Walkthrough Saint Kotar: The Yellow Mask

Walkthrough Saint Kotar: The Yellow Mask


Read the walkthrough of Saint Kotar: The Yellow Mask – a free prologue for the horror adventure Saint Kotar, which will be released later this year.

This is a truly amazing game. During the passage of the prologue, you can go along several story lines, for more details about which read below.

Part 1

Try to enter the temple twice, and then examine the grave on the left side. Take the bible and go right to look at a bunch of dead bodies. Take the necklace from the strange altar and talk to the stranger. Look for glasses near the door, follow up and go to the dark corner. Examine the bed, interact with the curtain, and look for the key on the wall image. Use it to unlock the wardrobe, look around and open the wardrobe on the right.

In the role of Nikolay, study the dolls on the left, pick up one of the two figurines – with horns or a crown. In the role of Benedek, study the wardrobe and bag near the bed. Interact with the bed. Go down, take the bag and leave the house.

Version 1: Joining

Go right, talk with Nikolay and choose the option ” I’m going with you.” Return to the house, follow up and explore the frogs in front of the closet. Leave the house and go to the village.

Version 2: Waiting

Go right, talk to Nikolay and tell him that you will wait here. Try to go all the way to the left, go to the hut and knock on the door. Return to your house, go upstairs and explore the frogs in front of the closet. Look for a stick on the sofa below, apply it to a rat on top of the frogs, leave the house and follow the village.

Part 2

In the role of Nikolay enter the tavern, the building is on the left. Immediately after entering, pick up the cleaver, talk to Davor twice and show him the pig’s eyes. Chat with Mojse and leave the tavern.

Version 1: Ida

Go to the small yellow store in the center of the village, talk with the woman and ask for October 28th. Leave the store and talk about Mois on October 28th.

Version 2: Arsen

Leave the village through the lower left corner to be on the lake. Talk to the old man, call yourself and ask for October 28th. If you do not say your name, you will have to return to the Version above. Go to the house in the center of the lake, take a look at the boat and use the ax to cut the rope. This is optional, but you can move the boat. Examine the bushes on the left side of the house and find a small gap to be behind the hut. Take away the mask and talk to old Arsen again. Tell him the mask and ask about the boat. Leave the lake and tell Mojse on October 28th.

Part 3

In the role of Benedek, go to the store and talk with the woman. Select all dialogue options. Examine the tavern window. In the role of Nikolay, interact twice with the lamp on the right side. In the role of Benedek, try to leave the trading area.

To be continued…

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