Walkthrough Skully

Walkthrough Skully


Skully is an incredibly addicting platformer in which you control a small skull.

Chapter 1. Rolling for Living

You need to roll over land, avoid water, which damages the skull. In addition, you must activate shallow mud puddles. And when you press RMB in such a puddle, the skull will restore health. In the second half, you will learn how to navigate the grass growing on the rocks. Quite simple: hold LMB. Try to collect as many flowers as possible. And at the end of the level, you turn to the right of the waterfall to find yourself on a new location.

Chapter 2. Breaking Through

Move forward, jump across the tiles until your creator tells you about the new form. Now you can summon a huge monster in the puddles, which can break walls and destroy water slugs (you need to hit the ground). Continue moving, destroy the walls at the beginning of the location. Kill enemies, and when there is a small hole in front, jump out of the golem and follow through it. Repeat these steps several times to get to the end of the level. Towards the end you will be able to knock down slabs by creating bridges.

Chapter 3. Going Upstream

This level will seriously test your skills. You will have to jump over green leaves that will rotate and sometimes disappear. Look for a path further, often associated with vegetation on the rocks. Be sure to save.

Chapter 4. Wave of Anger

Move forward. You can collect flowers on the left, but after that you will have to go through an obstacle course at speed so as not to drown in the water pursued by you.

Chapter 5. Finding Some Footing

To be continued…

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