Walkthrough Song of Horror: Episode 3
Walkthrough 3

Walkthrough Song of Horror: Episode 3


Read the walkthrough of the third episode of the episodic survival horror Song of Horror.

Archives of the History Department

Once in the building, go to the reception desk and pick up a note from Professor Merino. Run to the right side along the wall with bookshelves and interact with books in the corner. So you will find a magnetic card. Follow back and you will see two doors behind the front desk. Open the right one using a magnetic card. Take the slides from the shelf to the right of the sink. Leave the room and run to the door on the opposite wall to open it with the same magnetic card. Go down the stairs and go through another door.

Next will be a room with bars. Go deep into the room, open the grate, and interact with the lever on the table. You will see that he immediately returns to its original position. Go through the door to the right and pick up the power cable from the rack in the foreground of the screen. Go to the door on the left. The game will ask if you should open it. The answer is yes, because behind the door you will find Shears.

Return to the very beginning, to the hall. Walk deep into it to find a projector on one of the tables in the center. Apply a power cable to it. Examine the image, and then insert the slides. Switch between all slides from left to right, to the monster. Then switch left again until the very first. The slides will change, and you will see an already open door on the first. Go to this door (image on the wall). You can open it! 

Go through the bars and take the hacksaw from the rack. Apply it to a corpse nearby to saw off your hand. In the inventory, combine the Shears and the hand to get a wedding ring. Return to the basement and use the cut off hand on the lever to fix it. Go through the door with a green lamp to get to the old archive. Go to the far right corner to study the shelf with the book “Biography of the Legrand Family”. You were looking for her here. Go back to the door and hear strange sounds. This is a monster. Press W to crawl, as well as A and D to escape from the claws of monsters. After that, you will return to the office.

Detective’s office

Characters just chat with each other.

News Archive of the History Department

Run down the corridor to the right until your hero says that he discovered the secretary’s office. Open the door on the left (first) and enter the kitchen. Take the mechanical handle from the small table. Then exit through the far door. At the end of the corridor, open the door to the right (adjacent to the one from which you left). There is inscription F * CK YOU MERINO on the wall to the right. Nearby, there is a roller. Pick it up and return to the main corridor. Run to the very beginning and stop at the corner where there are three doors. Open the middle one (at the very corner) and take a can of paint from the table. Go to the door, but do not get out of here. From now on, lean against the doors to listen for a monster behind them.

Return to the corridor, open the door to the left. Open the next door opposite and in a small room find a radio. Use a mechanical pen on it to get the batteries. Return to the corridor, run to the left side, past the exit. Turn left and follow the wall until you get the end of the corridor. There are doors on the left, front and right. Open the door to the right. You will find yourself in the restroom.

Interact with the sink on the right and apply a can of paint on it to dilute it with water. In the inventory, combine the paint can and roller to get a paint roller. Get out of here and open the next door to the men’s restroom. You will hear a plea for help. Maxwell will ask for batteries. You have already found them. But first, apply a wedding ring to the cabin door. After that, give the man batteries. He will give you a bunch of keys. The booth will open. Remove Maxwell’s coin from the toilet.

Go back to the door behind which you found the radio. On the corridor side, there is a motion sensor to the left of the door. It locks the door inside. Use a paint roller on it, go through one door and open the other door on the left. Take the plastic key from the table with the monitor. There is a census of the news archive on the far side. Get out of here and run left past the exit. Another door will appear next to it, which was not here. Lean against your ear and wait for the monster to leave. Go through the door. Run around the perimeter of the room (counterclockwise). So you get to the far corner, having reached a dead end. Use the plastic key on the very last stand on the left. You will get a film strip. Get out of here and you will be forced to play a mini-game to keep calm and avoid a collision with a monster.

Again, go left and down along the wall (towards the restrooms). Before reaching the latrines, open the door to the right by applying the Maxwell keychain. Interact with a large monitor and select the desired date – 17/03/1913. Turn the toggle switch on the right side counterclockwise so that it faces down. Click the print button just below and to the right. Take the sheet, go outside. The main character will run away from the monsters, cut the chain with pliers. And again there will be an episode with the detective’s office.

A Big Library

Take a look around on the ground floor, then go up to the scaffolding on the left and go up the stairs. Run to the right along the wall with windows; go down the steps to the statue, and from it – even lower. At the bottom, turn right, walk along the wall and follow between the shelves with a globe. Then go diagonally to the opposite wall, go a little further and turn in the opposite direction between the other shelves. Run to the left wall again, to the right, and you will see Sebastian’s table. Take the Sinister Nature book from him. Watch the cut scene.

Abbey of Saint Sicily

Go to the door on the left and open it. Follow through the other door opposite. Go deep into the screen (in the restroom) and look into the hole on the left, confirming the action. You will find some kind of package. Go back and run down the screen. Follow along the wall, around the perimeter of the room. After two turns on the bench on the left, look for a hoe. Run back. After two turns, do not rush to return to the very beginning. Instead, apply a hoe to one of the doors on the left. You will be taken to a room with a bowler hat. Turn the lever on the pipe to the left, leave the room and go into the open doorway to the left to climb the stairs to the second floor.

Upstairs run to the left and open the door to the left (not far from the stairs). In the new room, open another door and in the room examine the figurine standing on the table on the left. You will open a secret passage. Go through it and take notes made by the prior from the stand. Run forward along the corridor and go through the door on the left. Interact with a chair by the mirror. The passage of the third episode is completed.

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    Feb 12, 2020 6:03 pm

    That explanation for the projector is simply awful. Where are you getting left to right when the sequence is top to bottom?

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    Feb 18, 2020 3:43 pm

    this guide is just flat out wrong in parts and was very hard to follow.

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    Mar 27, 2020 2:02 am

    These guides are the opposite of good. “Go in this room, look for the thing.”

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