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Walkthrough Spiritfarer


Read the walkthrough of the adventure game Spiritfarer.

How to Travel Fast

The Spiritfarer world is huge. And if at first there is no need for fast travel, then later you will understand how long Stella move from one point of the world to another. Fortunately, the process can be accelerated. Much later, you can use the turtle’ backs, but even earlier, the bus stops. Just look for the bus markers on the map. You can move between any buses on the map!

Alt Harbor

After the introductory video, you will learn that you will be controlling Stella and her cat. Leave the boat, go up the rooftops and talk to Gwen. This is the first Lost Soul. Move to the ship, talk to Gwen again and see her true form (deer?). Hug Gwen through the interaction menu to boost her mood. Walk left, talk and find out that the next target is Albert’s Shipyard.

Walkthrough Spiritfarer
Walkthrough Spiritfarer

Albert’s Shipyard

Go to the cabin on the left, go inside and interact with the map. Select the shipyard marked with “shark”. Exit the cabin, talk to Gwen, go to the edge of the deck on the left and go fishing. Pull the fish with the E key. When you arrive, chat with Gwen and take the boat to the shore.

Order the upgrade from Albert. Return to the ship, talk to Gwen, climb to the roof above the cabin and interact with the new drafting table. Select Repair, drag the asterisk to the mesh box and select Dispose (R). Use the table again and build a guest house (switch to the next tab by pressing “2”).

I Get Cranky When I’m hungry

Gwen asks to prepare food. This requires a kitchen, but building it requires shining jelly. Open the map and swim to the dark spot – Jellyfish Stage. Talk to Gwen and then destroy as many jellyfish as possible (just by touching them). Jellyfish with green icons have shining jelly. Build a kitchen and make popcorn.

Seeds for the Future

Now you can explore the locations marked on the map with boxes. Arriving at such a place, jump into the water from the middle of the deck, swim to the box and interact with it. You can collect shells from your ship. There may also be a shining dot in the water next to the box. There you can dive (S + Space) to find some kind of jewel.

Go to Mosstein Cove, cut down trees (there are two of them here), pick berries and return to the ship. Build a field across the drafting table. After creating a field, go to it and interact with three beds. In the field, you can plant seeds for the field. For example, corn or coffee beans. Garden seeds will not grow. Also, when planting something, do not forget to water it (just by interaction).

Swim to Hammingburg, which Gwen will point to. Theodore works there selling seeds. Check out the prices. They will be overpriced, so close your inventory and talk to Gwen. Agree to hear her. Buy seeds now. Gwen will leave.

On the way to Theodore, you may have noticed a statue (near it you talked with Gwen). For two tokens, which can be obtained from lost souls, you can unlock a double jump. With its help, it will turn out to jump onto the fragment of the stairs slightly to the right and above Theodore. Also, Theodore has a key. If you buy it for 5000 coins, you can open the door on the right and go up the inner stairs. However, spending coins is not worth it, as you will soon receive a second obol. And all this needs to be done in order to go to the right and find a creature in brown clothes. Invite him to the ship. He is the second lost soul (new passenger). Chat with him on the ship, hug. Again, water what you have already planted. Talk to Gwen (not at night).

Walkthrough Spiritfarer
Walkthrough Spiritfarer

The More, the Merrier

There is a new passenger (lost soul) in Barkenheim Creek. Read the description of the “Sticky Fingers” quest below. This quest will end in parallel.

Sticky Fingers

Arriving in Barkenheim Creek, go right and chat with a new friend. He will ask you to get a lemon. Jump into the water on the right, dive to the depth (S + SPACE) and pass the lemon. Return on board and interact with the new passenger (third lost soul). This is Uncle Atul.

Sea Master 2000

Follow the uncle to the left and talk to him near the fishing spot. He will improve the fishing rod. You will catch a squid, but the rod will overheat, so you sometimes have to release the E key. You will get Uncle Atul’s obol. Double Jump in Hammingburg can now be unlocked!

Spring Feet

Travel to Hammingburg and interact with the statue for a double jump.

Nature Class

Sail into any storm after Uncle Atul is on board! He will tell you how to collect lightning in a bottle. And even give a few empty bottles. Atul will start playing the flute. Stand where small sparks appear (usually over Atul). Stella will automatically catch lightning. If you run out of empty bottles, Stella will receive coins! And after that, build a vegetable garden.

Jiving Chives

Plant something in the vegetable garden, talk to Summer and learn about the songs. You will also need to water the sprouts. Summer will invite the plants to play a melody. Go inside and hold F for 5-6 seconds. Stella will get her guitar. Play the melody by pressing the indicated keys. The quest will end and you will receive an obol.

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