Walkthrough Romance Club: Legend of the Willow — Guide for Season 1 (All Episodes/Answers)

Walkthrough Romance Club: Legend of the Willow

The girl is preparing to become geisha, but transform into kitsune, werewolf fox. Now she is being haunted … not just by people.

Before your story start, you are asked to choose the look for the main character.

Season 1 Episode 1 — First Snow

Talk to the samurai. He will ask to bring water to the captive. Decide how to answer:

  • I’m afraid.
  • I’ll do it now.

I’m afraid

If you choose this option, the soldiers will get angry. One of them decides to chop off the head of the main character. Samurai will stop him. Then a stranger will appear. You will learn that he is a ronin. He will protect Mei.

I’ll do it now

If you select this option, the stranger will not appear. And the girl will immediately bring water to the captive. You can talk with the captive.

Inside the Tavern

Once inside, talk with Ms. Sumiko. She will ask why so long. Decide what to answer:

  • It was not my fault. +1 Passion.
  • Forgive me, Mistress. +1 Coldness.
  • You won’t believe what happened. +1 Passion.
  • The luggage is fine, Mistress. +1 Coldness.

The next day, Sumiko will ask with whom Mei would like to continue her journey to the city. This affects the upcoming dialogs. But the story will remain the same. You can choose a soldier, ronin or an unaccompanied trip.

Geisha School

When you get to the city, you will find yourself in a geisha school. When you are in the bath, you can ask the mentor about ronin, samurai and daimyo. This does not affect anything. Choose clothes.

Gold Forest

You will find yourself in an expensive institution of the city. Mei will remember the dance. If you perform it without errors, then increase your reputation. And Sumiko will praise Mei. If you make a mistake, the game will not end, but Sumiko will say that Mei could dance better.

Right dance:

  • Throw a fan.
  • Turn.

However, regardless of the decision, Eiji Mori will suit you. He will ask about how Mei sings.

  • I hope so. Mei: You will be able to evaluate yourself. +1 Passion. Mori: «Ha-ha».
  • It’s not for me to judge. +1 Coldness. Mori: Decent answer.

It will not affect anything. Then choose with whom you want to spend the first night – an adviser or a judge. The story of this will not change.

In the end, the selected character will come to you in the evening. Do what you want. Mei will turn into a fox. Depending on the decisions made earlier, she will react differently to the guards:

  • Path of Passion. Mei drew back, instinctively dodged. Steel cut a thin wall. Realizing that they would kill her now, the fox jumped into the breach!
  • Pass of Coldness. Assessing the situation, Mei rushed forward. Steel cut the air above her head. A fox knocked a man down; past his dismayed comrades, he ran out into the corridor.

The Path of Coldness will be available only if you have twice chosen options that increase Coldness. If you have 1 point of Coldness and Passion, the game will choose the Path of Passion.

Season 1 Episode 2 — Lonely

Mei will begin to recall how she ended up in this barn. You will need to choose how to get into the barn:

  • Look Around. +1 Coldness.
  • Rather find a way. +1 Passion.

Inside the barn will be an opportunity to distract with thoughts of the past. If you spend 34 diamonds, you will learn about Mei’s past. She will remember how mother Kinuyo bought it from her father. Otherwise, this episode will be skipped.

To get out of the barn, you will need to try to push the door, and then check the old tools. Then you can get dressed. Choose any clothes. After that, you will encounter the guards. They will ask what Mei is doing here.

Choose any options. In any case, one of the guards decides to look at Mei’s face. You will be able to make choices that affect certain magic:

  • If only I couldn’t make out, don’t understand … +1 Pearl Fox.
  • If only the flashlight went out. +1 Amber Fox.

At the geisha school, talk with Kinuyo. But first you can visit your room and bathhouse. Lastly, go to the mentor’s room. Kinyo does not believe that Mei killed Sumiko. But she will say that the girl is a witch. Here one of the ways will work.

  • Path of Coldness. “You know that is not the case.” Mei tried to stay calm. “You yourself have chosen me. I am a simple girl from the village. I was taught here to dance, sing, have a conversation and have a beautiful tea ceremony. Do not conjure.”
  • Path of Passion. But that’s not so, mother! ” Mei pressed her hands to her chest. “I grew up here. You know me all my life. Mother Kinuyo, I’m not a witch.

f you spend 12 diamonds later on, you will find out how Sumiko died. Then Mei will ask you to pick up your things. You can choose one of the options, adding 1 point to the characteristic:

  • Speak judiciously. +1 Coldness.
  • Speak sincerely. +1 Passion. “Please, mother Kinuyo. I need help. I don’t have anyone else.”

The further part of the passage will be simple. You will not make decisions, and there are no branches.

To be continued…

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