Walkthrough Someday You’ll Return

Walkthrough Someday You’ll Return


Move forward along the corridors. There is only one way. In the end, the download will begin.

When the main character stops at the barrier, pick up the phone and go outside. Go to the first fork. Here you will be told about the use of a smartphone, which has a navigator, messages and a phone book. You need to go forward along the navigator, but to begin, turn left and go uphill to find a collectible item. There is a QR code on the tree. If you scan it, you will see this place on the map. Climb a little higher to the left, to the cross. To see the screen saver.

Turn around and go to the right of the tree on which the bonfire is depicted. Get to the bridge and interact with the sign. Next you will see a hole. Go down and find a wooden board under the bridge. Install it on the bridge and go to the other side. Falling off, find nearby tracks. Follow them. Be guided by red tapes and tracks. In the end, the phone rings. Answer the Ida call.

When you reach the tree, remove the pliers from it. Go to the left of the tree until you find a new place – Ubuku Bunker. Go inside.

Bunker Ubuku

Walk along the corridor, but before going downstairs, go up the steps in front and find the mount at a dead end. Go down to find a dead end. You will hear a sound. Go up, back, and go left. The passage will open. At the very end, look behind the blockage on the left to see a doll with a note.

Go back a little and on the right hand you will see a passage with a curved armature. Bend down to CTRL and make your way under it. Examine the wall on the right. Install the phone on the beam on the left and knock out the bricks. You need to press LMB when the slider is in the red zone. Then apply the mount to the concrete block from below. Take the phone, bend down and crawl on. Get to the doll and read the note: “This is not my fault.” Go back until a stranger hits you.

Chapter 1

Go down from the bunker to the place where Stela stood. The bridge is destroyed. Look down, go a little to the right and interact with the point. To go down, you need some kind of item. Turn around, go right from the entrance to the bunker, to the painted wall. There is a staircase to it left. Get it out and study. The staircase needs to be repaired.

Go to the right to find the altar with a casket. Take it, inspect and apply the mites on the four nails that are clogged in the box. You will find a toolbox. Crosses stick out in the ground. Pull out two crosses to get boards for the stairs. Return to the stairs and examine it. First, examine the two crosses and apply pliers on them to cut the wire.

Then inspect the stairs. You need to click on two different parts where there are not enough steps. Place two boards in these two places, and then apply a hammer on them (the main character will automatically score the boards). Set the ladder in the right place, go down to the ravine and wait. Soon you will fall into the swamp. Chat with a girl.

Chapter 2

Take the phone on the log on the right. Turn around and go right, up the side of the mountain, along the blue markers on the trees. So you get to the monastery.

Soon you will receive a notification that a message has arrived on your phone. Open it. Aida asks her to call. Decide what to do. We called. Upstairs will be a monastery. Examine the lock on the door. Walk to the right and around the corner, near the building, find several objects, including a note. Take them all. Go on. The cross on the left has a hole in the ground. Apparently, there is a tunnel. There is a gate on the right, but it is locked.

Go to the stand with the map. Go down from it and go right on the yellow sign. There will be a bridge on the left, but a strange cloud blocks the path through it. Go right until you reach the stream below. Wash yourself, and then climb the wall with the ledges. Take a look around. There is a tooltip on the wall. Below there is a place for a bonfire. Pick up a stick. Go left and see a cave with a web.

You need to burn it. Go right, beyond the picture, to a tree with mushrooms. Follow the tree to the right along a small slope up along the cliff, and find a casket in a niche. Open it to get a rag, note, matches and gasoline. Open the inventory, select a rag and cut it with a knife from the tool kit. Choose a stick, wrap it with rags, pour gasoline over them and set it on fire.

Go to the cave, bend down and burn the web. Move forward, cut the wire. In addition, corpses of animals will be wrapped in a web. Stay away from them (when they fall). Continue driving until you need to cut another set of wire. Look down and jump after the torch.

To be continued…

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