Walkthrough Sniper: Ghost Warrior Contracts

Walkthrough Sniper: Ghost Warrior Contracts


Detailed walkthrough Sniper: Ghost Warrior Contracts

The gameplay in Sniper: Ghost Warrior Contracts is divided into several plots. Each plot is an open location with five main tasks. In this guide, we’ll show you how easy it is to complete all tasks: where you can raise the alarm and where you should not do it.

Altai Mountains

Download Ivanovsky’s Plans

After the control point, run along the ledge to the right to the first task. At the pipes, turn right and go around the guarded perimeter. There will be two soldiers, another patrolling the passage. You can go around them on the right, but if you kill them, then do not raise the alarm – you decide. Run along the fence and climb onto the ledge. There will be a small building on the left – go around it and continue to run forward. When you are almost on the territory, an armored personnel carrier will pass in front of you. Pass it forward and wait until all the soldiers leave the vehicle. Otherwise, if you raise the alarm, an APC will begin to attack the hero. On the opposite side of the road, there is a ledge on which you need to climb, and you will see a fence on the left. Come closer to find a gap in the wall.

Walkthrough Sniper: Ghost Warrior Contracts
Walkthrough Sniper: Ghost Warrior Contracts

You will get to the territory of the complex. When you are inside, turn right and interrogate a lonely standing soldier to find out the location of the remaining opponents. Now go back to the gap in the wall and climb onto the roof of a one-story building. It offers a great view of all opponents, especially since you already know the location of each. Shoot enemies and do not forget about armored fighters (for such enemies you need to spend four rounds of a sniper rifle). If you do not want to sound the alarm, then the best option is to eliminate two fighters on the balcony and two more in the passage to the right. Climb the long metal staircase to the balcony, go into the room and kill the last soldier on the way. Interact with your computer to download Ivanovsky plans. Leave the complex in the same way and transfer the files to the base.

Walkthrough Sniper: Ghost Warrior Contracts
Walkthrough Sniper: Ghost Warrior Contracts

When the files are transferred, go down to the water and cross a small stream. Be careful, because the hero is rapidly losing health in the water! You will see red fires right behind the stream – here you can execute the order for the murder. When you are ready, go ahead and turn left. Go around the hill on the left to get to the tent. Several ordinary soldiers and two armored opponents are standing right in front of the tent. Shoot all the foot soldiers, go to the tent and examine the corpse in a wetsuit.

Walkthrough Sniper: Ghost Warrior Contracts
Walkthrough Sniper: Ghost Warrior Contracts

Eliminate Dimitri Ivanovsky

Now you need to get to the central part of the location. You can complete several available contracts along the way (optional). We advise you to enter the territory from the left edge, since the entire right side is mined. If you get to the minefield, then turn around and run to the river. At the river, turn right and run forward until it stops (you will need to jump over the rocks). In the end, you will find yourself on a path that will lead you directly to the central complex. From a hill, eliminate the soldier on the balcony on the left, as well as the enemy near the far right building.

Climb the stairs to the second tier and slowly move forward. Be careful, there are cameras. If at least one such person notices you, then an alarm will be raised. At the end of the aisle, several fighters will wait – liquidate them, or interrogate and kill. In any case, you need to get to the laboratory complex. When you get to it, the game will be saved. Do not rush to go inside, first get rid of the camera on the far left corner of the building.

Now you need to turn off the chemicals in the laboratory complex. To do this, quickly go inside and turn into the room on the left. You will see an electrical panel on the wall on the right – deactivate the shield and exit the tent. When the air is clean, go back in and slowly deal with the two guards and Dmitry Ivanovsky (all three are dressed in yellow protective suits).

Walkthrough Sniper: Ghost Warrior Contracts
The corpse of Ivanovsky

Steal Samples of the Virus

This task is carried out here in the laboratory complex. In order to find out the location of the virus, in a good way, you need to interrogate Ivanovsky. But, even if you just killed him, then go to the next room after the one where you activated the ventilation. You find the virus on the blue container to the right.

Walkthrough Sniper: Ghost Warrior Contracts
Virus sample

Destroy All Test Results

You should leave the tent and return to the place where the last save of the game was. Save the game again. Again, go to the tent entrance, go down the small stairs and run forward. Be careful, there is an armored opponent in front of the laboratory complex. Go around it and turn left. Here, go up. You are inside a huge building.

When you are inside, sit down and walk on the right side. There will be a soldier in front of you – interrogate him to find out where the test results are stored. Find the stairs, but do not run upstairs. Stop in the center of the stairs, rotate the screen to the right, and press Space to jump.

So you will pass two enemies. Wait until one of them comes to you and interrogate him. Now you know the location of all the enemies in the area. Kill a soldier on a beam in the center of the location, and then use it to climb to the very top. Pass two opponents forward, go around another one and climb the stairs to the bunker. Usually, there are two or three fighters inside – kill them and interact with the computer in the center of the room.

Walkthrough Sniper: Ghost Warrior Contracts
Walkthrough Sniper: Ghost Warrior Contracts

Leave the complex in the same way that you came, but try not to raise the alarm. Otherwise, checkpoints will not be activated in regular places. Get to the nearest (or convenient for you) evacuation point.

Kolchak Harbor

We recommend that you go through the first episode again in order to earn more money, buy new weapons and upgrade equipment. You can also customize your guns: for this, in the menu, hover over the desired weapon and press the “X” key.

Hack the Electronic Logbook

Run along the path to the right and cross the suspension bridge. There will be a good sniper position, using which you can easily deal with enemies. Try to choose targets that are not visible to other enemies, so as not to raise an alarm. Go down the hill and go through the side gates. Then turn left, deal with several enemies and run forward until it stops. Here you will see a ladder, go up to the upper floor, find an electric shield and interact with it. On the right, you will see another metal staircase that leads to the third floor.

Walkthrough Sniper: Ghost Warrior Contracts
Stairs to the third floor


You will get to the corridor that leads to the control room. Do not rush, because the area is patrolled by three soldiers. Two usually stand in front of the room, while the third moves up the floors. First you need to eliminate the lone soldier, then return to the guard at the control room and get rid of them. This is the only sure way not to raise the alarm. Climb into the control room and interact with the computer.

Walkthrough Sniper: Ghost Warrior Contracts
If you choose the right angle, then you can kill two attack aircraft at once

Kill Leonid Nizhlev

You again need to get to the gate from the control room. There is a gap in the wall near them: Use it to move to the next zone. So you get to the entrance to the mine. Kill several enemies and go to another location. You have a choice: go through the location in stealth, or destroy all enemies from a long distance. You will raise an alarm.

Walkthrough Sniper: Ghost Warrior Contracts
Walkthrough Sniper: Ghost Warrior Contracts
  • If you want to pass this part of the mission in stealth, then try to penetrate the territory of the pier unnoticed. Destroy the turrets at the entrance. Then everything is simple: use containers and shelters to get to the center of the location and eliminate the target.
  • If you are a fan of long-range shooting, then climb the lighthouse to the left of the entrance to the location. At the highest level of the lighthouse, an excellent view of the entire pier opens. But you should understand that in any case you will have to penetrate the territory and eliminate the target.
Walkthrough Sniper: Ghost Warrior Contracts
View from the lighthouse

Plant C4 Under the Icebreaker

Use the transition in the east of the location to leave the zone. Preliminarily, we recommend completing the test to eliminate a secondary target. You just need to climb the bridge, how to aim and eliminate the target. When you leave the zone, several soldiers will appear on your way. Eliminate them and go a little forward to the bridge. Now, there is no need to rush. Sit down and push yourself against the left wall. Crawl a little forward and go down the stairs. Here, by the way, you can interrogate a soldier and find out the location of all enemies. Use barges under the bridge and ice floes to get to the opposite shore.

Walkthrough Sniper: Ghost Warrior Contracts
Ventilation Sniper

Climb onto the bridge; eliminate the turret and the sniper, who is on the ventilation. Then use the stairs on the wall to get to the upper level of the room. Once inside, eliminate several enemies and climb the double stairs to the roof. Be careful, there are cameras on the roof. Take a look around and eliminate some snipers. Then find the metal cable and go down to the port.

Here you need to deal with several attack aircraft, a sniper and a soldier in heavy armor. Use the stairs to climb the bridge and interact with the electrical panel. This way you can control your outdoor cameras. This will help mark most of the enemy in the sector. Here, find one metal cable that leads to the icebreaker.

Eliminate the nearest enemies and rise to the open part of the icebreaker. Install explosives in front of the entrance (1/3) and go inside. Get rid of several attack aircraft and install two more charges (one on the lower and the second on the upper levels). This completes this part of the assignment.


Eliminate Igor P. Sekhov

Leave the bow of the icebreaker and find nearby a yellow tower that you can climb onto. If you did not raise the alarm, then there will be many enemies. Use shelters to get across the bridge to a two-story building with large windows, inside which the target is located. The easiest way to eliminate Igor Sekhov is to throw several gas grenades into the room.

Walkthrough Sniper: Ghost Warrior Contracts
Walkthrough Sniper: Ghost Warrior Contracts

Obtain the Smartphone

Eliminate the main target, just search the corpse.

To complete this part of the mission, you should return to the central aisle. Go over the bridge and climb into the building, and climb into the high-rise building. Leave it on the other side and go down the bridge. At the first barge under the bridge, you will see the evacuation point.

Beketov Valley

Free the Prisoner

As soon as you appear at the location, you should go a little ahead and crawl through several guards. Get to the road and stop. Use binoculars to find a sniper on the rocks from the opposite side. Eliminate it, and then crawl your way to the dilapidated building, which is located near the minefield.


Run along the asphalt road until you see a small pond and several soldiers. Mark enemies with binoculars and eliminate them whenever possible. Where the sniper lay, there is a lift. Climb the cliffs and run forward until you see the entrance to the camp. Use the binoculars again to mark visible enemies and turrets, and then find a safe entrance.

Walkthrough Sniper: Ghost Warrior Contracts
Walkthrough Sniper: Ghost Warrior Contracts

If you prefer to act in stealth, it is best to enter on the right. You need to eliminate the soldier on the tower. Move to the far left of the camp. Here you will see a one-story building, on the roof of which an attack aircraft patrols. Go around the building and go inside. Understand the guards and shoot the lock on the grate to free the captive. The task is completed.


Eliminate Sasha Petroshenko

Leave the camp and run along the road to the right. You should pass a small village and go down to the pond. Right on this shore, you can eliminate Sasha with one well-aimed hit, but in this case you will raise an alarm. To avoid alarm, wait until the target moves to the right side of the room and eliminate the soldier guarding the room. Only after that, you shoot at the target.

Walkthrough Sniper: Ghost Warrior Contracts
Aim more precisely, since the goal is more than 300 meters!

In any case, you will not have to enter the estate to collect the recordings from the hidden camera. Before you cross the river, you should eliminate the sniper on the rocks. Use the binoculars to find it.


Obtain the Hidden Camera Recordings

When you get to the pier, run along a small path to the right and kill several attack aircraft. There is a console on the wall of a one-story building – crack it to gain access to the cameras. Immediately after this, enter the building from either side and find the bathhouse. Shoot the glass, enter the room and interact with the camera. Here you can pick up additional devices and replenish your ammunition. Thus, you complete two tasks at once.

Walkthrough Sniper: Ghost Warrior Contracts
Shoot better from a weapon with a silencer

Eliminate Agvan G. Dorzhiev

Leave the estate through the main gate, and turn right after a small bridge. Run along the asphalt road, but try not to attract attention to yourself. Reach the industrial area, keep to the left. Along the way, you will have to eliminate several enemies, but there will not be a problem with this, since almost all of them patrol one by one. Go down to the small stream on the left and run along it until you get to the destroyed bridge. Climb to the building: kill an armored soldier and several mafiosi. You will find the target on the ground floor of the building.

Walkthrough Sniper: Ghost Warrior Contracts
Walkthrough Sniper: Ghost Warrior Contracts

Find Evidence of Dorzhiev’s Illegal Activities

Kill the target and search the corpse. After you search the corpse, a key will be added to your inventory. In the same room, find the locked grate and open it. Well, you can replenish your ammunition on the left.

Walkthrough Sniper: Ghost Warrior Contracts
Walkthrough Sniper: Ghost Warrior Contracts


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