Walkthrough Club Romance: Chasing you— Guide Season 1 (All episodes / Answers)

Walkthrough Romance Club: Chasing you— Guide Season 1 (All episodes/Answers)


Read a description of all the series of the first season of the game Romance Club. Chasing you.

Season 1, Episode 1 I have a Perfect Family

As always, at the beginning of a new game you need to choose an image for your heroine. In the lower left corner- there was a button “Wardrobe”, allowing at any time the game to change clothes. Soon, the main character, going on a visit to Aunt Annette, who has a birthday today, will knock a man down. Choose how to be:

  • Go out and help him. – the guy will forgive you.
  • Drive away.

The choice made will affect the story. A young man, having made a compliment, will hide in the fog. Soon, the girl gets to the mansion. Walking in the garden, you will be taken aback by a stranger. Sneaking up behind him, he will grab the girl. In fact, this is a half-brother, so the choice does not affect anything. Choose what to do:

  • Hit the knee.
  • Call for help.
  • Try to fall to the ground. The guy will be able to keep the girl.

You will find out that it is Dante. Soon Eliza will appear. Choose what to do:

  • Turn Dante in. Relations with Eliza will improve.
  • Help Dante. Relations with Dante will improve.

Eliza and Dante – brother and sister. Decide how to respond to Eliza’s arms:

  • Pull back.
  • Touch her in return. Elise will love your courage.

Some of your choices will increase the values of intuition (the “eye” icon) and logic (the “light” icon). Dante will ask if it seemed strange to you that the employer personally went to the heroine, although she did not send a resume:

  • This is easy to explain. +1 to logic.
  • I probably just got lucky. +1 to intuition.

Eliza and Dante will start arguing over the inheritance. You can stop their argument:

  • Auntie is still alive, actually.
  • I’m not expecting anything either.

Then you will go to the parking lot for a gift, when Martha will suddenly appear. Here you will learn that your decisions can change your authority to high or low, which will affect the plot. Choose what to tell Martha:

  • Marta … You scared the crap out of me!
  • Martha … Good morning. +1 to authority.

Take a box with a gift, you will go inside the mansion. Here you will learn about paid elections, for crystals. They can give you special rewards, exclusive scenes, or change relationships with characters. And here he is the first choice. ” It’s bad to eavesdrop on someone else’s arguing…”:

  • But very interesting … For 9 crystals. The heroine presses her ear against the door. Unknown argues with Aunt Annette, who accuses him of guilty in this situation. A man does not know where to get so much money. A man will throw a chair on the floor, tearing it out of the hands of a butler. You overheard the curious information under the cabinet door.
  • I’ll probably go. You will not recognize this information.

Soon you will meet with Dante, Annette and Charles. What to do with a stranger:

  • Greet him.
  • Ask Annette to introduce you. This is Frederick Larsen, a close friend of Annette.

A maid will appear in the room. Annette will begin to get angry at Martha’s words that Becky did not go to work. Choose what to do:

  • Don’t be angry Martha.
  • I will help Martha. You offered Marta your help in a difficult situation, and she will not forget it.

You will leave with Martha. Marta will begin to apologize:

  • Agree.
  • Don’t blame you. Martha smiles gratefully on her face.

You can ask Marta about new guests:

  • Ask about Frederick. He is from Norway, he came to negotiate a deal with Annette. If you helped Martha, she will confirm with a nod that there is something between Annette and Frederick. Otherwise, she will remain silent.
  • Ask about Alexander.

After arranging the plates, you will feel that a person is standing behind. You will meet the same stranger who was knocked down on the way here. Choose what to do:

  • Beg him not to tell anyone.
  • Keep calm. +1 to authority.

The guy will ask if you are afraid of him:

  • I’m not afraid. Alexander respects your endurance.
  • Am concerned.

Soon everyone will sit down at the table, a gala dinner will begin. Choose what to eat. Choose what to raise the first toast for:

  • To the health of aunt.
  • To family.
  • To the future of business.

It doesn’t really matter. The phone will ring, Martha will answer and give something to Aunt Annette. Annette will be indignant at the absence of Mr. Anthony. Choose what to do next:

  • Calm Aunt. Annette will talk about plans for the will and ask what the heroine thinks about marriage.
  • Don’t get involved.

Continue interrogation:

  • Let’s talk like adults. +1 to logic.
  • You are once again trying to make decisions for me! +1 to intuition.

Annette and the heroine will leave the table. Annette will report that all these relatives are vultures who are eager to find out who will get the money after her death. Answer this:

  • This is not true!
  • You know they can be eavesdropping in there!

A small quarrel will begin, decide what to do:

  • Make peace with an aunt. You made peace with Annette before you go to sleep.
  • Go to your room.

The heroine will go to her room. Inspect several rooms and choose where to stay. Charles’s room costs 30 diamonds, the south – 104, and the first is free. Soon the heroine will fall asleep. You will have a nightmare. Dinner is overslept. Choose what to say about the dream:

  • It has a logical explanation. +1 to logic.
  • It’s foreshadowing something horrible. +1 to intuition.

Here you will see the dead Annette. Martha will come in later and blame Agatha.

Result: +3 to Logic, +2 to Authority.

The end of the series.

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