you will jump a lot, go down the ropes, climb walls and the like. Follow the necessary steps and follow forward until the video starts. To save Prauf, you must use Force, the use of which will warn the Imperial Inquisitors of your whereabouts.

Once the cut scenes are over, you will be on the train. To get out of it, you have to break through with battle In addition; special movements will become available to you. Do whatever the game asks for.

Continue the battle until a fighter appears that opens fire on the main character. You will have to run from cover to cover. Hide from shots; proceed with caution, as the hero can easily fall into the gap between the cars. Get to the last car to watch a video in which you will meet former Jedi Ceres.

Continue to run on the train, fight the attack aircraft, until Ceres tries to save the main character. After that, you find yourself in a closed zone, where you have to fight one on one with the second sister. You don’t have to win: just blocking until “Mantis” appears.

Mantis is your base with which you can travel to other planets (when you unlock them).

  • You can use a special table to upgrade the lightsaber with the necessary details.
  • At the Meditation Point, the hero regenerates health and raises the level.
  • In the Terrarium, you can grow plants from collection seeds found on the plot on various planets. To do this, scan plants using BD-1.

Inspect the base to find the space guitar. With it, you can listen to echoes found on planets. These are collectible items that can be found while traveling around the world.

Chapter 1. Bogano

When you find yourself in Bogano, listen to Ceres, who will point the way to the giant Repository. This is where you have to get. Use the guitar by the couch (near the terrarium) to start the cut scene.

Start of research

Go forward and find the first point of meditation. Choosing “Rest”, you save the game, restore HP, reserve power and revive the enemies. Everything is the same as in Souls-like games. If Cal dies, he will return to the last point of meditation. Here you can also distribute skill points.

Meet BD-1, however the droid is broken, so you have to look for improvements so that he can help you with different skills. Jump on the plants and grab them while holding the key shown. Take training and click on the necessary buttons to study the holographic map. After fixing the first BD-1 module, you can use the map in free mode. Jump over the ledges and go down the rope to the locked door. There is a point of meditation nearby. The path to the right through the pipes leads to a room with a riddle (you need to slow down the screws and get to the essence of power from below) and a secondary boss with the essence of health.

You go to the left of the door, along the pipe, press the jump to grab hold of it with your hands and get to the room with the first enemies. Defeat them, slow down the screw and go between the blades. Watch the video in which Cal will fix the BD-1 on a workbench. Now you can use the map. Find such workbenches; you will receive upgrades for DB-1. And after them, the workbench can be used to customize the lightsaber.

Go to a dark place, hold down the attack blocking key to illuminate the path ahead with a lightsaber. Grab the plants, go up and attack the wires. When interacting with wires, Cal will receive an electric shock. You will learn how to heal a hero. By default, you will have 2 stims, but in the future you will be able to unlock more. When you are resting, the number of charges is restored.

Way to the Vault

Now you can use the map. There are different labels, but the main one points to the Vault. Go to the central room and hit the stand with the cable to create a path down. You move up the spiral staircase, where you will encounter a new enemy. Kill him is optional. Slide down the cable, use another and find yourself on the lower levels.

In addition to the usual monsters, you will find Oggdo. Dodge and counterattack when the enemy misses. Do not forget about slowdown. During one of the attacks, the toad will be highlighted in red. This means that you cannot block this technique. Only evade! You can cut off Oggdo’s tongue. Slow it down when he pulls out his tongue (during a non-blocking attack), and then cut it. However, to kill the enemy, this is not necessary. On the other hand, you will get achievement. Go to the location, which is guarded by the enemy, climb the plants on the wall and use the new point of meditation. Go ahead to see the memory.

You will move into the past and learn to run on the walls. Get to the teacher several times, and when you are on Bogano, turn around and go to where you came from. Now you can run along the walls with stripes or metal bars. Get to the elevator by running along a metal plate. On it, go to the top. Open the map and see green objects. All these are points that previously could not be overcome. Go down the cable and grab the rope to go up.

Run along the walls, jumping from one to another. Jump when Cal starts to fall. Climb the mountain to the Vault, interact with the stove and go inside. Listen to Eno Cordova using the round plate in the center of the room. Now you need to go to Zeffo.

Return to the ship

Leave the shelter and go straight. Kill Oggdo, jump down and soon get to the door, which is closed on this side. Nearby will start a recording of Eno Cordova and you will learn about Datomir. Open the door, you will be at the second point of meditation. To the left, you can run along the wall, catch on plants and climb up. This path is much shorter. Once on the ship, talk with Ceres.

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