Walkthrough Spongebob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom – Rehydrated

Spongebob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom - Rehydrated

Full walkthrough of a fascinating platformer in the Spongebob and Patrick.


After the introductory video, you need to go through the first location. To do this, just collect the required number of multi-colored shiny things. Examine the kitchen and bathroom, and then return to the hall. Go to the door, to open which you need to spend 10 shiny things and do it.

In the bedroom you will find an extra pair of underpants. These items in the game are used as the health of Sponge Bob. If you take damage from the robot, then one pair of underpants will disappear.

In the library you will find square idols with eyes. They cause damage if not destroyed. Come close to them and click on the small square so that Sponge Bob will perform bubble rotation and get rid of idols. In the library, you will also see buttons that can be activated using bubble rotation. To pick up the sock under the ceiling, you first need to lower the ball, bounce on it and activate the retractable shelves. Go down and use the trampoline to get to one of these shelves. Jump over the shelves until you get to the toe. Leave the library and return to the hall.

Откройте дверь, которая требует заплатить 50 блестяшек, и подберите золотую лопатку. Теперь вы можете завершить обучение и перейти в другую локацию.

Bikini Bottom

Where to Find All the Shovels


  1. Toilet Sponge Bob. The first shovel you will find in the house of Sponge Bob during training.
  2. At the top of the Pineapple. To find the second golden shovel in the location, go to Patrick’s house and activate the button on the ground. Now from Patrick’s stone you can climb to Squidward’s house. But this is not enough. You need to go down and find another button (on the balls), which, when activated, will launch two platforms, but only for 30 seconds. During this time, you again need to get on the roof of the Squidward house, use the mounted platforms and jump onto the huge pineapple (the house of Sponge Bob), on which the golden shovel is located.
  3. Teasing Squidward.
  4. Mr. Krabs. You can exchange shiny things for gold shovels with Mr. Krabs. For the first scapula, 3,000 shiny things will be needed, then this amount will double.

Where to Find All the Socks

  1. You can get your first sock just by talking to Patrick.
  2. The second sock is in Patrick’s home. Use an attack hit on the sand couch.
  3. Another sock – you can find in the library during training (read above).
  4. The next sock is in Squidward ‘s house. Go inside and destroy everything in its path until a sock appears.

Jellyfish Fields

Where to Find All the Shovels

  • King of the mountain. In fact, this is the second shovel that you will find when passing through this location, since first you can get to the bungee. So, when you pass the bungee, climb as high as possible up the mountain. After the apparatus that clones the robots, a grate will open. This blade will be located right behind it.
  • Super Bungee! When you get to the gun that shoots the hedgehog, you will see a bungee to the right of it. Use it to go down to the cliff and get the second shovel.
  • Patrick’s dilemma. After climbing the mountain, you will need to free Patrick. To do this, find the three buttons and activate them to open the path to a friend. When you approach him, he will hand you a third shoulder blade.
  • Speleology. After that, you will play for Patrick. Learn new tricks and follow into the cave of jellyfish. At the very end of the cave, you can watch the rise on the rocks on the right side, as well as numerous robots. At the very top, you need to STUN one of the robots, then grab it and throw it in the button, which in turn will open the way to the fourth scapula. To stun the robot exactly, do a jump, and then click on the toe (gamepad). Patrick should fall next to the robot, not on him. In this case, the robot will be stunned. Throw him at the red button until he wakes up!
  • Through canyons and plateaus. This shovel can be found just before the battle with the level boss – the King of Jellyfish. But first, you need to complete the next task in the list.
  • Drain the lake. Once out of the jellyfish cave, go to Mrs. Puff and take the task. Immediately behind it is an island with robots. Run there, stun the robots and throw them into the pumps, which are located in the water. When you get rid of all the pumps, the path to the sixth shovel will open.
  • Defeat the King of Jellyfish. So, climb up the elevation of this location, before entering, to take a shovel for the quest “Through the canyons”. It is located to the left of the entrance, at the abyss. When you are ready, run to the location with the boss. Upon arrival, go upstairs and fight him: wait until he starts to charge energy, and at the same moment jump on him, then make a blow. Repeat three times to eliminate the King of Jellyfish. [After the battle, in the pool where the boss was washing, you will find a jar.
  • Glide and jump. When you deal with the boss, activate the first teleport box and go down the sand embankment. Just before the end of the track, double jump to get to the high island and take the last shoulder blade.

Where to Find All the Socks

  • Run forward, turn right at the bridge. Follow the mountain to find the cave. Find the first sock before the cliff.


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