Walkthrough Shapik: The Moon Quest
Walkthrough 1

Walkthrough Shapik: The Moon Quest


Read the walkthrough of the fun quest Shapik: The Moon Quest. The protagonist of the game is humanity’s only hope for a rebirth of life on Earth. We tell you how to complete all the quests and find every collectible item!

Level 1

After the introductory video you will find yourself around the capsules. Open the capsule with the main character, go right to the remote control. Lower the capsule until the owl sits next to it. Interact with the owl. It will fly up to the hive, where the Red Key will fall. Insert it into the console at the door on the right. Go right.

Level 2

Interact with the lever between the two doors and lower it down. Go through the left door. You will find yourself in the upper left room. Interact with the monitor. Need to solve the puzzle. Rotate the parts so that they supply energy from the lower input to the upper input. That is, set the lower parts vertically, on the “plus”, and from the top create a curved figure. Go down and go through the right door. You will find yourself in the upper right room. There will also be a monitor and a similar puzzle. It is necessary to use every detail! Go down and interact with the red monitor. Go to the new location to the right.

Walkthrough Shapik: The Moon Quest
Walkthrough Shapik: The Moon Quest

Level 3

Talk to a scientist. Get on the elevator and go to the second floor. There is a greenhouse with robots to the right. To get into it, you need to enter a three-digit code. Go back to the first floor, go to the big screen behind the scientist and open the folder with the leaf. You need to double-click it. Take a look at the photos. On one of them there will be a doctor at the greenhouse door and the code is 745.

Go to the second floor, enter the code and go to the greenhouse. There is a panel on the back wall. Switch the top toggle switch to the right, the middle and the lower toggle switch to the left. The robots will stop. Go right and pick up the red fruit. Take it to the scientist on the first floor. Place the fruit in a flask on the table next to which the scientist is standing. Before leaving the scientist’s lair, you can go up to the third floor. The robot is charging here. Enter the room on the right. There is a collectible item at the entrance (which resembles a refrigerator). Take it away.

Level 4

When two characters and the robot disappear, the owl will steal the battery. Climb the greens on a branch in the background, go to the purple flower on the left. Wait for the owl to appear above it, then click on the flower. Due to the pollen, the owl sneezes and throws away the battery. Insert it into the remote control. Examine it.

You will need to solve four puzzles by installing the gears correctly:

  1. Small, big, small.
  2. Install the four small gears along the right edge, from the bottom up.
  3. Small – to the right, the larger to the right, the small to the left, larger slightly than the other;
  4. Step right and up – put a big one. On the diagonal to the right and above it is another big one. Both should rotate. Above it and to the left are three small, triangle-shaped.
Walkthrough Shapik: The Moon Quest
Walkthrough Shapik: The Moon Quest

Move to the elevator.

Level 5

Jump in the elevator to go down. Examine the robot on the right. Wait for the red key to appear. Take it away. Stand on the left hill and wait for another beetle with another item. Take it away. The second detail is sticking out in the far right fly agaric, closer to the robot. A brown tall mushroom grows under the right hill, under its left edge. He is barely noticeable. But on his hat is the third detail.

Finally, the fourth part, you will find at the beginning of the left hill, at the left edge of the screen. Insert all four parts into the robot and interact with it. The robot will tell you that it carried the drawer and then slipped and fell down. Examine the blockage with the pipe on the right. The robot will clear it and you can move on together.

Level 6

Approach the door through which the two characters went and look at the green panel. The prints will not match, so it will not go inside. Repeatedly press the panel again, lean your finger. This time the alarm will sound, there will be a person who will turn off the alarm. The same owl will steal his chip and sit on the board from above.

Look at the container on the left. Remember the drawing. Moreover, the two lower points are connected to the central one. Go inside the container and interact with the red monitor. You see 9 points. Number them as the dial of the phone. Now connect as follows: 1-2-3-5-8-9. That is, you repeat the pattern from the outer wall of the container.

A magnetic tap will appear. Move it to the left to scare the owl. She’ll drop the chip down. To move the tap to the left, you need to draw an arrow to the left, connect 2-4-8. Now draw all the metal to the faucet by drawing the up arrow: 4-2-6. Among other things, the chip will be drawn. Do not release the garbage, but move the tap to the right (2-6-8). Discard trash (4-8-6). Go right and pick up the chip. Apply it to the green panel on the right. interact with the panel again and attach your finger. Enter inside.

Level 7

Go to the second floor and go right to see a robot with a circular saw. Nothing to do with him now. Go up to the third floor and look through the peephole into the room where the stranger works. Then go down the elevator to the floor “0”. Ask the robot to take a large barrel on the left. Go to the second floor and apply the barrel to a circular saw robot. Your robot will deal with the enemy.

Walkthrough Shapik: The Moon Quest
Walkthrough Shapik: The Moon Quest

There is a panel on the wall. Set two toggle switches to the right and press the mushroom button. The yellow mushrooms will grow. Tear off one mushroom. Slide the panel that closes the hole in the floor next to the mushrooms and the panel. Take a look in the room below and you will see a bedroom. On one of the walls hangs a sign with a crossed yellow mushroom. Apply the yellow mushroom to the man from the top shelf. He falls asleep. Click on it. The robot will lower you down and you will be able to pull the chip out of your pocket.

Use the panel on the wall again. Toggle the top toggle switch to the left. Click on the red button to remove the mushrooms and then on the purple one. Purple mushrooms will grow. Break one of these. Why is purple? Through the peephole on the third floor you can see a sign with a crossed out purple mushroom.

Go to the first floor and apply the chip to the panel on the right to open the door. Check out the lockers with electronic locks. Each is enclosed in four-character code. These symbols are displayed between the beds on the right. You need to open the right locker. To do this, use the third top code: circle, triangle, triangle, rhombus. Inside you will find a gas mask.

Go down to floor “0” and apply the chip to the panel on the right. Enter the room and interact with the blue screen to the right of the plants. You will see that robots destroy the planet, destroying vegetation. Go back and drop the purple mushroom into the pipe. Look for what’s going to happen.

After the explosion on the third floor, go there and enter the room. The hero will put on a gas mask that you found on the first floor in one of the lockers. Interact with the green button on the screen behind which the person is sitting. You will open the door in the bedroom on the first floor. Go down there and go out.

Level 8

Click the red button on the right. Turn left and stand in the yellow square. Click on it to attract the robot from above. You will be on the right side. Go right. The robot will tell you that when he interacts with water, he gets electrocuted. Go through the puddle to the right and interact with the circle in the wall. You will find yourself in the upper left room. On the wall hangs a paper with the image of snails. To the right you can find a portrait of Gagarin. An empty bottle stands on the stool. Take it away.

Return to the robot and interact with the ladder. It will lift you up (you need to click in the middle of the stairs). Inspect the water tank with red arrows. There is not enough valve here. Go down and interact with the flow of water from the pipe to fill the bottle. Follow the hatch to the right into the upper left room. A glowing collectible item will appear on the shelf. Put the water bottle on the stool. Go down and return to the room. A red valve will appear on the stool instead of the bottle. Take it, go down, up the stairs and cover the water. Go right and ask the robot to open the tunnel. Leave the location.

Level 9

Walkthrough Shapik: The Moon Quest
Walkthrough Shapik: The Moon Quest

Ask the robot to turn the red valve over the bridge. You can click on the clam on the right. The robot will throw him a plant, he will eat it, but he will not move. Follow through the hatch that the robot opened. You will find yourself in the room above. There is a device with test tubes nearby. As you heat the test tubes, the liquid begins to change color. Notice the color of the plugs on these test tubes. Then look at the terminal on the right. Look for test tubes marked with a green check mark.

Note the color of their cork. Remember the color of the liquid that corresponds to each tube. As a result, there should be test tubes with yellow, red and blue liquids from left to right on the table, interact with the table and start heating all three test tubes. When one of them is the right color, turn off the hotplate. In this case, the temperature will drop over time, which means that the liquid may change color to the previous one. That is, you periodically need to heat already cooled tubes. As soon as the liquids of yellow, red and blue are left to right, the puzzle will be considered complete.

Take the red test tube that appeared on the table. go down and pour the substance from the test tube onto the plants near the robot. Click on the clam on the right for the robot to throw the plant into it. When the clam disappears, go right and call the elevator by pressing the red button. Go upstairs by clicking on the lift. Look at the stone on the right. you are teleporting to a new location.

Level 10

Ask the robot to open the hatch on the right. Unfortunately, it will close immediately. Go back and click on the ledge from above (standing below it). The robot will lift the hero upstairs. Push the drawer with the rope, find the pipe to the left. The hero will throw it down. Go down there and click on the pipe lying on the floor. Ask the robot to reopen the passage on the right. He’ll put a pipe in there.

You will see a huge robot. Go back and look at the panel on the left. Press the button below when there is an outer ring element in the square. Then repeat the action with each ring by clicking a button to lock all the chips. Go right and see what happens.

Level 11

You will find yourself in a new location. Take a look around. Do you see the three red flashing lights on the wires? Click on them and go to the monitor. Open any folder for a scientist to call. Answer him. He will say he is missing another crystal. A strange creature sits at the top and a crystal in his hands. Look at the screen and in addition to the folders you will find a green arrow label. Click on it, uncheck the box and click on the green arrow. This label will change its shape to “rhombus”.

Click and see the picture on the left. On the right you have to repeat the same. And you can move the tiles around all the cells around the main area. The drawing itself should be in the central area of ​​9 cells. Repeat three drawings. To the right of the stone will appear red berries. Break them down and give them substance (automatically). After picking up the crystal, put it in place. Answer the scientist and then interact with the stone to teleport to a new place.

Level 12

Go right, you can knock on a branch, inside which sits a creature with red eyes. Go to the right and stand on the shaky board where the flying insect sat. Interact with it to loosen and fall inside. You cannot go any further, as the web is obstructed. Go back upstairs and go left, to the far branch on which the butterfly sits. You frighten him, he will fly to where the board was, and will be in the hollow. Go down and release the butterfly to pull the web behind. Go to the flowers with water on the left and take one button. Return to the surface, fill the button with water from the stream on the left, and pour the branch to the right of the creature sitting in the hollow. More mushrooms will grow. Go up to them.

Level 13

Try to reach the rope tied to the bell on the other side. Nothing will work. Go right to the new location. You will see a nest with a large owl and an owl baby. They sleep. Jump onto the branch under the nest and break the knot sticking out from under the nest. Return to the bridge and pull the rope using a knot. Call several times for the old man to appear. He will lower the bridge. Go to the other side and enter the house. You will learn that the old man has a temperature. There is a book on the left. Study it. Browse to see what herbs and berries you need.

Walkthrough Shapik: The Moon Quest
Walkthrough Shapik: The Moon Quest

Page 14 of the book shows the right combination for the lock. Remember it and open the lock on the chest to the right of the bed. Exit the house, cross the bridge and look under the mushroom. Yellow flowers grow there. Break them. Go right to the owl’s nest. To the left of it grows one grass, under the nest – a similar second and berries. You have collected 4 components, but you are missing a fifth. Go to the bridge, pull the lever and quickly stand on the bridge. You will rise above and you can to pluck the leaves.

Look at the book again in the old man’s house. Page 20 shows a cure for temperature – yellow flower + green leaves + yellow flower. Load these ingredients into the kettle, interacting with the old man. Click on the water barrel (approximate). The hero pours water into a kettle of ingredients. Click on the kettle and you will see a stove (on the right). Put the kettle on by simply pressing it. The hero will pour tea to the old man, he is doing matter. Wait for him to make a yellow drink. Drink it.

The hero will wake up at night. As you know, owls do not sleep at night. Go to the owl’s nest. Try to approach the key, but a spider will appear. Bend on the branch under the socket and scare away the bats hanging under the branch on the right. The spider will lower below. Take the key, return to the old man’s house and open the door on the left.

Level 14

Go right and press the red button. Watch the cut scene.

Level 15

Now you will be two. Interact with the fisherman. He needs worms. Navigate to the location on the right. you can knock on the door of the left upper house. Someone will look out the window but will not open the door. Interact with the old lady. She needs pumpkin and fish to cook the soup. She does not let you into the house. You cannot go to the garden because of a predatory plant.

Return to the fisherman and communicate with him again. He will give a jar to the worms. Go to the right location and enter the thick tree, right in the middle, above the stone. Talk to the farmer a couple of times and find out he needs poison. Go upstairs and scroll through the photo album lying on the bedside table. The farmer, by the way, gave you a vial for poison.

Go outside and knock on the house on the left. The woman will take the bottle, and after a while she will take out a full bottle of potion (knock again). Go to the vegetable garden on the bottom right and spray the contents of the vial. Go to the farmer and give the empty bottle, saying that weeds are gone. He will give you a shovel.

Follow him to the vegetable garden. There are holes below the garden. Interact with them to dig up worms. You will get a can of worms. You’ll find a pumpkin on the right. Take a look.

The farmer will tell you to water it. Go to the river bank and pass the can of worms to the fisherman. Follow him to the house. On the wall hangs a leaf with how to properly crochet hooks. But you need to take a bucket from the floor. You can also chat with the fisherman. He will say that he needs time to catch the fish.

Go to the pier and apply a bucket of water. Pour water on a pumpkin in the vegetable garden. Tear off the pumpkin and pass the old lady to the pot. Go to the pier. Fisherman catches fish. But another fish has already been hung near his house.

Take one fish and pass the old woman to the pot. She will ask to bring her salt marsh. Enter the house, pick up the salt flat at the beginning. You can see the sleeping leader. Go outside and watch the cut scene. After all, the old lady will indicate where to go (glowing symbols will appear). You can salt the soup or immediately go to the bushes with a glowing symbol.

Level 16

Interact with the stone on the right for the girl to create a bridge. It will collapse. You will need to shoot magic at different objects: a butterfly on the tree on the left. Shoot mushrooms in the logs below the tree. They may be hiding, but you repeat the steps until you get into all the mushrooms. The second character will be destroyed. Then shoot the stone to the left of the tree (with dots). It will start to glow.

Three glowing dots will appear on the branches above. Remember their location. When they go off, shoot where these points were. Repeat the action with the stone to light four points. Remember and shoot them. Finally, repeat the action for the third time.

Now look into the water. There are 6 stones on the left and right that make different sounds. There is also a root with holes on the right side of the cliff. Shoot him and hear the rock tune. Just remember their sequence, then repeat. In this case, you will destroy the fourth seal. It remains to shoot a monster with red eyes hiding in a hollow. Go right.

Level 17

Interact with the blue sphere and display symbols on all rings:

Walkthrough Shapik: The Moon Quest
Walkthrough Shapik: The Moon Quest

Look at the glowing object on the right. Watch the lengthy cut scene.

Level 18

Just go left.

Level 19

Go over the bridge that will appear when you are near the cliff. Under the tree, around which a woman stands, is a collectible item. Chat with her and go left.

Level 20

Look in the hut to the leader, go out and see a lift in the vegetable garden. Enter it.

Level 21

Go left and meet the scientist. Talk to the scientist in the room on the left. He will tell you that the squirrel has torn off part of the notebook. You will receive a piece of leaf. Interact with the squirrel in the cell. She won’t give away the slip. Take the elevator to go down.

Turn on the device with the red button and wait for the scientist to contact you through the computer. Answer his call. There is a pot to the left of the monitor (do not confuse the capsule with the plant inside). Click on it several times to make it bloom. When the fruits appear, the main character will take one. Give it to squirrel on top to get the second part of the notebook.

You will learn the code – 710893. Go down and enter this code on the door on the left.

Level 22

Walkthrough Shapik: The Moon Quest
Walkthrough Shapik: The Moon Quest

This is the final level of play. go left and press the red button on the monitor table. Turn the two red levers until you fill the bottom of the rocket with fuel. Take the upper tier on the elevator to the right. Tap the aquarium glass on the left side of the crab. He’ll go right. Enter the door on the right to find yourself in an aquarium. Take the crab off from boot (if it were left, you wouldn’t get to it). Swim to the top of the rocket on the left.

A pike will appear in the algae. Wait for the hook with the worm to appear on the right. Put a boot on it. Then the fisherman casts a bait and catches a pike. Slide the drift from the top of the rocket to the left, then return to the first floor. Enter the rocket, which is now ready to launch.

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