Walkthrough Romance Club: Heaven’s Secret – Guide Season 1 (All episodes / Answers)

Romance Club. Heaven's Secret

Read a description of all the series of the first season of the game Romance Club. Heaven’s Secret.

Season 1, Episode 1 – Finding Wings

Select the image of the main character. We will play with the default name – Vicky. Now you will learn about the elections that affect the course of history – slightly or significantly. You need to act:

  • Jumped into the abyss.
  • Headed into the forest. Your choice has influenced the story.

The girl will leave the cliff and will be in the forest. You will meet the Beast. In this game, your decisions will increase the importance of fame. That is, you will follow the path of low or high Glory.

You will meet Herald. Next will appear Misselina and Andy. Choose what to say next:

  • I want to know what is going on! Nothing will happen.
  • Please let me go … +1 to Glory.

Next, select the Wings:

  • Interesting for 22 diamonds.
  • Eye-Catching 104 diamonds.
  • Simple for free.

At any time of the game, you can click on the icon in the upper left corner of the screen to change the hairstyle and wardrobe. Then you fly. Andy will ask if everything is fine:

  • Stay Silent.
  • Share my worries. Your relationship with Andy has improved.

Then girl will begin to remember how she died. She drives a car, then notices that a black minivan is chasing her. What to do:

  • Speed up. The minivan will continue the chase.
  • Stop.
  • Take a sharp turn off the road.

In any case, something is wrong. Soon you will reach the school of angels and demons. You will meet Angel Fencio. Next, you will need to choose the side – Angel or Demon. Surely most of you will decide to follow the path of the Angel, so we will consider it further.

Say you want to be an Angel to get +1 to Angels. Andy will offer to go on a tour of the school:

  • Take his hand. Your relationship with Andy has improved.
  • Don’t take his hand. Your relationship with Andy has worsened.

You will get to your home. Choose it:

  • A cozy room for 22 crystals.
  • Aspiring Room for 27 crystals.
  • Simple room for free.

Meet Mimi. Choose what to do:

  • Turn away.
  • Keep staring. Mimi liked your interest in her.

Mimi will say that you are late for the lesson. Choose the right door: the right option is the third door on the left. Soon it will be your turn to jump into the maelstrom. On this, the first series will be completed.

Result: +1 to Angels, +1 to Glory.

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